If you’re based in Brighton, considering a life without drugs and alcohol, at Addiction Advocates, we can help.

The best way you can withdraw safely and effectively from drugs and alcohol is through rehab. While rehab may feel like a way off, may feel unnecessary or may feel like a serious step, no matter the severity of your relationship with drugs and alcohol, a professional treatment service will be recommended.

To help you see the value of rehab, to motivate your desire to recover, to understand expectations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, see some of our most commonly asked questions, below.

While it’s likely that you will have your own questions around visiting rehab, we hope that the below will provide you with a brief overview, showing the value of rehab, no matter your background, your current physical and psychological health, or your addiction makeup.

Reach out to benefit from rehab by experiencing an efficient admission through our services. We can help you turn your consideration into reality by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton.


How quickly can I source support?

From your initial enquiry here at Addiction Advocates you will have access to support. We understand how challenging it can be to acknowledged and open up about problems with drugs and alcohol. Through this process, emotional turmoil is very common. Our support is available to help you cope through this process, without the coping strategy of drugs and alcohol.

While addiction treatment will be available post-admission, a depth of support will kickstart your recovery journey. Many clients require both physical and psychological recovery efforts. Emotional support can commence the psychological stream of recovery, helping to motivate the beginning of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Once you advance through our admission process, you will then experience ongoing support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton, followed by addiction treatment recommendations.


Should I select a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton?

Residential rehab is best if you are hoping to remain local in Brighton. This is down to the common challenges, experienced by clients, through outpatient rehab.

While outpatient rehab is suitable for a proportion of clients, flexibility and independence, common through outpatient addiction treatment can be very difficult to manage while experiencing an addiction. Those who struggle from physical and psychological side effects, from emotional, environmental or social drug and alcohol triggers, autonomy can actually increase relapse risks.

Down to this, it is recommended that you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton where residential programmes are available. We can help you with your search and selection here at Addiction Advocates, ensuring that you’ll visit a rehab clinic, equipped for residential stays.

Reasonably, you may be worried about residential rehab. You may feel anxious about leaving family and friends for addiction treatment sessions. Yet, through a reputable rehab clinic via our affiliated group, we can ensure that a comforting, homely feel is experienced, alongside a professional, medically acclaimed rehab environment.

If your drug and alcohol addiction is minimal, border-lining substance abuse, outpatient rehab in Brighton may work for you. Yet, otherwise, removing yourself from drug and alcohol influences will be encouraged.


What happens through a drug and alcohol detox?

Drug and alcohol detoxification is the process of removing toxins, in this case, drug and alcohol traces from the internal system. Unfortunately, through consistent, vast substance abuse, high levels of drugs and alcohol will remain in the body, causing influences and cravings.

To reduce those cravings and the pressure of ongoing substance abuse, a drug and alcohol detox programme will be necessary. Here’s where your consumption levels will carefully be reduced, monitored by medical professionals. You’ll soon begin to cope with lower levels, reducing tolerances and build-up.

In some situations, replacement prescription medication will be used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Yet, through the combination of additional addiction treatment options, available through rehab, you’ll be in a comfortable and safe state to withdraw on physical and psychological levels.

Alongside detoxification, further angles of recovery will be aimed for via a drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton. This will be achieved through a range of therapeutic addiction treatment options, such as CBT, stress management, relapse prevention and art therapy.

If you are struggling psychologically through addiction, dual-diagnosis treatment will also be offered to you via rehab. This is very important to ensure that holistic, long-term recovery can be achieved. Without working on mental health side effects, negative feelings or cognitive weaknesses, relapse risks can be high.

The aim is to reduce risks for your return home to Brighton, making your rehab experience a singular encounter, carrying longevity and sustainability.


How will life change after rehab?

Life after drug and alcohol rehab will be very different. While you’ll return to your old reality, there’s a strong likelihood that your reliance on drugs and alcohol will be diminished. Yet, in order to reach this point and sustain it, small lifestyle changes must be made.

The greatest way your life will change after visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton is the routine you’ll follow. Positive and healthy routines will be encouraged, focusing on nutrition, on self-care, on mental health development, on exercise and on mindfulness. By maintaining this routine, you’ll be positioned strongly to avoid the negative influence of drugs and alcohol.

A further change which will be required post-rehab is the implementation of aftercare services. Available via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab clinic, you will have a schedule of addiction treatments to make use of. Responsibility and motivation to maintain long-term recovery is the key driving force of aftercare, along with keeping you on track.

By accepting these changes, post-rehab, you will be positioned greater to benefit from the long-term recovery. This is where you’ll normalise the ability to exist without drugs and alcohol. Please be reassured that this is possible if you give rehab your all.

To reach this point, we highly recommend visiting a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton. With our support, we can help you find the most fitting rehab programme for your current needs.

Contact our team today to experience immediate support throughout your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.