Have you looked for a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire yet found yourself overwhelmed by the options available for you to take advantage of? Do you now find yourself at a loss?

If you are searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire that can provide you with appropriate drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we can assist you.

At Addiction Advocates, we have helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life secure the treatment needed to overcome addictions to substances including alcohol, cannabis, heroin, ketamine and prescription drugs.

By taking advantage of our referral services, we can guarantee that you will be able to commence treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire within a matter of days.

Taking The First Step In Overcoming Your Addiction

Have you come to realise that enough is enough?  Do you crave a future free from the shackles of your addiction?  Are you ready to secure a substance-free future?

If you have said yes to the above questions, attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire is in your best interest.

However, for weeks, months or even years, you may have kept your addiction to drugs or alcohol a secret from your loved ones in a bid to protect them from your struggles.  Sadly, this will have prevented you from discussing your addiction with anyone and will have seen you delay the treatment you need for a prolonged period.

Considering this, we know that taking the first step in overcoming your addiction is easier said than done.  Even if you are ready to commit to a long-term recovery, you will likely still feel somewhat apprehensive.

Understanding that you may need additional support as you look to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire, here at Addiction Advocates, we have developed a self-referral service that we welcome you to take advantage of.

From discussing the ramifications your addiction has had on your life to locating a suitable rehab, our self-referral service will help you through the initial stages of your recovery.

There Are A Wealth Of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabs In Huntingdonshire

When you find yourself ready to take the first step in overcoming your drug or alcohol addiction, it is not uncommon for you to attempt to locate an NHS rehab in Huntingdonshire via your local doctor.

Although the NHS provides effective rehabilitation services, you may find yourself required to wait for the treatment you need due to an increase in demand.

As a result, it is highly possible that you will consider delaying treatment once again.

However, across Huntingdonshire, there are a number of private drug and alcohol rehabs that provide exceptional addiction treatment.

Although private drug and alcohol rehabs in Huntingdonshire offer both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, at Addiction Advocates, we often advise attending an inpatient facility.

This is because inpatient rehabs, or residential rehabs as they are otherwise known, combine industry-leading treatments with around the clock care to enable those struggling with addictions to make a long-term recovery.

Although you may not have considered attending a private rehab before, doing so comes hand-in-hand with many benefits.

In addition to providing industry-leading treatments and around the clock care, private rehabs also enable you to rest and recuperate in a safe space, away from the stress of everyday life.

The Treatments Available Via A Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Huntingdonshire

Detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support form the basis of the treatment programmes typically administered via drug and alcohol rehabs in Huntingdonshire.

However, understanding that addictions impact individuals differently, as and when you enter a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire, you will be required to complete an admissions assessment to ensure that your treatment programme can be tailored to your addiction and recovery needs.

Upon completing your admissions assessment, you will likely undergo a detoxification programme.  Doing so will enable you to withdraw from the substances that you have found yourself addicted to in a safe and controlled environment.

Following detoxification, you will commence on a rehabilitation programme.  Rehabilitation often consists of psychological therapy, well-being therapy, one-to-one therapy and group therapy.

However, as noted above, the treatment you complete will be dependent upon the results of your admissions assessment.

Irrespective of the treatment you are offered during your time in a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire, you will be provided with 12-months of free aftercare support upon completing your time in rehab.

Aftercare support will encourage you to attend weekly group catch up sessions.  You may also be advised to attend support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Mental Health Treatment Is Available

Regrettably, drug and alcohol addictions often come hand-in-hand with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you are subject to both an addiction and mental health disorder, you will be provided with dual diagnosis treatment upon entering a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire.

Combining addiction treatments, such as detoxification, with mental health treatments, such as psychotherapy, dual diagnosis treatment will enable you to overcome your addiction and alleviate the ramifications of your mental health disorder.

If you have previously been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, we ask you to inform us of this when you make initial contact with us.

In doing so, we can locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire that can cater to both your addiction and mental health disorder.

Contact Us Today To Secure Addiction Treatment

If you are ready to secure addiction treatment, we would ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

Our admissions team are on hand to take your call, listen to you as you discuss your addiction and ensure that you have the support and guidance you need before attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Huntingdonshire.

Our team can also assist you as you consider how to inform your loved ones that your life has become impaired by an addiction.