Local help through drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be highly beneficial when suitability is present. Realistically found through our help here at Addiction Advocates, completing our thorough admissions process will be encouraged.

Doing so will provide a clear understanding of your personal needs and expectations of addiction recovery, whilst comparing them against the offerings of a drug and alcohol rehab in Havant. Ultimately completed to ensure that inpatient care is suitable, along with the appropriateness of rehabilitation, feeling confident through impending recommendations is a key benefit.

Treating, overcoming, and recovering from an addiction will require suitable recommendations, down to how sensitive and varied the condition is for each individual. Experiencing such requirements of addiction recovery will be met through tailoring and professional advice.

Reach out to experience both here at Addiction Advocates, working through the admissions process to access the suitable help of local addiction treatments, programmes, and aftercare services.

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Getting help via a drug and alcohol rehab in Havant

Experiencing the help that’s required to recover from addiction will be possible via drug and alcohol rehab in Havant. Ultimately, to work through a physical and psychological addiction, help will need to materialise in many different ways, from emotional support through mental health problems to medical support through the withdrawal symptoms of treatment.

Help will also be necessary when working through the wide range of addiction treatment services, serving its purpose as encouraging, motivating, and guiding. Experiencing this type of help, to a high standard, can be confidently foreseen through the offering of inpatient rehab, which we advocate.

Completing an admissions process into a drug and alcohol rehab in Havant, working through suitable treatments and therapies, and welcoming aftercare will reflect the helping hand of rehabilitation. Available locally, the benefits of a convenient yet safe, progressive, and personable rehab experience can be encountered, contributing towards long-term recovery goals.


The admissions process into rehab

Accessing suitable help will start off through our services at Addiction Advocates. By placing your enquiries, the admissions process can begin, where great efforts will focus on finding a local drug and alcohol rehab clinic to complete inpatient treatment from.

Starting with a telephone assessment, information will remain confidential while working towards forming a tailored rehab programme, available in Havant. A wealth of personal factors will combine to find the right rehab clinic to recover from.

Advancing through the admissions process, you can feel aware and assured of what’s ahead, by placing your reservations and making arrangements around your rehab admission.

Our help through this step can ensure that you’re able to recover while:

  • Working to your personal budget
  • Receiving the care and addiction treatment you require
  • Completing inpatient rehab
  • Feeling supported and guided through rehab
  • Completing a personal timeline and programme, to meet your needs

Fulfilling all areas, receiving help through treatment and therapies will be accessible, experienced over a 28-day inpatient programme.


Help through treatments and therapies

Recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction will require the achievement of key recovery goals. Those goals include detoxification, rehabilitation, and relapse prevention, helping to promote physical and psychological recovery, alongside sustainable intentions.


With the purpose to safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol, detoxification will focus on personal wellbeing while also eliminating influential substances from internal exposure. Fulfilling this step will offer insight into sober living, slowly adjusting to a drug and alcohol-free routine. Due to the nature of detoxification and the risks of withdrawal symptoms, medical detox will be recommended, best facilitated through inpatient rehab.


Help with psychological recovery is also expected through drug and alcohol rehab, focusing on the goal of rehabilitation. Tailored to meet personal needs, a range of suitable addiction treatment services will be offered, to work on understanding and adapting emotional responses.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, stress management, mindfulness, holistic healing, family therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and motivational therapy are key options that combine to fill the contents of rehabilitation.

Aiming for stability, clarity and sustainability will be key through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Relapse prevention planning

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Havant, you can also expect help with relapse prevention planning, in place to reduce the risks and effects of relapse. As relapse risks can present themselves, it’s very important to be prepared and confident with positive coping strategies and a preventive plan.

Working with a dedicated team, reducing the weight of relapse risks will be possible, while also forming a plan to assist with working through any impending vulnerabilities.


Drug and alcohol aftercare services

Professional help through the means of inpatient rehab will be a continuous offering, even found through post-rehab life. For convenience and to also strengthen sustainability, aftercare services are however offered on an outpatient basis, found to promote independence and responsibility.

Through a range of support groups and 12-step programmes of recovery, a suitable schedule of aftercare can be experienced, helping to strengthen rehabilitation efforts.

Working through the entirety of inpatient rehab, followed by outpatient involvement can help to treat addiction and manage its future relapse. Experience a high-quality helping hand through a drug and alcohol rehab in Havant, acquired through our admissions process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medically assisted detox?
Experienced through inpatient rehab, a medically assisted detox prioritises both withdrawal efforts and safety. It’s designed with medical recommendations and observations in mind, to reduce the impacts of withdrawal symptoms, while also safeguarding physical recovery. Delivered from a drug and alcohol rehab in Havant, this is a key steppingstone of rehabilitation.
What is relapse prevention planning?
Planning for the future is delivered through relapse prevention. In place to offer assurance and guidance through the risks of relapse, motivations, coping strategies and helplines are secured to manoeuvre through drug and alcohol influences.

Relapse prevention planning helps to safeguard recovery efforts, to find the right balance between living and managing addiction.
How do I begin my path to recovery?
Your path to recovery can begin today, by reaching out and showing your interest in rehab. Your admissions process can soon follow to measure the suitability of inpatient rehab, followed by our professional help. Through inpatient rehab, this process can be efficient, acting with urgency and reliability.

Contact our team at Addiction Advocates to source and experience help throughout the drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.