Lone drug and alcohol detoxification is usually seen as a favourable option for addicts, especially at face value. Yet, once they learn about the downfalls of independent recovery, of relapse risks and of unsafe conditions, they soon see the value of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Are you swaying towards lone detoxification? If so, before you start to reduce your drug and alcohol consumption, at Addiction Advocates, we encourage you to keep reading.

In the ideal world, putting a stop to drug and alcohol consumption, and reaping the benefits of sober living would be easy. However, in the reality of an addiction, this is far from the experience that you should expect, down to the highly addictive characteristics of drugs and alcohol.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Berwick will be challenging. We will not provide unrealistic views of rehab itself to boost its desirability. This is unnecessary, as rehab, alone, provides enough desirability once those challenges have dwindled.

You can avoid the disruptive and disheartening experiences of lone detoxification by encountering the value and desirability of professional drug and alcohol rehab. All it will take is for you to increase your awareness and acceptance of services like ours at Addiction Advocates.


The downfalls of lone detoxification

Lone detoxification is usually favoured for the level of comfort and privacy it offers. Many individuals like the ideas of stopping consumption, of switching off cravings, and of overcoming addiction.

Yet, if detoxification was that easy, the necessity of drug and alcohol rehab clinics would be very low, which isn’t the case currently.

While withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, alone, maybe your first option, it’s important that you understand the potential downfalls you’ll pose a risk to if you go ahead, independently.

The biggest downfall is that a standalone detox will not help you overcome a drug and alcohol addiction. This is down to the fact that further intervention will be necessary to tackle psychological links to drugs and alcohol. With this in mind, professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be required anyway.

A further downfall is that withdrawal symptoms can heighten when medical assistance is lacking. As you’ll lack a structure to follow, as your consumption levels will likely drop from your norm to zero, physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms will present themselves, making detoxification very difficult.

Lastly, failing to work through detoxification can be very difficult on your mindset. You’ll likely feel disheartened, which is known to motivate greater substance abuse. Avoiding potential damage to your mental health and recovery driven mindset is recommended.

Ultimately, lone detoxification offers limited results, along with health hazardous. You can avoid this result by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Berwick, accepting professional support.


The benefits of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Berwick

Alongside avoiding the downfalls of lone detoxification, there are many benefits linked to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Berwick.

The ability to recover fully is a key motivator to select professional rehabilitation support. T

hrough rehab, tackling an addiction at a 360 approach is very likely, down to a range of physical and psychological addiction treatment options. Not only this, treatment services are available to promote all-round wellbeing, which will motivate your recovery efforts.

A further benefit is that withdrawal can be eased through additional treatment services, while also securing your health. You’ll be supported by medical professionals and teams of addiction specialists, helping you through the challenges of rehab.

Drug and alcohol rehab can transform your mental health, helping your desire to recover, heighten. This is down to the positive effects, commonly experienced through the offering of rehab.

Through one of our affiliated rehab clinics, you’ll be sure to encounter the above benefits, while experiencing greater opportunities of long-term recovery.


Reaching rehab through our admission process

By selecting professional support, through our services, you can experience an efficient admission process, into a drug and alcohol rehab in Berwick.

You can start this process as soon as you’re ready, beginning with a telephone assessment. The aim of this assessment will be to understand your drug and alcohol addiction.

An understanding of your addiction will provide insight into your needs via drug and alcohol rehab. Your needs will then be used to guide rehab recommendations, ensuring that you can benefit from professional support.

Finding the right rehab clinic is very important if you’re suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction. We must find the right approach to suit your expected journey via a drug and alcohol rehab in Berwick. With this in mind, suitability will drive our final recommendation.

From here, you’ll soon be reaching rehab as your admission will be arranged. This whole process can be completed with ease, with our guidance and with efficiency in mind.


Placing your commitment into rehab for your future

Drug and alcohol rehab can change your future, for the better. Yet, to reap those benefits, you must place your commitment within rehab.

Many individuals believe that rehab will be easy, that it will act as a cure and that it will organically benefit them. This is very similar to the outlook of lone detoxification that many individuals have.

However, rehab, like any other form of rehabilitation isn’t easy, it isn’t a cure, and you must work to benefit from it. You can however ease your experience, learn to live without drugs and alcohol and encounter value by committing for the long-term.

Commit for your own sake, for your future, for your physical and psychological health, and for your capabilities to lead a drug and alcohol-free reality. Once you’re committed, we can help you with the rest, where you’ll soon transition to your drug and alcohol rehab in Berwick of choice.

Avoid the desirability of lone detoxification, only in place to provide surface-level recovery. Select a rehab programme which can delve deep into your causation, truly helping you live for the future by promoting drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Contact our team to start the rehab admission process as soon as you’re ready to commit.