We provide unique, and completely individualised residential drug and alcohol rehab.

We have helped thousands of people across the United Kingdom to succeed in their recovery, and our drug and alcohol treatments are available in the Riverside area.

Our residential rehabilitation programmes offer you our own room, affording you privacy as you undergo addiction treatment that involves detoxification and therapies. This will help you completely break your dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Our view, and that of science, is that drug rehab and alcohol rehab is more effective when it takes place in residential rehab centres instead of somebody trying to overcome an addiction by themselves at home.

By taking a step away from your life with a 28-day commitment to one of our residential rehab centres, you are able to escape from negative influences and distractions to focus on your recovery, and be surrounded by our compassionate and knowledgeable team around the clock.

Rehab in Riverside

If a drug addiction or alcohol addiction is not treated, it will only deepen and worsen over time. You might still not be convinced that you require addiction treatment, you might be trying to convince yourself that you can stop your consumption whenever you choose, or that you don’t drink enough alcohol or take enough drugs to warrant professional intervention.

If this seems familiar to you, this is because it’s a common concern. However, Addiction Advocates can help you to determine the severity of your addiction and to reassure you that no concern, no matter how small, is to be ignored.

We completely understand that it’s difficult to admit that you need help, and acceptance is one of the hardest stages in rehabilitation. Many addicts will do all they can to maintain the appearance of an ordinary life. This might work on the surface, but the consequences of this can be grave.

Many addicts speak of embarrassment or shame at asking for help, but this should not be the case – asking for help is a show of strength.

If you commit to addiction treatment, you are taking responsibility for your physical and mental health and your recovery – you will be rewarded with a new perspective on life upon leaving our care as a different person.

Rehab centres suffer from an image problem on occasion due to the gritty portrayal of them in movies and on television. Our rehab centre in Riverside is a comfortable, safe and relaxed environment that allows you to completely focus on your recovery goals. Our staff are here to provide you with all the required information, tools, support and motivation to help you on your journey.

Taking a step away from your everyday life is a significant ask, but our residential rehab centre in Riverside will be a perfect environment for you to immerse yourself in your recovery.

How Rehab works

Whilst our rehab in Riverside is set in a comfortable and relaxing environment, you are going to have to show some determination and put in some hard work. Most of our clients require their treatment programme to begin in our detox clinic.

Detoxification focuses on breaking your dependency on drugs or alcohol, and managing the withdrawal symptoms that your body will likely experience at this time.

We carefully taper away your access to the substance to which you are addicted, slowly at first before gradually altering to no consumption. This is an uncomfortable and painful part of your rehab.

Our staff will monitor your progress around the clock and take all precautions necessary in order to guarantee your safety. They can also issue you with prescription medication to alleviate any discomfort you might be experiencing.

Detox is a hard process and we absolutely do not recommend this is done at home on a DIY basis. This is because some of the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and if you are alone, you could cause serious harm to yourself despite having the best intentions.

When your detox has been completed, you will be able to shift your focus to the rest of your rehabilitation. Your therapies allow us to concentrate on the psychological, social and emotional impacts of your drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

Our wide-ranging therapy sessions will help you to address concerns you have, and provide context for the reason you developed an addiction in the first place. These sessions will give you all the tools, information, and perspective you require for a long-term recovery.

Group therapy in particular has proven to be effective, though some addicts need coaxing into the group environment as it may appear quite daunting at first. Group therapy allows you to fully appreciate you are not the only one suffering with an addiction and others are experiencing the exact same problems.

Verbally acknowledging the problems you’re experiencing is helpful, and many of our clients have spoken of developing support groups as a result of their time in therapy, which is invaluable for support after your time at Addiction Advocates has been completed.

Rehab UK Aftercare

Upon completion of your treatment, we will create an aftercare plan before you leave our care. Everything will have been put in place for your long-term recovery, but you will need to take responsibility for your actions when you leave our care.

Your aftercare will involve regular follow up sessions, access to a 24/7 helpline dedicated to help you if you are struggling with your sobriety, and contact details for support groups in the Riverside area.

If you want to take control of your addiction, or you are worried about the welfare of a friend, loved one or colleague, then why not contact Addiction Advocates today?

We are here for you 24 hours a day if you call 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222. We are ready to help you through these difficult times and into a new life free of addiction.