Sadly, this has seen the number of drug-related deaths escalate.

If you have become reliant on drugs and see no way out of the vicious cycle that your addiction has imposed on you, seeking treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Fife is in your best interest.

Although the thought of discussing your addiction and entering rehab in Fife may leave you feeling uneasy and anxious, failure to secure support could cost you your life.

If you are ready to consider the benefits of attending rehab and the treatment that a drug and alcohol rehab in Fife can provide, we would encourage you to reach out to us. At Addiction Advocates, we can assist you in securing treatment and a place at a suitable drug and alcohol rehab.


The Drug Addictions That A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Fife Can Provide Treatment For

Coming to terms with the fact that you are battling a drug addiction can be difficult. You will likely question whether there is treatment available for you to take advantage of and whether you will indeed be able to overcome your addiction.

If this resonates with you, we hope to put your mind at ease. At Addiction Advocates, we can confirm that irrespective of the substance you have become addicted to, there is treatment available for you to take advantage of.

We refer individuals that live in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom for treatment at suitable drug and alcohol rehabs for the following addictions;

  • Prescription drugs addictions
  • Cannabis addictions
  • Cocaine addictions
  • Heroin addictions


The Consequences of Deferring Treatment

As you consider contacting us, you may question whether you actually need to seek treatment for your drug addiction. You may not believe that your addiction is severe enough for treatment, and you may even believe that you can stop taking drugs on your own, should you wish to.

At Addiction Advocates, we come across a number of individuals that have had similar thoughts to the above. As a result, they have deferred seeking the treatment that they need. However, we must reiterate that if an addiction is present, treatment is vital.

Failure to seek treatment can result in a plethora of negative consequences and irreversible ramifications. For example, the longer treatment is deferred for, the more significant the side effects felt will be.

If treatment is sought in the early stages of a drug addiction, many of the short term side effects felt can be alleviated. However, if treatment is not sought, the short term side effects experienced will eventually cause several long term side effects to arise.

While treatment can help reduce the overall impact that the side effects may have, regrettably, the long term side effects of drug addictions are often irreversible.

In addition to the long term ramifications that are often experienced when treatment is deferred, avoiding seeking treatment can cause a great deal of harm to your physical and psychological well-being.

The short term side effects of drug addictions mostly include increased anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and risk of encountering mental health disorders such as depression and even schizophrenia.

Sadly, this will mean that when treatment is finally sought for a drug addiction, a dual diagnosis will be required. This will enable you to overcome your addiction and mitigate the impact that a mental health disorder has had. This may see you need treatment for a more significant period.

While you may not realise it, deferring treatment can also cause your relationships with your loved ones and friends to crumble. As your addiction intensifies, they will have likely done everything in their power to support you.

However, the behavioural side effects of your addiction may cause you to push them away. You may have even isolated yourself from them completely.

Although this is not your intention and is the result of how your addiction controls your thoughts and actions, it could still have lasting effects. However, seeking treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Fife will allow you to repair relationships and make amends.


The Admissions Process

When the time is right for you to approach a drug or alcohol rehab in Fife, gaining an understanding of the admissions process can minimise the overwhelming thoughts and feelings you may encounter. With this in mind, we have shared what an admission process typically consists of here.


Telephone Assessment and Discussion with our Admissions Team

The first stage in the admissions process consists of a telephone assessment and discussion with our admissions team. This assessment will allow us to understand your addiction and uncover the treatment you may require.


A Suitable Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Fife Will Be Located

With an understanding of your addiction, we will locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Fife that can cater to your addiction and recovery needs.


A Reservation Will Be Made

If you are happy with the chosen rehab, a reservation will be made to secure your place at the rehab. You will then be provided with an admission date.


Attend The Chosen Rehab In Fife

Once you have obtained an admission date, you will be welcomed to the chosen rehab in Fife to commence treatment.


Complete a Doctors Assessment

Before commencing treatment, you will complete another assessment, this time with a doctor at your chosen rehab.


Commence Treatment

Upon completing the assessment with medical staff, a treatment programme will be devised, and you will begin treatment.


Contact Us Today and Secure the Treatment You Need

From controlling your every waking moment to harming your physical and psychological health, if you are struggling with a drug addiction, you must seek support from a drug and alcohol rehab.

If you are ready to overcome your addiction, move on with your life and secure a substance-free future, please contact us today.

With the help of our admissions team and recovery specialists, we can ensure that you secure the treatment you need from a drug and alcohol rehab in Fife.