Emma O’Neill's Nova Recovery Experience

Fantastic services. Staff are fab.
Emma O’Neill

Bryn Cragg's Nova Recovery Experience

Nova has literally SAVED my life. The staff are insanely friendly and helpful. I learned so much about addiction and about myself, thats gave me the tools to handle my problems on the outside world. They made me believe in my self and taught me how to put my self FIRST. I have battled cocaine addiction for over 6 years, and i wish i found this place sooner. I felt a family member and loved by all in Nova lodge. I HIGHLY recommend Nova for anyone who struggles with addiction. You will NOT be disappointed The settings around this place is perfect for recovery, with a beach, hills, and things to make you find clarity. I highly recommend this miracle place. Thank you
Bryn Cragg

Oliver Ewer's Nova Recovery Experience

Nova recovery saved my life. I came in here very, very unwell and they have done everything to make sure I had a comfortable stay, they attended to all my needs and there was no issue at all with any staff – they were so welcoming! The food is great too, BIG LOVE.
Oliver Ewer
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Maya Haworth's Nova Recovery Experience

I stayed at Nova for 28 days and the experience was fantastic. After staying in 2 other institutions this was by far worth the money and they helped me come off cocaine and weed. Aswell as stopping me pacing. Staff are fantastic, foods incredible and the building inside is really modern and furnished well. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Nova!
Maya Haworth

Ben's Asana Lodge Experience

Really enjoyed my time at Asana lodge. Staff are great and most have previous experience of the afflictions that affect all the clients, so they can relate to the situation you are in. I feel ready now to tackle the outside world with all the skills I have learnt.

Thomas' Asana Lodge Experience

Thank you to all the staff at asana lodge from management to the cleaners, everyone made me feel so welcome and really went above and beyond to help me in my recovery. highly recommend anyone seeking help with addiction depression and anxiety to go to asana lodge and heal your mind body and soul.

Jack's Asana Lodge Experience

Asana lodge really helped me get my head straight, focus on the things I need to focus on to ensure I have a brighter future thanks to all the staff for being so welcoming and helping with any thing us clients need. Highly recommend this rehab for anyone struggling with drink and substance issues.

Hayley's Asana Lodge Experience

I’ve spent the last eighteen days in Asana lodge after relapsing on the night before I entered. I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made as the support in here has been phenomenal. The staff in particular Tom have been a complete inspiration and have supported me through some extremely tough past experiences. I feel positive and motivated and looking forward to the future.

Christian's Asana Lodge Experience

Asana was a very good place to recover from my drinking addiction. Great therapy sessions and well-trained staff. I felt welcome from start to end. It also has great facilities which helps a lot with the start of your journey into sobriety.

Gareth's Asana Lodge Experience

Asana Lodge was a godsend for me. Not only were the staff professional, they exceeded my expectations in every way . From the cleaning staff to their excellent chefs, professional and understanding therapists, caring management team, everyone treated me with respect and care. I finally feel I have the tools to beat my disease, and can safely say that I will never hit the bottle again. I cannot rate this establishment highly enough and would recommend it to anyone . My 28 day rehab programme flew by, quicker than I ever thought it would. I would like to send a personal thankyou to, Jessica, Chris, Kris, Seth, James, Matt, Stuart, Sharmin, Veronica, Mavis, James, Charlotte, Christina, Stacie, Carla, Olly, the ODAAT team, the CA staff and AJ . To any others I have forgotten, thank you.

Clare's Asana Lodge Experience

Stayed for 15 days at Asana and cannot fault it one bit. I left a different person, every member of staff was amazing, never felt judged and was made to feel so welcome.

Lee's Asana Lodge Experience

Best and most worthwhile decision I ever made going to Asana. You will not be disappointed. If you truly want a better life without relying on harmful substances do this. Invest in yourself and take this first step towards being who you truly can and will be!

Stuart's Asana Lodge Experience

The surroundings and the breathtaking decor and attention to detail that has been paid while putting this fantastic recovery hotel together is mind-blowing.

Tim's Asana Lodge Experience

I have been in many treatment centres and I have never experienced anything like this. I have learnt more here in 2 weeks than I have in all my time in and out of recovery. I cannot express my gratitude to Asana Lodge enough. The staff, service, groups, therapies & overall experience was excellent. I am leaving here with a fantastic foundation to my recovery and I owe a massive thank you to all at Asana Lodge. I will be highly recommending to anyone in need.

Olivia Doige's Asana Lodge Experience

Prior to coming to here I have been to several other rehabs, and all have been unsuccessful. I hadn’t ever realised what it was that was lacking or why I had never left “recovered” and realised it was more what I was lacking when I left which was something I gained quickly when I came here. This was hope, Asana lodge has given me hope. It’s given me a hope for a future that I now want to fight for a purpose and meaning in my life that for so many years I never dreamt possible. There is also something else very significant about this rehab that you feel from the moment you walk in and that is the sense of care, you don’t have a status barrier between staff and clients cleaners and workers everyone is treated equally with respect and love. This doesn’t feel like a rehab it feels like a home, the people here staff included have become family and the love and support I have been shown has been in abundance. It has completely changed my way of thinking and I can quite honestly say I owe this place my life, because I hate to think what situation I would be in now had I not walked through those doors. I am now smiling again laughing again dancing again dreaming again and starting to finally start living again and after so many years of just surviving I can’t even begin to explain how much that means to me. I will be forever grateful.
Olivia Doige

Lewis' Cassiobury Court Experience

I can only tell you my story, I arrived easter bank holiday Monday, a broken man, bewildered man, failing father, useless husband and an embarrassment of a son. Hanging onto my family by the thinest of threads. Having hurt everyone and everything I've ever loved and cherished. In 25 days Cassiobury, with its caring, passionate and brilliant never patronising staff, with support, but always caring group of peers has change my life forever. My story was like a rollercoaster, the gates are not locked you are not a prisoner and I did suggest leaving very early on. Only for a supportive hand on my shoulder and a word of wisdom to intervene. Cassiobury Court has change my life forever which I didn't think or dream was even possible arriving in a shell of a man. Cassiobury has give me the tools I need to combat this disease and fulfill my dreams which were once broken. I leave Cassiobury Court this morning a proud and positive man, looking forward to being your father, husband and son. The most importantly human being. Thank you

Mr Hussain's Cassiobury Court Experience

Everyone at Cassiobury court have been very supportive with my recovery and I have learnt a lot over the past 14 days. I am taking away some good tools to help me with my addiction. I look forward to seeing the piers at the aftercare service.
Mr Hussain

Sam's Cassiobury Court Experience

To all the staff at Cassiobury court, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to you all. From the person who has no intention of giving up alcohol and coke as I didn’t really have a problem in my humble opinion, who has a huge temper tantrum about being forced in here to the person who is looking forward to the future. I have learned so much about myself and feel as I have come back to life. I know that the road ahead is going to be tough, frustrating and at times boring but thanks to you all, it is one that I want to take. I hope to see you all again, as my happy sober self. Again, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Sam

Sam Walker's Cassiobury Court Experience

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to Cassiobury Court. I came here after two suicide attempts and an addiction that it had spend most of my adult life. I didn’t even admit that I had an issue let alone want to get sober and clean. I leave here feeling hopeful about the future which is a feeling that I had not felt in a very long time. The staff here have all been amazing and they have taken so much from my journey here thank you
Sam Walker

Anonymous' Cassiobury Court Experience

Having allowed myself sufficient time I was able to have a good detox and then have plenty of time to learn new tools to help one in my sobriety the staff provided excellent support. As usual, the peer support was just as valuable. The whole treatment programme has left me well prepared to face the future. Treatment and support staff very good at their job and very helpful. The kitchen and housekeeping staff were all very helpful and approachable & good at their job.

Michael's Cassiobury Court Experience

Support from the fantastic staff, Structured programme, Like-minded guests, Cassiobury Court needs a bit of TLC. This visit has helped my recovery once again. Please let it be the last time!

Tim Waes' Cassiobury Court Experience

Practical Detox! Greater understanding of my addiction. Developing a plan for life without alcohol. Given the tools to achieve long term sobriety. Achieving a much better understanding of my disease. Realisation that im not alone. Resetting the real me. Learning to take one day at a time. Giving me access to some great and mutually supportive new friends. Seeing others in a far worse condition than I – ” There but for the grace…. Etc ” Inspired to succeed. Thank you all
Tim Waes

J Slater's Cassiobury Court Experience

The honesty and support of the staff and my peers. The external meetings were especially good well chosen and very open and well-wishing. Even when dealing with challenging situations the support staff were attentive and listened however volunteers do need to be supported in their continued sobriety. If a family member friend colleague required some support from the services we offer would you recommend step one recovery? Yes but the communication needs to improve and perhaps a more open mind to various criticisms rather than a defensive approach. It has been a bit hectic here the last few days much of which would have been avoided with forward-thinking.
J Slater

Helena's Cassiobury Court Experience

I was in such a fragile state of mind that any issues problems or generally anything would make me drink and use. Being at Cassiobury court and being cut off from the outside world has helped me stay calm and provide a base to move forward. The workshops have helped me understand my disease and illness and provided some tools to assist in my recovery. All the CA/NA meetings have helped me understand that I’m not alone this is a fellowship of people who are all in the same situation as me. Lastly and by no means least the staff and clientele have really helped I have met some great people and hopefully made friends for life. I would recommend the step one programme.

Mr Wood's Cassiobury Court Experience

The facility and staff here provided all the right tools to help me in getting the foundations to a healthy recovery. I am looking forward to embracing my recovery once out of this gate today, knowing I gave it my all with the help of the staff and other people I worked with on our common goal. To live not exist! I wish I had found this sort of treatment a few years ago.
Mr Wood

Luke Howard's Cassiobury Court Experience

I believe I have been well prepared to continue my recovery in the outside world. I have learned a lot from a range of group sessions and now know what to expect from AA, CA, and NA meetings. The staff were very kind and supportive throughout the emotional roller coaster of rehab.
Luke Howard

Julian's Cassiobury Court Experience

I’m detoxed and now comfortable, it's now down to me to follow the aftercare plan agreed with Jim previously. Whilst writing I would like to thank all the staff at Cassiobury for their kind care and support. This time I am determined to do it. Love Julian P.s I'll be back for the NAD treatment

Elaine's Cassiobury Court Experience

I came for a medical assisted detox only. I found staff being supportive and willing to go extra mile to help me go through the hardest time. Overall I am grateful for support I received.

Michael's Cassiobury Court Experience

I found this Cassiobury court on the internet after attending two other rehab centres. This was by far the best! The staff were outstanding and caring from top to the bottom, brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble for any of them. It was very much on the AA step programme. The medical team and key workers were superb. Housekeeping and kitchen, very on the ball! I would thoroughly recommend to any one. They have helped me enormously on my road to sobriety.

Maggie's Cassiobury Court Experience

I spent two weeks at Cassiobury court for alcohol addiction. It has been the best decision I have made in a very ling time and I have started the long, hard journey in recovery. Excellent medical and emotional support was provided during the detox phase of my story. The residential programme is well designed and structured to allow enough free time for personal reflection and relaxation. The days and some nights are fairly lousy and emotionally taxing with workshops and AA/CA meetings. Two things I can mention as personal highlights are the daily walks in the beautiful Cassiobury park and the phototherapy workshop. The latter had changed my view on mindfulness completely. During my stay I completed step 1 of the AA programme. Cassiobury has been instrumental in understanding my addiction as a spiritual, biological and phycological disease. My stay here has equipped me with the tools needed not only to accept this illness but also provided me with hope that I can live a full and happy life in sobriety. The facility is lovely with a beautiful garden space. The rooms are very comfortable and clean. The laundry service is outstanding. A varied menu of three delicious and healthy meals are served daily. Another highlight once the appetite kicks back in! but the most important aspect that makes Cassiobury so special is the staff every single member of staff from management the key workers the cleaners kitchen stuff I so incredibly supportive and understanding . most of the staff are recovering addicts themselves. Very kind but tough they are absolutely willing to go the extra mile and they have changed my life God bless Cassiobury.

Jolene's Cassiobury Court Experience

I realised I wanted to live. The staff have been amazing and have made me realise I can have a life without addiction. My main benefit – to have a new life. Thank you to all the support and love from every wonderful person in this facility. Thank you

Carl's Cassiobury Court Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The staff are lovely and I only had one panic attack which was of my own making. Jim’s sessions are getting better and he manages his meetings well and sticks to the agenda. Thanks to Gerrard – The message has finally got through. I now have a sponsor and will do the 12 steps. Best wishes to all staff for their help and encouragement.

Douglas Findley's Cassiobury Court Experience

Detox – To aid withdrawal Medications – Vitamins and brain restoration effect. Sleeping pattern improved Company – Combat loneliness, Relaxed atmosphere. Facilitators – Experienced & knowledgeable, kind, caring, supportive. Understanding as they have been in the same situation. Quality Staff – Welcoming, friendly. Compliant and helpful kitchen staff. All of the above, group sessions and learning have helped to keep me confident.
Douglas Findley

Robert's Cassiobury Court Experience

Thank you for making me feel comfortable and very well looked after. Cassiobury court provides a 24 hour care and support. The staff went out of their wat to accommodate my needs. If you have a desire to be clean and sober, Cassiobury court will give you a solid foundation of knowledge and experience and a chance of a sober recovery.

Ben Fairest's Cassiobury Court Experience

Really good. The private doctor really helped me out big time. Its took me 2 years to get somewhere with a doctor that will listen to you. The staff are incredible and I wish I lived closer to this place. When the groups open on a Saturday I will be driving all the way down from Sheffield and spend a full day here. Thanks to everyone here. The only way is up thanks to you guts. Love from Ben.
Ben Fairest

Louise Gordon's Cassiobury Court Experience

Walking through those gates was the hardest thing then. Now, walking back though those gates, 28 days later I feel like and I am a much better version of me I am sober. The staff and peers at Cassiobury court have helped and guided me towards a new and exciting path. A journey that leads to a bright sober future, full of love, happiness and and hope. It really is an exciting prospect. I proved my addiction was controlling me, that I was powerless. Cassiobury court has show me that there is a way out of active addiction and into recovery. I know this path will not always be smooth but they have shown me and helped me learn the tools that I can use and keep with me forever to overcome these bumps. It was not something I could do alone but it is something we can do together. Thank you!!!
Louise Gordon

Vicky's Cassiobury Court Experience

My stay here has been one of the hardest, beneficial and rewarding experiences of my life. In all honest, it saved my life. Not only that but it also made me realise that I had a serious illness and until I could accept that, then I wouldn’t t get better. I benefited from all of the group sessions but I think I gained the most from the morning hope group and the evening reflections group. I found these two groups very important because we could all share how we were feeling in a safe and comfortable environment. I also began to find out who i really was which is something that I’d be very confused about for a number of years. Finally the treatment gave me hope and confidence that addiction of any kind can be treated, and recovery is possible.

Barbara Stride's Cassiobury Court Experience

It was disappointing that I relapsed, But there was no hesitations to call and come back to Cassiobury Court. Same staff, same open arms, caring, kind & loving. Safe. When I write my guide to the best rehabs in the country you are at the top of the list. Every member of staff 12/10 Thankyou. I will send you updates and come back to share in 12 months sober. Love you all.
Barbara Stride

Bekki Taylor's Cassiobury Court Experience

I have massively benefited from the variety of groups and the 1 to 1 counselling. All the staff have been amazing and non-judgemental upon my return to Cassiobury. I have learned more in the past two weeks than any previous visit (down to my own will and surrender) I will be back for a chair in 60 days. Lots of love
Bekki Taylor

Bruce Hazel's Cassiobury Court Experience

Very helpful staff at all times. Have learned so much during the stay as to the disease / illness of alcohol and how it is progressive and one way. Insanity, Death or recovery. The shared group’s and listening to the experiences of everyone has been inspirational and eye opening. The fact that we are powerless over our addictions, and the knowledge of a power that is outside of ourselves is the only way. The need of regular meetings and keeping close to a sponsor is critical.
Bruce Hazel

Helen Wilmot's Cassiobury Court Experience

There’s not enough words to say how grateful I am for taking me back. By making the decision to remove myself and ask for help saved my life. I have been in many rehabs but this time i was honest and got the help and advice i really needed. There is not one therapist or member of staff I felt i couldn’t approach at any time of day or night. I hope one day I can come back and share my story to help others.
Helen Wilmot

John Nunan's Cassiobury Court Experience

Arvi taught me so much during my time here. He always went the extra mile and was a vital part of my recovery journey. Diane & Lori were also of great support, and felt like surrogate mother and sister to me. Sally’s food was superior to Tommy’s, but it was cold due to no use of bain marie. Paul’s was also nice and Arvis. Sam went the extra mile for me. One day when I was upset she came and chatted with me. She was also prepared to carry out extra laundry duties as required. I enjoyed my counselling session with Laura as she had a calming presence. Dr Iqbal was efficient and reassuring. Arvi’s 1 to 1 sessions were also beneficial. Night staff were kind, patient. Always happy to serve toasties and juice and also made me feel safe and secure. Extra thanks to Arvi for everything. Many thanks to Gary for comforting me during my night terrors.
John Nunan

Robert Kindham's Cassiobury Court Experience

I have managed to find my old self. The one that I used to like and now have back. I have come to realise that I have the confidence to succeed. I have managed to like myself again. I have realised that I was damaging my relationship with my wife. I have now apologised and promised to gain my self-respect, and love and treat her as she deserves. She has never failed to support me. I am beginning to like myself and this will continue. I am looking forward to my new life with the lady I love and grateful that she still loves me.
Robert Kindham

Guy Thomson's Cassiobury Court Experience

Recovered physical mechanics and majority of mental alertness. Treated as a human! Humour and communication made sessions interesting and useful. Relative freedom on the circumstances. Nice to be treated as an equal. I was lucky to be in a good group where everyone got on and helped each other. No one I disliked. I hope likewise from them. Staff right down to the cleaning and catering staff friendly, cheerful and helpful.
Guy Thomson

Mrs Mcdonald's Cassiobury Court Experience

Cassiobury Court is a quaint and tranquil rehab clinic which gives life back in to the word sobriety. This beautiful grade two listed building offers peace and serenity for everyone who seemed to have lost their soul. I returned to Cassiobury court as a broken woman. I felt empty, lonely and ashamed for my addiction. I have relapsed numerous times and never quite understood why. Cassiobury court taught me that there is hope that but identifying my bad habits/patterns of behaviours and understanding new thinking processes I can begin to rebuild my life back up again. It has taught me numerous tools, coping skills, to change my bad habits and thought processes through mind meditation, physically and spiritual. Understanding balance for a healthy life. I have spent many years playing the character of an addict, getting confused with who I really am, what do I enjoy, what is important to me. I have learnt to love myself once more and with the “ tools of life “ Cassiobury court has carried me through the darkest times of detox and early recovery. When my world was so dark, and there was no joy in the mist. A Terrifying gloomy place. Cassiobury court showed me the light, given me my soul back, a belief in myself and the building blocks for change. I have been offered gifts of hope, support, kindness and knowledge. Wisdom to change and the choice for my future. Now the world is so bright, and I’ve grown as a person. I have been given a chance to listen with my ears and the tools to open my eyes to such beauty that can only be seen in recovery!
Mrs Mcdonald

Client, CQC Feedback's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

Very helpful, knowledgeable, informative, polite and professional. The medical side of things was first class, well explained and again very professional. The therapy side of things actually worked and was very helpful. The classes were easy to understand, delivered very well and were very useful. The place was clean, tidy and the food was brilliant.
Client, CQC Feedback

Client, CQC Feedback's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

Supported me during detox provided me with a solid aftercare plan made me feel comfortable and included.
Client, CQC Feedback

Steve, 59's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

As a very long term alcoholic and drug user, I never thought any rehab would work for me but at Ocean, I realised there was so much more to life than drinking and getting high. I had 28 days in Ocean and after my detox, I started to really take in their ideas of living
Steve, 59

Kev's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

Came to Ocean on 5th April for detox and rehab for 28 days. When I came here I was surprised how warm and caring everyone was from staff to housemates, which helped me admit my addiction and get the help and care that I needed.

Joe, 41's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

Your empathy, compassion and dedication is endless; I am so grateful for the support and tools you have given me to get my life back on track.
Joe, 41

Rosie, 62's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

I’ve never known such kindness, care and understanding. You have all shown me a new and different experience in a place that you make me feel so safe.
Rosie, 62

Claire, 23's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

The treatment and therapy is great, but you also taught me to laugh again and that feels good!
Claire, 23

Marie, 26's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

Thank you doesn’t seem enough – this has been the best thing I’ve ever done and it is all down to your amazing team that I have come this far. My hard work starts now, but I am determined thanks to you all. See you at Aftercare.
Marie, 26

Andy, 48's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

Unconditional Caring, Unlimited Knowledge and Undivided Attention from the most perfect team – carrying on changing lives like you have mine. You created a perfect sanctuary for me to get well again.
Andy, 48

Joyce, 53's Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

Thank you for getting me back to the person I once was!
Joyce, 53

S Molloy's Experience

I came to you desperate, feeling so depressed and anxious. I left feeling hopeful and grateful and excited about life. I can't believe the change in just 28 days.
S Molloy

E Phillips' Experience

I just wanted to say a massive Thank you for putting me on the right road - I genuinely believe I wouldn't have found my way without your guidance, encouragement, love, support and so much more... words can't express how grateful I am. 1 year down and many more to go.
E Phillips

V Jones' Experience

My stay here has been one of the hardest, beneficial and rewarding experiences of my life. In all honesty, it saved my life. Not only that, but it also made me realise that I had a serious illness and until I could accept that, then I couldn't get better. I benefited from all of the group sessions but I think I gained the most from the Morning Hope Group and Evening Reflections group. I found these two groups very important because we could all share how we were feeling in a safe and comfortable environment. I also began to find out who I really was which is something that I'd been very confused about for a number of years. Finally the treatment gave me hope and confidence that addiction of any kind can be treated and recovery is possible.
V Jones