Attempting to recover from such a complex condition can be extremely challenging, particularly without the correct support.

Unless you’ve joined a residential rehabilitation centre to take part in a 28-day drug and alcohol treatment programme, you haven’t given yourself the greatest opportunity to succeed in your long-term recovery.

Despite what many people may believe, it’s not possible to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction with medication alone, you must seek out professional support in order to fully overcome your addiction; our drug and alcohol rehab Yate is here to help you turn your life around for the better.

If you have attempted to rehabilitate from alcohol or drugs at home on your own, you’re putting yourself at great risk of causing life-changing damage, both physically and psychologically.

Addiction is such a complex condition, it’s essential that you understand the importance of breaking the physical and psychological connection in a safe and effective way, as opposed to trying to go ‘cold turkey’ and stopping consumption of alcohol or drugs immediately.

With the supervision of our excellent team, you can gradually reduce your intake in a safe and controlled manner, removing the harmful toxins from your body in preparation for your drug and alcohol rehab therapies.


What are the primary causes of Addiction?

It’s unrealistic to expect every person to feel the same way when it comes to their addiction. Each condition is completely unique, the cause behind each condition is completely unique, thus each addiction treatment programme should reflect this with a personalised approach.

We can, however, look at some of the most common reasons as to what may cause people to become addicted to alcohol or drugs, this will in turn allow you to understand your addiction more and identify the triggers associated with it.

  • A Traumatic Event: In some cases, experiencing a traumatic event can trigger the start of substance abuse. An event like this could include job loss, family breakdown, bereavement, or severe debt, any of which could lead a person to begin abusing alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with their experience. In this kind of situation, it’s likely that a dependence on alcohol or drugs will quickly turn into an addiction once you realise the substance isn’t making the problem go away, it’s only making it worse.
  • Mental Health Issues: We see this all the time at our drug and alcohol rehab Yate as mental health issues and drug or alcohol addiction are commonly seen together. Studies have shown that people who suffer from poor mental health are up to 50% more susceptible to developing a drug or alcohol addiction. When someone is suffering from both conditions, we refer to this as a dual diagnosis for which we deliver a specific dual diagnosis treatment.
  • Your Family Background: Through no fault of your own, you may have been raised in an environment where drug taking, and alcohol consumption was the norm. If you were brought up seeing your family participating in substance abuse, you’re more likely to join in with this behaviour. It’s important to remember that despite these unfortunate circumstances, you can still be helped at our rehab in Yate.
  • Your Social Circle: Similarly, to your family background, who you choose to socialise with can have a significant impact on influencing you to take part in substance abuse. This is generally an easy and accessible way to become introduced to drugs or alcohol, normally starting with smaller quantities before quickly escalating into more serious drugs and larger amounts of alcohol consumed. Who you choose to spend your time with can have a dramatic effect on what you choose to take part in. Although it can seem scary, removing yourself from this toxic social circle could be the very best thing you can do for your future.

These are some of the most common reasons we see people with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, although it’s more likely that they’re addicted due to a number of reasons rather than just one. Whatever may have caused you to become involved with substance abuse, our excellent addiction treatment team can help you move forward and leave behind these issues once and for all.


Do we offer an Aftercare Programme after leaving our Rehab in Yate?

Of course, your aftercare is just as important as your residential drug and alcohol treatment. Once you’ve completed your addiction treatment which typically takes around 28-days, you will return home to continue your journey to long-term recovery.

The first 12 months after completing your drug and alcohol treatment is when you’re most likely to relapse as the transition back into daily life can be quite challenging. It can be useful to involve your family or friends in your aftercare programme as they can provide day to day support and encouragement.

It’s also a good idea to educate them on your drug or alcohol relapse prevention sessions so they’re an extra set of eyes to look out for your triggers and help you to avoid a potential relapse.

The purpose of your personalised aftercare programme is to provide you with continuous motivation, support, and encouragement as you work towards your end goal. We can offer you ongoing therapy sessions such as cognitive behavioural therapy or stress management sessions, as necessary.

We also have dedicated helplines to answer any questions you may have or to just be there for you if you need someone to talk to. This aftercare programme is completely free for the first 12 months, so we urge you to take advantage of it.

Make the most of our drug and alcohol rehab Yate, your safe haven for rehabilitation. All you need to do is get in touch with us and our admissions team will guide you through the process. Call 0800 012 6088, text HELP to 83222 or email us at