Or it can build slowly, gradually, so subtle that you might not even realise that you have developed a problem.

You might be taking drugs to distract yourself from other problems in your life, using them as a destructive coping mechanism, or you might think that you have your use under control. No matter how it begins, addiction to alcohol and drugs is a dangerous thing with very real and serious consequences.

It can bring on acute medical emergencies such as strokes or heart attacks with no warning, or it can cause permanent damage to your physical health and lead to chronic conditions such as liver disease, heart problems or even cancer.

It can make mental health problems like depression and anxiety worse, or even cause them in individuals with no prior history of psychological illness.

It has an impact on personal relationships, financial security, career prospects- there is no single aspect of a person’s life that an alcohol addiction or drug addiction does not have the potential to affect or ruin.

If you are suffering from a substance addiction it can often seem like there is no hope. That is not true. Addictions are difficult to kick, but not impossible. With the right help and support you can achieve a long term recovery and a return to a healthy, sober lifestyle. If you are ready and willing to make a change in your life and want to be free of substance dependency, Addiction Advocates is here for you.


Drug and alcohol rehab facilities near me

It has been shown that the most effective way to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol is by getting treated at a specialised rehabilitation centre. Residential addiction treatment ensures that you are in a safe environment with extremely limited access to harmful substances, with a constant well-developed safety net to support you throughout your struggle.

Often the hardest part of recovering from an addiction is dealing with the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that come on when your body no longer has any of the toxic substances within its system.

Alone, this withdrawal period can be extremely painful and difficult to get through. At a private drug and alcohol rehab though you will have all the support you need to ensure that you get through it safely.

Rehab places for drug and alcohol addictions can be hard to find, and you might not know exactly what it is you are looking for. It may well be that detox is all that is on your mind- that is the part of rehab that most people will generally think of.

But rehabilitation centres offer much more than just detox, and it is our job to advise you and get you in touch with the clinic that provides exactly what you need. Addiction advocates runs a helpline that is open 24 hours a day, so you can get in touch with us whenever it is most convenient to you.

So if you are looking for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in or around Strathclyde, contacting Addiction Advocates may well be the best first step you could possibly take.


Drug and alcohol relapse prevention

When it comes to rehabilitation, the most important thing is ensuring that you do not relapse once you have left the clinic and returned to your everyday life. In order to make sure you have the best chance of staying on the wagon, rehabilitation clinics offer a wide variety of mental health treatments and support.

It is important to remember that substance addiction and mental health problems often go hand in hand, with one feeding in to the other. At rehab you will be given the opportunity to undergo therapy and counselling, and also the chance to take part in educational workshops.

Through talking therapies like CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) we will enable you to tackle your problems in a calm and rational manner, reducing the chances of your returning to drugs or alcohol.

Psychotherapies, like art therapy for instance, will allow you to explore your thoughts and feelings in ways that you might never have tried before, allowing safe self-expression and enabling you to explore the triggers and causes of your substance abuse.

The idea of going through therapy might seem daunting, but it is crucial that you fully understand the nature of your addiction and how to resist it. Dependency is both a physical and psychological problem, and it is impossible to fully recover without addressing both aspects of the disease.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the urge to start drinking or using again will ever fully go away. But even once you have left the clinic you will not be alone in your struggle.

The rehabs we work with offer a comprehensive drug and alcohol aftercare programme, meaning that you will have continued access to support, information and guidance once you are back to life in the outside world.

More than anything else rehab offers a supportive network for those who have fallen victim to addiction, and this network will always be there for you if you need it. Preventing relapse is the goal, but if for whatever reason you do relapse you will always be welcome to return for additional care.

Recovery is a process, and you might falter along the road, but as long as you are taking the right steps and getting the right help that is all that matters.


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When it comes to addiction there is no point in putting off addressing it. If you do, the problems will only get worse. There is no better time to act than now.

Make use of our helpline, and we can find a facility that works well for you. Begin the process of recovery and return to a life free of dependency.