Every year, countless people’s lives are negatively affected by drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction can develop at any unexpected time in a person’s life and can affect anyone.

Addiction Advocates’ branch of drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstable is here to help any of those affected by addiction get the help that they need to recover, and get them out from the clutches of addiction for good.

Drug addiction or alcohol addiction can rapidly escalate beyond your control and may begin to dominate every aspect of your life without you really being able to notice the decline until it is too late.

Substance abuse disorders and alcohol abuse disorders have the ability to snatch away the vast majority of your standard of living – negatively affecting any relationships that you value, your financial stability, your employment prospects, and even your own home.

The most effective way in which you can take back control of your life, is to start your journey to recovery with the help of a professional rehabilitation centre, such as Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstable.

Our highly successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation services will not only help you to cleanse your body of negative substances and detox safely and comfortably, but will train you to completely rethink your addiction and cultivate a long-term recovery.


What Is The Experience Of Rehab Like?

Our rehabilitation centre is specially designed to help anyone suffering from drug or alcohol abuse to get back to living a healthy and normal lifestyle over the course of a series of addiction treatments which will heal both your body and your mind.

Our facilities are warm, welcoming, and professional, a far cry from the stereotypically cold, clinical, and generally negative depictions of rehabs found typically in films and other media.

We make sure that all of our highly-trained medical staff across all of our rehabilitation centres are very understanding when it comes to treating each and every patient that chooses to get better with us. During your stay, you will not only be surrounded by our wonderful staff, but you will also be able to engage with other addicts.

Engaging with other addicts at various stages of their recovery journey can help you to build an incredible support network, a support network of people who understand what challenges you are facing and are unified by the common goal of remaining sober.

While our aim is to make your recovery journey as comfortable as possible, the journey to a well-rounded and long-lasting recovery is far from easy. We are here to not only get you clean, but keep you clean, and that requires confronting quite a few realities about the root cause of your addiction, some of which may be difficult to confront.

However, we will be with you every step of the way, and when you leave us you will not only be sober, but will be able to recognise and overcome triggers or causes of your addiction in your day to day life.

The way in which we can help you to understand and overcome your addiction for good, is by employing both psychological treatments and physical treatments, a combined approach to treatment which is unparalleled in its effectiveness.

However, when you first arrive with us, you will likely be experiencing, or be about to experience, withdrawal, and that is something which we will first help you to overcome.


Taking The Worry Out Of Detox

When you first arrive at one of our welcoming facilities, our first priority will be focussing on physical treatments; particularly, that of detoxification treatments. The process of detox may be a source of worry for a lot of people, as the process itself can be quite unpleasant to experience due to the nature of the side effects that may present.

However, detox is essential to the process of recovery, and our aims are to make sure that you experience withdrawal safely, effectively, and in relative comfort.

The symptoms that can present when a person experiences withdrawal may range from those of mild discomfort to very dangerous (even life-threatening in certain circumstances, particularly so when experiencing alcohol withdrawal).

The majority of those who are suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction have attempted to go cold turkey on their own at home, only to discover a few days into the process that the agony of the symptoms that have presented is too much to bear causing them to relapse.

Furthermore, with each time that a person attempts to go cold turkey on their own and fails, their mental state may deteriorate as well as their faith in their ability to ever overcome their addiction.


Why You Should Choose Rehab In Barnstable

Once you have been through withdrawal and your body and mind are ready to begin the next steps of drug and alcohol treatment, we will start you on a series of therapies tailored for your specific recovery.

Most likely, this combination of treatments will include the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), art therapy, stress management, meditative courses, dual-diagnosis therapy, one-to-one therapy sessions, group sessions, and more.

A large portion of your time with us will also be dedicated to relapse prevention, in order to help you stay clean and sober once you have left our facility.

Furthermore, for a lot of addicts, drug abuse or alcohol abuse can mask more serious mental health conditions which had gone previously undiagnosed; and while most rehabs will not have the facilities or staff to properly treat such serious mental health conditions, trained staff at our facilities will be able to advise on such issues.


Call Us Today To Get Your Life Back On Track

When it comes to taking steps towards recovery, it is crucial that you do not delay. Our dedicated staff are ready and waiting to help you to get into a rehab that is perfectly suited for you and your needs. Alternatively, if you are worried about a friend or loved one and their struggles with addiction, then we can also work on family and friend referrals.

Whatever your worries or struggles, you can call us on 0800 012 6088, Text HELP To 83222, or contact us through our website.