Right now, you may have questions, concerns or reservations about our programmes and that is completely fine. A lot of people seeking rehabilitation have these questions. But please be rest assured that it is normal to be in two minds about rehabilitating. You’ll likely feel the battle between further substance abuse and the prospect of recovery.

Make use of this glimmer by reaching out for our professional support. Additionally, to understand rehab and what it can offer, see our most commonly asked questions.

Initially, We’ll start the process by getting to know you as a person. Once this phase is complete, we’ll move on to the next phase. Finding you a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Glasgow that is perfect for your needs.


Will I recover ?

Recovery rates are high in our rehab centres. It is however important to note that recovery is only possible if you commit yourself to the process.

Previously, clients that have achieved high recovery rates have had exceedingly high commitments to all facets of the process. This not only includes the commitment to rehab itself, but to addiction treatment and post-rehab commitments.

The level of effort you place into your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey will have a direct impact on your results. Likewise, the selections and decisions you make, when choosing a drug and alcohol rehab centre can impact your end results.

With this in mind, you must approach rehabilitation as a serious topic, as a life changing tool. You must treat it with the respect that it deserves to experience the value of recovery. Only then will you achieve the primary stages of recovery via a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow. From here, you will have the tools and processes to sustain recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Glasgow – How do I find the Best Clinic for me?

Currently, you may feel overwhelmed with your localised options. As touched on above, your selection can either help or hinder your recovery chances. With this in mind, finding the best drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow may be challenging, alone. Glasgow unfortunately has many deep-rooted drug issues, with as many as 20,000 problem drug users in the city. This, and a general rise in drug related deaths across the country, may have you wanting to go elsewhere for your treatment, and that is completely fine

Through our support and referral services, at Addiction Advocates, we can complete this challenging search for you. Through suitability measures, we can find the most appropriate Glasgow based rehab centre. We can also recommend the safest and most effective addiction treatment options to help you withdraw from drugs and alcohol. This will also simultaneously boost your psychological recovery rates.

By condensing this information, we can find a sustainable and recovery driven programmes for you. Meeting every one of your personal requirements and giving you piece of mind that you’re on the right path to full recovery.


How soon can I start treatment?

As soon as you reach out for our support, your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey will commence. We will aim for an efficient admission, ensuring that your mindset to recover is maintained.

Once you’re comfortable with our recommendations, resulting in a referral, your admission date will be set. Here is where you’ll have immediate access to a range of addiction treatments and support services.

The biggest benefit of selecting private rehab is your turnaround period. Through free or cheap programmes, delays are likely encountered. However, by investing into rehab, a rapid approach will be followed to make recovery a possibility, sooner than expected.

How long will my programme last?

Treatment programmes will vary for all clients. Via our associated rehab centres, personalised programmes are offered. This approach will ensure that suitability can be met, advancing recovery rates.

With this in mind, as all programmes are unique, an accurate time frame cannot be provided. However, the average programme, including both a detox programme and psychological therapy will span over 28 days. This time frame will ensure that old habits can be diminished, while developing strong, healthy routines.

A prolonged period will ensure that all angles of an addiction can be worked through fully, reducing the risk of future relapse. With long-term recovery as a goal, providing yourself with enough time through rehab will be recommended. By following this mindset, you’ll experience more time through sober living.

alcohol abstinence can be achieved through many types of rehabilitation. You will develop the foundations to achieve long-term recovery. However, to avoid future drug and alcohol consumption, you must continue to work on your addiction.

To maintain sober living, there are a number of self-help tips you can follow:

  • Maintain a positive and health lifestyle
  • Avoid exposure to drugs and alcohol
  • Avoid high-risk situations
  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive individuals
  • Make sobriety your norm
  • Be honest with yourself and those around you
  • Activate your relapse prevention plan, as and when needed
  • Continue addiction treatment via aftercare services


By following the above tips, you will reduce your opportunities of relapse. Embracing the ongoing addiction treatment, you will keep in touch with the underlying reasons for withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.

Are you unsure if rehab is right for you? Or are you doubting your capabilities to recover? If you’re still full of anguish and pondering all the possibilities then reach out to our team, that’s what we’re here for.

We can show you the value of rehabilitation. We can prepare you for a time of transformation. We can refer you to the best drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow. And most importantly, help you to change your life.

You can recover. You can advance your recovery rates by committing. You can achieve long-term recovery by embracing the entire rehabilitation process. Allow our team to help you find the most sustainable programme, elevating your personal commitments.