Addiction is a highly complex condition. Unfortunately, addicts are all categorised into the same box, under the same stereotype. Many onlookers will believe that excessive drug and alcohol consumption is a choice, that those who enable toxic behaviours are low lives. When in fact, addiction is far from a choice, fuelled by many different causations.

This fact is exactly why drug and alcohol rehabilitation can also be testing. Some rehab clinics will unfortunately only offer a generalist approach to drug and alcohol rehab. This approach will only tackle the superficial impacts of addiction, rather than personal causations and triggers.

Down to this, many individuals are remaining in the stereotypical box, down to the inability to truly recover on physical and psychological levels.

Yet, here at Addiction Advocates, we do things differently. We understand the multifaceted impacts of addiction, of how a habit can form for any given individual. We also avoid the negative outlook of addiction by seeing it as any other condition which will require addiction treatment.

Through this, we only work with rehab clinics who promote personalised rehab programmes, allowing for singular causations to be worked through.

With this in mind, if you’re struggling with addiction, if you’re sick of being categorised, or if you’re hoping to achieve long-term recovery, reach out today. We can help you and your loved ones understand your addiction diagnosis further, along with securing your pending steps via a drug and alcohol rehab in Guildford.

Let’s break the stigma on addiction, showing it seriousness and involuntary diagnosis.


Common causations of addiction

As we’ve shared above, many individuals believe that consuming high, consistent levels of drugs and alcohol, is a conscious choice. While for a minor proportion, this may be the case, for the majority, this is far from the truth.

Any emotion, experience or feeling can in fact trigger the development of a drug and alcohol addiction. In most cases, it is an involuntary, uncontrolled process. Drug and alcohol consumption will mostly be used as a coping strategy, as an innocent way to control the impacts of those influential emotions or situations. Yet, over time, their positive reinforcements will be craved, enabling an addiction.

There are a number of common causations which fuel the diagnosis of addiction. Below we cover some of the common reasons, showing the uncontrolled pace and materialisation of a drug and alcohol addiction.

Stress is a natural emotion, experienced by most of the population, linked to money, to work, to family life and to health. Yet, for some individuals, stress can be very difficult to manage. Here’s where drugs and alcohol usually come into the mix, alleviating those stresses. Both drugs and alcohol are suppressants. They work by increasing happy chemicals in the brain. Consumption of drugs and alcohol also offers an escape from stress.

Through this positive experience, ongoing drug and alcohol abuse will likely begin, helping to control stress; over time, developing into an addiction, making it difficult to avoid the support of drugs and alcohol.

Mental health conditions
Mental health conditions are very difficult to live with. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse correlates highly with mental health conditions, as sufferers will consume them to block out psychological side effects. For example, someone suffering from depression will believe that alcohol consumption will elevate their mood.

While for the short-term it will, long-term it can aggravate mood, again seeking the cycle of ongoing alcohol consumption.

Drugs and alcohol are commonly misused initially as a form of self-medication. This is usually the case when considering prescription drugs, where their use is viewed as harmless. Yet, down to their addictive tendencies, an addiction can materialise, even if drugs are legal.

Some individuals are born with pre-existing weaknesses in the brain.

Those weaknesses can increase the natural susceptibility to developing a drug and alcohol addiction and/or mental health issues. This is uncontrolled, fuelled by biology.

Environments can also trigger drug and alcohol abuse. Peer pressure, trends and the normalisation of drug and alcohol consumption are all common causations, linked to the enablement of substance abuse, soon turning into an addiction.

The majority of causations will be controlled in the brain, making it very difficult to switch off fixations to drugs and alcohol. This is exactly why addictions are hard to treat, overcome and understand. If you’re experiencing addiction, it’s time to make that change by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Guildford.


Sourcing support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Guildford

No matter your underlying causation, it is very important that you work to source support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Guildford. Through our services at Addiction Advocates, we can help you with your search. Yet, we will go one step further by ensuring that personal and suitable rehab programmes are offered to you, helping to tackle your personal causation.

To experience our support, reach out today, ready to complete your telephone assessment. Here we will understand your physical and psychological relationship with drugs and alcohol. We will also gauge the necessary level and form of addiction treatment, required to guide you through rehab.

By understanding you as a person, we can then ensure that the most fitting rehabilitation journey is awaiting via a drug and alcohol rehab in Guildford.


Overcoming your causation of addiction through leading treatment services

No matter which rehab clinic, in Guilford, you select via our services, you will experience a range of leading treatment services, combined to form your rehab programme.

Drug and alcohol detoxification is a commonly recommended addiction treatment, helping to kickstart withdrawal. Yet the most important step is the range of therapeutic addiction treatments, on offer. As many causations are fuelled in the mind, psychological intervention and repair are necessary via rehab.

Through the likes of stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, relapse prevention and art therapy, underlying causations, along with the influence of drugs and alcohol can be worked through.

Depending on your causation and experiences with drugs and alcohol, exact addiction treatment options will be shared on your admission into a Guildford based rehab clinic. Yet, to fulfil our mission, you will only complete fitting, safe and necessary forms of addiction treatment.

At Addiction Advocates, we follow a compassionate and non-judgmental stance. We understand the ins and outs of addiction. Avoid ongoing stigmatisation of addiction by using our services to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Guildford.

Overcome your causation, no matter its form through drug and alcohol rehab.