It is often very difficult to admit that you have a problem with substance addiction and/or alcohol addiction; however, what can sometimes be even more difficult is accepting that you need professional assistance in recovering from this illness.

Here at Addiction Advocates’ rehab in Wood Green, we employ a compassionate and understanding, yet still intense, approach to addiction treatment.

At Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol treatment services exclusively populate our rehabilitation centres with the most highly qualified support workers and medical professionals all of whom are extremely experienced at administering industry-leading addiction treatments.

That is also not to say that we do not also employ more traditional, tried-and-tested therapies as well. Our blend of new-age and classic approaches to addiction treatment is a part of what makes our recovery plans consistently effective at helping people achieve long-lasting recovery from their addictive disorder.

If you’re ready to start taking the prospect of living free from the long shadow of addiction seriously, then contact us today by Texting HELP To 83222 or contacting our helpline on 0800 012 6088.

When you make contact with one of our helpline staff, they will ascertain your commitment to the recovery process and then ask you some questions which make up our pre-admission interview.

The answers to this will help us to ascertain your accessibility requirements and current condition, in turn enabling us to offer you a bespoke treatment plan once you arrive at our residential rehabilitation centre

All you need to do to start embracing a life of sobriety is reach out to us. Additionally, our staff of addiction specialists also work on family and friend referral schemes, on the off-chance that you’re here because of a friend or loved one’s substance misuse getting out of hand.

Family and friend referrals mean we can help you orchestrate the perfect intervention and approach the person you know is needing the most tactful. And successful way possible.


What Are The Causes Of Developing Addictive Behaviours?

Sadly, the truth of the matter is that there is no one individual cause behind addiction. Due to this, one of the primary aspects of a professional addiction treatment plan, such as those which Addiction Advocates provide, is locating the very source of your addiction deep in your psyche.

Without understanding how it is that you have come to be at the place you are at, it is near impossible to make any meaningful change to your life and have it last.

It is for this reason that so many people cannot make a full recovery from addiction on their own. Professional psychological intervention is integral to making a meaningful change in your life and embracing sobriety.

Our teams of professional therapists have a plethora of experience in this area and can help you realise the sort of addiction-free life that you dream of in a sustainable manner.

It is common that mental health illnesses and a traumatic incident in a person’s past go hand in hand with the development of an addictive disorder, and this is something that we will dig through during your treatment.

You likely have to confront some very unpleasant things from your past and present life, but this is a necessity when overcoming addiction and also requires a high level of commitment from yourself in order to get the most out of your treatment.

Another reason why you will benefit most from engaging with Addiction Advocates’ professional treatment plans is that our staff are able to administer dual-diagnosis treatment.

This means that should you present with any other mental health illnesses as a result of ceasing taking drugs and/or alcohol (you may have been unknowingly, and unhealthily, medicating for them through your substance misuse) then our staff will also be able to treat you for those conditions simultaneously.


What Can You Come To Expect From Our Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

During the period of your stay at our private residential rehab facility, you will enjoy daily nutritious homecooked meals prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff and all housekeeping services provided, all while enjoying the luxury of a private en-suite room.

We understand that you will be undergoing intensive therapies and experiences during your stay with us, and therefore we believe that you should be able to live in luxurious comfort while enduring this process.

As alluded to much earlier, the treatment programme that will be administered to you will be bespoke, tailored perfectly to your needs and experiences based upon your pre-admission interview answers.

Initially, however, most courses of treatment initiate with detoxification at the detox clinic. No one suffering from addiction looks forward to experiencing withdrawal (be it alcohol withdrawal or withdrawal from substance misuse) but it’s a necessary evil on the long road to recovery.

With medical assistance at our industry-leading detox clinic your withdrawal symptoms will be controlled and closely monitored throughout the duration of your treatment — only after passing through this will you be then ready for the psychological aspects of your recovery to commence.

The psychological stages of your treatment will, as reference earlier, consists of analysing how you have ended up here, delving deep into your brain to find the source of your addiction, and rebuilding your behavioural and emotional mindset to favour healthier alternatives to triggers so that you don’t resort to substance misuse ever again.

Some of the treatments which allow us to manage this include the likes of relapse prevention planning, grief/trauma counselling, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dual-diagnosis therapy (reference earlier), NAD+ brain restoration treatment, stress management coaching, family and friend drug support counselling sessions, one-to-one/individual therapy, and group therapy support sessions.

In addition to all of this, and more, you will then have access to our complimentary one-year aftercare treatment programme so that we can keep monitoring your progress after you have returned home following the completion of your 28 day stay with us.