When you need help recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to understand all the options available. Residential rehab is a great choice for many people in Ellesmere Port who are looking to get well and stay that way.

Here at Addiction Advocates we provide information on selecting private treatment centers which offer tailored recovery plans with some of the highest success rates possible.

Ellesmere Port is located in South Wirral, just Noth of Chester and South of Birkenhead. Finding treatment options in Ellesmere Port has never been easier through our rehab clinics and provisions set up in the local area to help with drug and alcohol addiction.


The Benefits Of Local Recovery In Ellesmere Port

When seeking treatment in Ellesmere Port for an addiction you may be looking to discover what free treatment services via the NHS are available in the local area. You may be trying a lone detox at home or even looking to stay in a private drug and alcohol rehab just outside the area.

At Addiction Advocates, we recommend an extended stay in a secure rehab facility but also help people find free local resources in your quest to get clean and stop using drugs or alcohol. Know that you will have professional support on your doorstep, and here at Addiction Advocates we can help you to access this support.

Staying local for addiction treatment has the following benefits:

  • You can receive treatment as an outpatient and stay at home
  • Free to carry on with your job and take the kids to school
  • Close to your support network
  • Minimum travel involved

Local treatment is often administered as an outpatient. As an outpatient you will stay in your own home and undertake detox under your own conditions at home. You will receive therapy and detox medications on certain days, where you will need to pop into the clinic to update the health workers on your progress.


Local GP Service Ellesmere Port

Your local GP can advise you on outpatient treatments available in the local area and help set up an appointment with a mental health worker who can asses your mental state before undertaking detox and withdrawal. Local Doctors operating the Ellesmere Port area include:

Old Hall Surgery – 26 Stanney Lane, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 9AD, 0151 355 1191

York Road Practise – York Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 0DB, 0151 355 2112

Wesminster Surgery – 12-18 Church Parade, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 2ER, 0151 355 4864

Whitby Health Partnership – 114 Chester Road, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, Merseyside, CH65 6TG, 0151 355 6144

Great Sutton Medical Centre – Old Chester Road, Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH66 3SP, 0151 339 3126

But please be aware outpatient treatment is very different in approach to staying in a private rehab. In a private rehab you receive 24 hour care and increase the chances of making a full recovery as you will not have all the familiar temptations close by.


When Should I Visit Rehab

The best time to visit a rehab center can vary depending on your specific needs and circumstances. In general, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible after realizing that there is a problem with substance abuse or addiction. The longer an addiction goes untreated, the more difficult it can be to overcome.

That being said, some people may need to take some time to plan and prepare for treatment, such as getting their affairs in order or arranging for childcare. It’s also helpful if you have Support from friends and family, so that it would be easier to continue living a sober life after leaving rehab

Ultimately, the most important thing is to begin the process of seeking help as soon as possible and to work with a treatment centre and create a plan that works for you.


The benefits of a Residential Rehab

Through our referral services here at Addiction Advocates, we can find the most fitting form of rehab, catered around your personal needs in Ellesmere Port. In most cases, for addicts, residential rehab will offer the correct level and form of care, required to promote recovery. Here’s the benefits you can experience by selecting residential rehab via an Ellesmere Port based treatment centre; through our services you will access.

  • Intense streams of addiction treatment
    Firstly, residential rehab allows you to complete an intense range of addiction treatments down to the fact that you reside from your selected clinic. You’ll be observed by medical staff, ensuring that an intense yet safe structure of leading addiction treatments can be completed, known to speed up the rehabilitation process.
  • Around the clock care
    Instead of selecting outpatient rehab in Ellesmere Port, residential rehab will be recommended down to the level of care you will have available. Around the clock guidance, emotional support, motivation and medical intervention is available for you.
  • Personalised rehab programmes
    Since we advocate suitability and personalisation, you will be provided with a personal rehab programme. This will dictate the structure of your rehab stay, including your recommended addiction treatments.
    Some clients will require a strong drug and alcohol detox, while others will need greater streams of therapy. To cater to this, your personal needs will be considered, condensed into a rehab programme.
  • Quicker recovery timeframes
    Down to the fact that you will be completing suitable addiction treatments, at an intense basis, your recovery timeframe will likely be quicker than any other rehab routes. Although a 28-day rehab programme may be recommended, your entire recovery period can be briefer.
  • Mental health support
    Your mental. Health is very important when recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction. Alongside addiction treatment, you will have access to around the clock mental health support via residential rehab.
  • Aftercare services
    Your long-term recovery journey will continue post-rehab. Here is where aftercare services via your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Ellesmere Port can assist you. Aftercare will ensure that you remain sober, that you continue to work on your habits, that you follow healthy lifestyle choices. Although recovery is an ongoing process, residential rehab can prepare you for this, throughout rehab and beyond.

If you have any further questions around your localised recovery options, reach out to our team. We can complete assessments to ensure that you do select the most suitable option. If you do warm towards a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Ellesmere Port, we can push ahead with your admission, as soon as you’re ready to recover.