Consuming drugs and alcohol, in the moment, can feel harmless. In fact, a large majority of consumption, across the world, is innocent, is voluntary, and is controllable.

However, for a proportion of the population, the thrill of substance abuse soon materialises into something uncontrollable, identified as long-term drug and alcohol abuse.

To the onlooker, this may still seem like a controllable situation. Yet, commonly, once consistent and/or excessive consumption takes place, tolerances develop, increasing the risk of addiction.

Not only is living with an addiction challenge, but the physical and psychological results of long-term substance abuse are life-changing and threatening, posing as motivators for mental health issues and physical conditions.

Right now, you may feel like the rest of the world, where your consumption is controlled, is relaxed and is highly sparse.

However, a couple of exposures to drugs and alcohol, in the right moment can turn controllable into the uncontrollable, fuelling the addiction cycle.

If you do start to feel a lack of control, if you’re already suffering through attachment issues, or if an addiction diagnosis has been given, it’s time to take action.

Avoid the possible detriment of long-term drug and alcohol abuse by considering professional, confidential support, which we can guide you towards here at Addiction Advocates.

Find and visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop Auckland with our help, recommended to regain control over your life, your consumption and your physical and psychological actions.


The results of long-term drug and alcohol abuse

Short-term drug and alcohol abuse usually embody positive feelings. Their consumption provides confidence, provides escapism, provides respite from stress, provides a safety blanket, and provides motivations for social and mutual engagement. Through short-term drug and alcohol abuse, health issues are low risk, yet not unheard of.

Once those positive feelings are embedded, in tandem with the development of tolerance, it’s easy for short-term consumption to progress, where chasing those similar feelings is the key.

In order to experience the positives, heightened consumption levels are required, to break through tolerances, which ultimately increases exposure to drugs and alcohol.

In this moment, drugs and alcohol may fill the gap, may provide significant motivation, or may support you on an emotional level. Yet, unknowingly, they can soon become an attachment, which can result in long-term drug and alcohol abuse.

Common results of long-term drug and alcohol abuse materialise into an addiction, carrying stigmatisation, carrying physical and psychological health issues, carrying heightened risks of financial and legal problems, and carrying the stereotype of an addict.

Some of those results will be reversible. While others, experienced over a long period of time will be challenging to reverse, increasing the risk for an addiction-controlled existence.

You can, however, avoid this by controlling your consumption, or by considering professional intervention via rehab if you’re already losing control over your reality.


Avoiding those results through professional intervention

Again, right now, this may seem like an unsuitable recommendation. If your consumption is controllable and lacks all levels of physical and psychological associations, that’s right.

However, if you do, at any point experience reduced control over your consumption, begin to consume drugs and alcohol at a consistent rate, begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, or begin to prioritise their presence, it’s time to consider professional intervention.

The idea of professional intervention seems a little scary. Opening up to strangers and following the steps of drug and alcohol rehabilitation can feel overwhelming.

Yet, in order to break the control of substance abuse, the significant intervention must be made, which is only safe and only effective on a professional level.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop Auckland, you can experience this standard of intervention, helping you avoid the results of long-term substance abuse. We appreciate that similar results will not be experienced by every single user.

Yet, down to the addictive tendencies and toxicity of drugs and alcohol, if misused, negative effects are highly common.

With this in mind, avoid those negatives and protect your future, your existence and your quality of life by considering a Bishop Auckland based support service.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop Auckland

To overcome the possibility or current battle of long-term drug and alcohol abuse, acting now by accepting professional intervention will be recommended.

While our services at Addiction Advocates may be new to you, we stand as industry specialists, providing personal referrals into rehab.

We can help you prepare for rehab, we can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop Auckland to visit, we can secure a suitable rehab programme for you, full of effective addiction treatment services, and we can guide you towards experiencing the value of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

If your consumption currently feels easy to control, you may believe that switching off your exposure to drugs and alcohol will also be easy.

Yet, once addictive tendencies show themselves, you cannot merely avoid cravings, avoid physical and psychological longing, and avoid a lifestyle fuelled by drugs and alcohol.

The only way you can firmly avoid drug and alcohol abuse, for the long-term, is by completing high quality and highly effective form of rehab, which we can refer you to.


Feel like a person and not a number through private rehab

Through the aim to regain control over your consumption, you may lean towards the support of the NHS. This is a common route, down to the wonderful services already available to support physical and psychological health issues.

Yet down to demands already placed on our health system, feeling like a person, with individual needs can be very challenging through such a sparse service. While care and compassion, while life-saving treatments and while passion is available, feeling like all other addicts may be the case.

However, by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop Auckland, boasting a private offering, you can be treated as an individual, by completing a personalised treatment programme.

Accept professional intervention to disrupt your drug and alcohol consumption and to avoid the long-term results of their control. You can regain control over your life, slowly reducing the exposure of drugs and alcohol and their place.