If you’re suffering from addiction, with mental health issues or a combination both, reach out at Addiction Advocates. We can secure your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex, offering comfort at this testing time.

Unfortunately for many drug and alcohol addicts, this is their reality, carrying a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is where two standalone illnesses, come together, aggravating side effects, heightening diagnoses, and making life just that much harder.

Down to the psychological adaptations taking place through excessive drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, paranoia and further mood disorders are all common. In tandem, living with mental health issues will likely result in the self-medication of drugs and alcohol, causing reliance.

Enabling a dual diagnosis can cause detrimental impacts for the future. With this in mind, sourcing addiction treatment and dual diagnosis treatment is recommended, commonly available through drug and alcohol rehab.


Are you suffering from a dual diagnosis?

Are you consuming drugs or alcohol to block out mental health side effects? Are you experiencing the feelings of depression, anxiety or further vulnerabilities which coincide with your drug and alcohol consumption? While a medical diagnosis will be required, there is a strong likelihood that you’ll be experiencing dual diagnosis.

While this diagnosis may currently be mild, without control and intervention, there is potential for it to cause significant damages to physical and psychological health. Not only this, life can get that much harder by trying to balance the desires of each illness.

No matter how small your cravings or negative feelings may be, it is important that you do source professional addiction support. Through this, a clear diagnosis can be made, helping you move forward. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex, this service is available, not only helping you through addiction recovery but also mental health recovery.

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Rehabilitating from a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex

Rehab is the most feasible, reliable option to consider when aiming to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. While completing this on a local scale in West Sussex may feel strange or impossible, please be aware that this is possible through residential rehab.

At Addiction Advocates, we’ve seen how impactful the right rehab programme can be. Down to this, we can support you with your selection and admission, making drug and alcohol rehabilitation a worthwhile experience, no matter where it may be.

If localised recovery is suitable for your addiction makeup, for your personality, for your response to drug and alcohol treatment, we can push ahead by facilitating your admission. Through this, a reputable, fitting drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex will be highlighted. If you’re however hoping for further distance to embrace drug and alcohol services, this again can be arranged by securing suitability.

In the majority of cases, whether you remain local or not, residential rehab will be encouraged through our affiliated rehab clinics.


The benefits of residential rehab for addiction treatment

Residential rehab is advocated for down to the vast benefits available to committed clients. If you are committed to your impending drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, you can too experience those benefits.

Firstly, it offers a safe, controlled haven to call home while you advance through drug and alcohol treatment options. This environment will provide you with peace, distance and clarity to focus on your intentions through rehab. Attempting this form of recovery via outpatient rehab will be unrealistic. Yet, through residential rehab, you’ll have the platform to thrive through drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Secondly, you will have access to an intense yet personal structure of addiction treatment. Through a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex, you will be welcomed with your own rehab programme, working around your exact needs. For example, if you suffer from mental health issues, dual-diagnosis treatment recommendations will be incorporated into your programme. This level of suitability can boost your experience, leading you sooner towards long-term recovery efforts.

Lastly, one of the key benefits of residential rehab is the care that you will experience. On an around the clock basis you will be cared for by a leading team of medical professionals and addiction specialists. Here you can feel reassured that your physical and psychological health is secure, along with your ability to recover sustainably.

By combining these benefits, you can experience an efficient, strong and comfortable encounter of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, serving you into the future.


Receive expert addiction treatment you need through our affiliated rehabilitation centres

As shared above, one key benefit is that personal rehab programmes are assigned to all clients. With this in mind, you’ll know that high-quality care and consideration is to offer no matter which rehab clinic you select.

Unfortunately, many other withdrawal routes will follow a general rehab programme, most of the time avoiding further avenues of support, while also recommending some unsuitable addiction treatment options on a per-client basis.

Down to this, investing in private care will be highly beneficial, experiencing a tailor-made rehab programme, helping to boost progression. Through this, you will need to complete a stream of physical and psychological addiction treatment options. Yet, the exact combination will be formed on your admission into rehab.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, art therapy, drug and alcohol detox, stress management, relapse prevention and exposure therapy are a few to highlight. Dual-diagnosis treatment is also accessible for those who suffer from mental health issues. Again, providing all opportunities to recover, fitting drug and alcohol treatment services will be assigned through the event of a dual diagnosis.

Understandably, if you are struggling, you may find it difficult to initially warm to the idea of rehab. Yet, to alleviate physical and psychological side effects, influences and damages, rehab is highly encouraged. Reach out to our team to experience our services, helping you find a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex to meet your needs.