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Are you currently struggling through drug and alcohol abuse, alone? Do you find it difficult to open up to loved ones, friends or even your employer when considering your relationship with drugs and alcohol? Enquire Now
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Opting for a lone experience of addiction is very likely. Many individuals abusing addictive substances will try to cope independently, along with personal recovery attempts. Although it is understandably an easier choice, any degree of addiction shouldn’t be dealt with alone.  

Through our self-referrals here at Addiction Advocates, we can help you through the initial stages of recovery. You’ll be set up for a proactive and positive road to addiction rehabilitation by opting for professional support.  

Although taking this initial step may feel challenging, you’ll benefit greatly through our self-referrals. The value you’ll experience will outweigh the initial tests of acknowledging your problem with drugs and/or alcohol.  

Why consider self-referrals into rehab? 

Hiding your side effects from addiction can be dangerous. Closing the door on personal and professional support can hinder your recovery chances. Attempting to deal with the side effects of addiction, self-sufficiently is exhausting.  

Through our self-referrals, you can experience support throughout every step of your addiction recovery journey. From acknowledging your drug and alcohol addiction and sharing your experiences with others, to finding a suitable rehab facility to reside from, great value is awaiting through our self-referrals 

By shunning away the opportunities of self-referrals into rehab, it is likely that your consumption will worsen. You’ll find it challenging to mask your reality from others, while also giving into your physical and psychological cravings.  

Attempting to work through the ongoing mental battle between future consumption and rehabilitation opportunities can be mentally draining. Through our self-referrals, you can receive immediate guidance, helping the rehabilitation contender win.  

How we can help you here at Addiction Advocates  

Through our self-referrals, we can help you by: 

  • Listening to your experiences with drugs and alcohol, while also considering your addiction recovery goals.  
  • Considering your budget and requirements for self-referrals into rehab.  
  • Recommending the most effective next steps to move you towards your addiction recovery goals.  
  • Providing self-referrals to the most suitable rehab facilities. 
  • Recommending recovery driven treatment options and the highest quality of care. 
  • Answering any questions or concerns you may have about self-referrals and the rehab process.  
  • Guiding you throughout your selection, along with your initial steps of rehab.  
  • Offering support for both you and your family members through this challenging time.  

Understandably, self-referrals can feel like a daunting step to take. However, by acknowledging your problems with drugs and alcohol, with the help of recovery specialists, you’ll be left in safe hands. Through our self-referrals you’ll have access to our immediate support, covering the initial recovery process, while having reassurance that you’re completing the most effective route to addiction recovery. 

If you do have any questions regarding self-referrals or general rehab concerns, feel free to contact our team here at Addiction Advocates. We are here to guide, to motivate and to care through rehab self-referrals.  

I came to you desperate, feeling so depressed and anxious. I left feeling hopeful and grateful and excited about life. I can't believe the change in just 28 days.
S Molloy
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What We Offer

Free Telephone Assessment

This is done to assess what sort of help is needed so we can recommend an addiction treatment service that can provide the best help possible.

All calls are strictly confidential and are carried out by a trained healthcare professional.

No obligation recommendations are made after a full assessment of yourself or loved ones situation is fully made.

Recommendations include specialist addiction treatment programmes in CQC regulated facilities based throughout the UK.

If you are unable to afford private treatment then public healthcare and charities would also be recommended to you.

How We Can Support You

We have a large number of helpful services available to help give you the best possible support when it comes to dealing with addiction.

Just some of the services we can offer includes:

  • Free confidential telephone assessment
  • Recommending CQC regulated residential addiction treatment providers
  • Arranging for an intervention, if needed
  • Insights into how different therapies and evidence based treatments work
  • How detoxification works and what is the most safest option
  • What type of rehab and detox programmes would be best suited for yourself or loved one
  • Recommendations of the best providers in your area

Why Choose Us?

We can help take the stress out of finding an addiction treatment provider by recommending only the best options available that fully suits your criteria.

The help and advice we can provide includes making sure that your journey towards recovery is one that can definitely be achieved.

Taking the step towards recovery can be incredibly tough but we are here to put your concerns at ease by giving you insights into the safety of undertaking residential addiction treatment and how it can put you on the path towards long lasting recovery from addiction.

Our team of advisors have extensive experience and knowledge about the subject of addiction and the treatment provided so if you have any questions then they will be more than happy to help.

Get started today by calling our friendly team today on 0800 012 6088.

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Finding the right treatment for your addiction can be difficult this is why we have created a service which takes the stress away which can be a massive relief when dealing with an addiction.
Self Referrals
Self Referrals
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Family Referrals
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Friend Referrals
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