Acknowledging that you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs is a very brave thing to do. It takes a lot of courage to accept that you need help and to speak openly about what you’re suffering from. There’s absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about asking for support from loved ones, colleagues, or from an expert like us at Addiction Advocates.

If you’re concerned about yourself or about a loved one, then there’s no addiction too mild to not warrant the guidance and support of drug and alcohol rehab Horsforth. When left untreated, addiction to alcohol or drugs will only get worse. It’s impossible to recover from this complex disease alone or by just taking medication. To achieve long-term recovery from addiction, you must address your physical and psychological connections to the substance with the expert support of medical professionals.


What Happens at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Horsforth?

Each alcohol and drug rehab facility will generally follow the process of a pre-screening assessment to review your general well-being before inviting you into their rehab centre. You will likely begin your treatment journey with medical drug and alcohol detoxification before receiving your psychological and well-being therapies, which will have been carefully selected to benefit your rehabilitation as much as possible.

Whilst all treatment centres focus on helping you recover from alcohol or drug addiction, and what happens each day may vary slightly depending on the type of rehab centre you choose to join. For example, when receiving addiction treatment from free local health services like the NHS, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a personalised treatment plan. Instead, you’ll follow a generic treatment plan given to everyone suffering from addiction. In contrast, a private drug and alcohol rehab like in Horsforth has the resources and the time to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.

You may receive treatment individually or within a group. It’s also possible to involve your family and close friends in your counselling sessions should you feel this would be beneficial. At a private drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll receive a carefully selected combination of psychological and well-being therapy sessions and your medical alcohol and drug detox and mental health support.

Some of the most recommended psychological therapy sessions our expert team delivers include counselling, mediation therapy, motivational interviewing, counselling, drug or alcohol relapse prevention, and stress management. These will be complemented by therapy sessions focusing on improving your general well-being throughout your rehabilitation. These may include relaxation and sleep management, art therapy, nutritional supplement therapy, fitness therapy, music therapy, low-level laser therapy, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. While some may sound unusual, they’ve proven to be very effective when recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

We’re confident that we can recommend a drug or alcohol rehab facility to provide you with the tools to live a life free from alcohol or drugs. We’re proud to promote an inclusive, supportive, and discrete environment for you to focus solely on your rehabilitation without distractions from daily life.


Benefits of Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When choosing how to undergo addiction treatment, you have two main choices: to join as an outpatient or an inpatient. As an outpatient, you’ll stay home whilst visiting your treatment centre daily to follow your treatment plan. Whereas, if you join as an inpatient, you’ll stay overnight at the rehab centre until you’ve completed your treatment plan. Neither way is right or wrong. How you choose to undergo rehabilitation is a personal decision, but we can guide you and give you all the information you need to make the best decision.

When you receive treatment as an outpatient, you’ll have more flexibility as you stay home. Although, remaining at home isn’t always a positive, as you’ll likely face the stresses of daily life alongside the usual distractions, which could easily deter you from your important rehabilitation sessions. Therefore, inpatient treatment generally produces the best results as you stay within a recovery-focused environment without any distractions or stresses of life. Detaching yourself from home life and potentially from a setting where you’re used to consuming drugs or alcohol can be extremely helpful in making recovery your sole focus.

In some cases where you may have a milder drug or alcohol addiction or need a more flexible option to work around personal circumstances or commitments, outpatient treatment may be the best choice. Both options can be tailored to suit your unique needs; what’s important is that you’re addressing your drug or alcohol addiction with experts who can help you to create a happier and healthier future.


Drug and Alcohol Aftercare Plan

After completing your drug and alcohol treatment plan at a private rehab centre, you’ll receive a complimentary aftercare plan for the first year after leaving rehab. Receiving a comprehensive aftercare plan is just as important as your initial treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Managing the transition back into home life after completing a treatment plan can be very difficult, particularly when staying motivated and on track towards your long-term recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehab Horsforth have a dedicated aftercare team who will guide you on your journey to recovery upon your return home. They can arrange ongoing therapy sessions such as family or group counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, or drug and alcohol relapse prevention. They can also gain access to local support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

These are both highly effective groups for sharing your experiences and concerns with others in a similar situation. Even if you don’t feel comfortable with sharing, we strongly recommend that you try these groups and take advantage of the complimentary aftercare plan.

Contact our friendly team for more information about how we can help via our online form or call on 0800 012 6088.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick the right rehabilitation programme? 
Your first question might be, ‘How do I find a rehab near me?’ but there are many factors to consider when choosing the best rehab for you, of which location is one. You might not be in the best place mentally to deal with these questions when in the grip of an addiction, but we can help guide you through the options and find the right rehab for your own personal circumstances.
How do I chose the best Inpatient rehab for my addiction?
It’s best to do as much research as you can. Speak to some different rehabs and find out more about their services and what they can do to help. You want to choose a rehab where you feel comfortable and that offers the right treatment for your kind of addiction.
What is outpatient treatment?
If you’re receiving addiction treatment as an outpatient, then you’d be visiting the rehabilitation centre for a few hours each day to receive your therapies. You would then return home as you’re not required to stay at the drug and alcohol rehab overnight as an outpatient, whereas you would as an inpatient. Outpatient treatment isn’t suitable for someone with a very severe drug or alcohol addiction as they’re likely to require urgent and constant care, especially when going through detoxification.