Contact our team at Addiction Advocates to work through the initial stages of your pre-admission, ensuring that high quality and suitable drug and alcohol rehabilitation process can be set for the future.

Reasonably, you may feel overwhelmed when searching and securing your up and coming drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. There are vast decisions to make, from selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire and the delivery of rehab to the convenience of your admission date. Down to these decisions, your admission may take longer, impacting your physical and psychological readiness to recover.

Through our services, we can secure your readiness to recover, benefiting your initial experience via a drug and alcohol rehab. Not only this, we can guide you when making those important decisions, ensuring that you experience the most valuable rehab programme available to you.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire

At Addiction Advocates, we specialise in expert rehab referrals. We offer this service by acquiring the necessities of our clients from drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is achieved by assessing the severity of a drug and alcohol addiction, along with further personal factors, such as physical and psychological health, budget and end recovery goals.

By following this approach, we can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire which can provide your exact needs when recovering. Not only will this reassure you that the most effective rehab experience is pending, but it will also offer an efficient admission and take the strain off you.

Unfortunately, many individuals turn away from the idea of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation, down to the strain of search and selection. We can take this strain away for you, future-proofing your ability to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in your local area.


Addiction treatment services expected through rehab

Through our associated rehab clinics here at Addiction Advocates, personal rehab programmes will be offered as the norm. This will ensure that a safe and suitable recovery can be experienced through rehab.

Down to this, the exact mix of addiction treatment services recommended to you will depend on the makeup of your rehab programme. However, in order to promote physical and psychological withdrawal, in order to motivate realignment, and in order to secure relapse prevention, there is an expected range which is commonly recommended via rehab.

Cognitive behavioural therapy
CBT is a very important addiction treatment service, in place to tackle psychological links to drugs and alcohol. The majority of influences will reside in the mind. It is imperative that coping strategies and outlooks on substance abuse adapt, possible through CBT.

A drug and alcohol detox
Physical withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is mandatory when recovering from addiction. Through a medical detox programme, here is where all traces can be removed, helping the body cope without drug and alcohol presence.

Stress management
Recovering from an addiction can be stressful. Stress can also be an initial influence on addiction. By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire, you’ll have access to stress management, helping you balance those distressing problems.

Family drug support
Family members, unfortunately, in most cases, experience the brunt of addiction. Many will struggle with this, blaming themselves for it, or failing to understand the true makeup of addiction. Family drug support services can be invaluable to change perspective and increase support.

Art therapy
Some clients will naturally struggle to open up about their battles with drugs and alcohol. As expressing emotions and experiences with drugs and alcohol is an important step of rehab, art therapy may be recommended. Here you can physically share emotions, helping to progress your psychological angle of recovery.

Support groups
Being accountable for your rehab experience is very important. Here’s where support groups can offer responsibility, ensuring that you can remain on track, while also sharing your experiences with others.

Relapse prevention
The most common end recovery goal is long-term recovery. In order to reach this point, relapse prevention will be required. Here’s where plans will be developed to support you through the event of a drug and alcohol relapse or even minimal cravings. Throughout rehab, this plan will be developed, working alongside addiction treatment.

Dual-diagnosis treatment
Some clients will unfortunately experience mental health side effects, linked to addiction. This can be a side effect of excessive drug and alcohol abuse or can be pre-existing, fuelling substance abuse.

Down to this strong correlation, dual-diagnosis treatment will be on offer via drug and alcohol rehab to help those in need, recover holistically. This is very important to reduce future relapse risks.


Possible recovery rates

Recovery rates are difficult to gauge prior to rehab, as they are personal and controlled by a number of factors. The personal inclination to recover, the severity of an addiction, response rates to addiction treatment and post-rehab actions can impact recovery results.

Commonly, by completing a suitable rehab programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire, recovery can be achieved. By this, only initial stages will be experienced, driven by physical and psychological withdrawal.

For those results to continue for the future, efforts must be invested on a consistent basis post-rehab. Aftercare services will be in place to maintain this, as will utilising relapse prevention plans. However, significant lifestyle adaptations must also be activated, helping to remove drug and alcohol exposure and influences.

Those adaptations will be shared through drug and alcohol rehab. Yet, the main focus is on prioritising self-care on a consistent basis. To experience this advice, completing a comprehensive rehab programme will be advised.

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you access a rehab programme which can provide this level of support from start to finish. Reach out today to start the process, helping you experience a convenient admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire. Ensure that quality decisions are made with our expert guidance as rehab referral specialists.