The effects of addiction are devastating to both your physical and psychological health, not to mention how damaging they can be to your relationships with loved ones, your career, and your finances.

There is no situation where drug or alcohol addiction is beneficial or acceptable, it is only harmful to yourself and those around you.

If you’re searching for an alcohol and drug rehab in Aberystwyth, then we’re here to give you the solution to overcoming your substance abuse for good.

The most effective way to treat an addiction to alcohol or drugs is to undergo a personalised treatment programme at a private rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

We’ve helped countless people achieve their long-term recovery goals with our structured and holistic approach to addiction treatment; let us help you next.

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Seek professional support now

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, there’s no better time to start than now. Addiction is a vicious circle which can at times be unbearable to live through and is very difficult to break, therefore we understand the natural desire to delay treatment.

Without professional support, your drug addiction or alcohol addiction will only worsen over time, potentially leaving you with irreversible damage; you must seek support immediately.

It’s quite normal to feel in denial about your drug or alcohol abuse, it’s a difficult thing to admit to someone, never mind admit to yourself.

If you’ve started to notice any signs of your addiction controlling your behaviours or negatively impacting on your life whatsoever, we urge you to get in touch with us before it’s too late.

Maybe you’re concerned that a loved one is exhibiting unusual behaviour and you think they would benefit from professional advice, let us know and we can arrange to speak with them through a family intervention if required.


How can our private drug and alcohol in Aberystwyth help?

Undergoing residential addiction treatment is much more valuable than outpatient services or receiving treatment from free local health services like the NHS.

Our private drug and alcohol rehab centres are highly beneficial as you’re surrounded by an exceptional team of recovery workers including therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors who ensure your safety throughout each phase of your recovery journey.

Each member of our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in addiction treatment, so rest assured you’ll only be receiving the highest quality care and therapies during your stay with us.

We’re very proud of our state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities and take every measure to ensure all of our clients are as relaxed and comfortable as they can be.

We promote a positive and warm atmosphere to influence calmness and encourage motivation as you work towards your long-term recovery goals.

You’ll stay in our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse for the duration of your addiction treatment which normally lasts around 28 days.

As you undergo your residential addiction treatment, you have the great benefit of being removed from your familiar home environment where you could easily be distracted or tempted into relapsing.

The only thing you need to focus on at our private drug and alcohol rehab in Aberystwyth is your own recovery, we’ll take care of everything else.


What can you do if you’re concerned about a loved one?

If you’re reading this because you’re concerned about a family member or a close friend, we have plenty of advice on how you can help them overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

It’s vital that you support them in anyway you can during this difficult time in their life. The first step might be to actually encourage them to verbally acknowledge that they have an addiction which requires professional support.

If they’re still unwilling to discuss their substance abuse, you can contact us to arrange a family intervention. We can assure you a family intervention is one of the most beneficial forms of interactions your loved one can part take in to get the help they need.

Feelings of denial are very common in someone who is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. This makes it even harder for them to seek support, making your role to intervene, even more crucial.

Through a professional family or friend intervention, your loved one has no other choice but to face the reality of their drug or alcohol addiction.

At this point they’ll realise they’re not only affecting themselves but affecting those around them too, which can be a great driving force to accepting drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The process of intervention is completely structured, giving everyone involved the opportunity to voice their concerns with the supervision of a professional interventionist.

Our intervention team are able to listen to all sides, carefully assess the situation and provide guidance on how to best move forward.

Our main aim to help the person suffering from drug or alcohol addiction to come to terms about considering professional help and admit them into our rehabilitation centre.


Drug and alcohol aftercare programme

We provide all of our clients with a free aftercare programme for 12 months after leaving our drug and alcohol rehab in Aberystwyth.

Our dedicated aftercare team play a vital role in maintaining the progress which you’ve achieved so far as you continue to work towards your long-term recovery.

They are able to recommend local support groups and advise useful networks such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous which give you the opportunity to share your concerns and achievements with people in a similar position to yours.

We can also provide beneficial guidance and reassure your friends and family.

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