Addiction support and treatment is limited in Dubai. Substance abuse is highly frowned upon, carrying strict regulations. Reasonably, both the stigma and laws of addiction make it difficult to accept and experience professional help.

Like many other individuals, a referral into a UK rehab will be encouraged if you’re struggling. Through our services here at Addiction Advocates, we can help you find the proper support and treatment for your needs through private rehab.

Offered through inpatient programmes, a tailored rehab process can be worked through to overcome addiction’s physical and psychological ties. Your personal needs will be fully accounted for to make your referral comfortable and worthwhile.

Contact our team to begin the process of accessing high-quality addiction support. If you are set on remaining local, we can also help you find an available drug and alcohol rehab in Dubai.

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Addiction support in Dubai

Support will be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dubai. Yet, similarly to other countries within the UAE, services are limited, difficult to come by and arrange.

By remaining local, you may need to wait for the next available programme. Alternatively, you may need to select the most convenient. Both will be discouraged, as delays and unsuitable rehab programmes can be disruptive and ineffective.

Instead of waiting or jeopardising your personal needs, addiction support can be experienced further afield here in the UK. Here at Addiction Advocates, we’ve helped many individuals, even from Dubai, relocate for life-changing support. We can help you do just that through a referral, offering immediate access and tailored recovery programmes.

We can work around your needs to make sure that your commitment will be worth it to truly recover from a drug and alcohol addiction.


How to find a UK rehab clinic?

By reaching out, we can begin the process of finding a UK based rehab clinic. We’re already prepared with an affiliation of CQC registered rehab clinics. Our job will be to recommend the most suitable based on your needs.

Through a telephone assessment, we can gauge your needs and requirements when considering support and addiction treatment. Awareness of your budget, the amount of time you have available, and your personal needs will also be present.

The admissions process will follow, where we will find the most suitable rehab clinic and arrange your referral. Your admissions date can also be sorted, your deposit can be made, and preparational steps can begin.

Understandably a daunting process to complete, we will make all arrangements for you to leave Dubai for rehab, ensuring a  smooth and private admission.


The rehab process

The private drug and alcohol rehab process will be tailored and worked around your needs. Yet, there are some definite milestones that you’ll work towards to strengthen recovery.

The process usually takes 30 days through an inpatient programme. A residential stay will be recommended for you to feel comfortable, supported, and safe whilst you recover.

On admission, detoxification will firstly be recommended, which will cover the first 10 days.  Detoxing helps to remove drugs and alcohol from the body through a withdrawal process. It’s safe to complete where medical assistance is provided, which will be the case through private rehab.

Rehabilitation will then be aimed for by working through a range of treatments and therapies. Psychological recovery is a must to avoid future relapse. Triggers must be understood, emotions must be digested properly, and coping strategies must be healthy. All can be worked through by completing individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and further talking therapies.

The rehab process also focuses on planning for life back in Dubai. You’ll need to make some changes to accommodate your new life and goals. Relapse prevention planning, a service through rehab, will assist with this, offering structure and some practical techniques.

The process ends with aftercare, which will be available to you from a drug and alcohol rehab in Dubai itself. Outpatient services will be offered to help you through your recovery goals.


What to expect from inpatient rehab?

Inpatient rehab is understandably an overwhelming and daunting idea. Yet, it’s the most private and safest process to work through, to experience a relaxed and intimate recovery journey.

Your experience will last 30 days, where you’ll have your setting to recover from. Support will be continuous to help you adjust and work through the rehab process. Treatments will also be daily to make sure that your time is proactive and progressive.

Inpatient rehab is very suitable for individuals who have unique needs, who have complicated symptoms or triggers, or who currently feel judged and stigmatised. A compassionate, personal and recovery designed programme will be waiting.

With commitment, an inpatient programme can offer a solid foundation to recover. You’ll have the tools, the ongoing support, and the awareness to continue as sober.

To experience inpatient rehab in the UK, contact our team at Addiction Advocates. Whilst support may be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dubai; your needs will be prioritised through our services. To remain local, we can still assist, helping to find the most suitable treatment options within your surrounding area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convince a loved one to access treatment?
Supporting them will be a good start, by offering empathy and understanding. It’s also recommended that you look for professional support, as a family and friend referral will be effective here. You’ll have some guidance to follow, to motivate a possible admission into rehab.
Can I visit someone in rehab?
Visits are discouraged throughout the initial stages of rehab. The process should be private and focused. If a visit will benefit the recovery journey, arrangements can be made. Yet this is up to the rehab clinic.
Can addiction be cured?
An addiction cannot be cured. Yet it can be treated, where sobriety can be managed for the long-term. Recovering from an addiction is a long-term commitment. With the right support, recovery plans and coping techniques, this is possible.