You need to reach out for help and ensure that you get the treatment that you require.

It is important that you get help for addiction, and rehabilitation is essential. The disease of addiction can completely take over your life if you do not stand up to it.

The first step is accepting you have a problem and seeking help for it, and we appreciate that this can be challenging.

You should talk to someone that you trust about your issues with drugs or alcohol and tell them that you want to take steps to take back control of your life. Your friend or loved one will be able to make an appointment for you if you feel unable to take this approach.

You should not struggle alone, in silence. Overcoming an addiction is a long and difficult journey, but with help from Addiction Advocates, you will have all the help, advice and support you require to make this happen.

As soon as you notice yourself losing control of the number of drugs you take or alcohol that you drink, you should seek professional help. In our rehab centre in Elmbridge, we have professionals who will help you with your recovery.

Whether you are a long-time addict, or you’re experiencing recurring symptoms, Addiction Advocates are here to help you.

If you call us today on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222, we can assess your situation over the telephone and issue you with immediate, practical advice to begin your journey to recovery.


How Addiction Advocates can help

We are a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre that offer drug rehab and alcohol rehab in the Elmbridge area.

Our addiction therapists will be able to guide you through your rehabilitation, detoxification, and therapies in order to ensure we can help you to wrest back control from any addiction.


The Benefits of Residential Rehab

A 28-day commitment to residential rehab can put some people off, but there are numerous benefits. Private, residential rehab allows you to be admitted immediately.

There are no waiting lists for our rehab centres, and you can be seen instantly. Being in residential rehab removes you from the stresses of your life, and also puts distance from negative influences, whether that be places or people, who would otherwise cause you to abuse drugs or alcohol.

If we identify any underlying mental health concerns, we can give dual diagnosis addiction treatment. This allows your mental health issues to be addressed at the same time as your addiction as the two often go hand in hand.

You will also be able to spend long periods of time with addiction treatment specialists, ensuring a consistent approach. A period of rehab in our comfortable and safe surroundings is the best way to tackle an addiction.

There are options in the Elmbridge area for free treatment via the NHS and local charity solutions. Your GP can refer you to NHS services when you wish to seek help. However, using these treatment solutions does have drawbacks.

Due to unprecedented government cutbacks to addiction treatment funding over the last decade, waiting lists for this kind of service are long. You may find yourself waiting for months and unable to receive the immediate help that you may require.

But if you want to receive help from Addiction Advocates, we have specialist staff ready to help you straight away. We understand that cost is a concern, but we will work within your budget to deliver the addiction treatment that you require.



You will need to undergo a period of detox as part of your rehab. This is in order to break your dependency on drugs or alcohol. It is an unpleasant experience but is an essential part of your addiction treatment.

It is not recommended that you attempt a DIY detox at home. Many of our clients have tried this but have been unsuccessful, which has resulted in additional self esteem issues.

Most people attempt to go “cold turkey” but this causes a significant shock to the body and exacerbates withdrawal symptoms.

When you’re trying to detox at home, it is also all too easy to cave in and a self-imposed detox rarely lasts more than a few days. There is very limited success and it is also unsafe because of the withdrawal experiences you will encounter.

A detox at Addiction Advocates is medically assisted, allowing you to receive prescription drugs to alleviate the discomfort you might be experiencing due to withdrawal symptoms.

You may be in the detox part of your addiction treatment for as long as two weeks depending upon the extent of your addiction and the substance you’re addicted to.

When your detox has been completed, you will undergo therapies that will not only treat your addiction but also identify and treat the reasons why you became addicted in the first place.

This is often linked to the aforementioned, undiagnosed mental health condition but the reasons for an addiction developing are wide in scope and no person, or addiction, is the same. You will undergo therapy on both an individual and group basis.

Before you leave our care, we will create a dedicated aftercare plan that involves regular follow up sessions, introducing you to local support groups in the Elmbridge area and access to a 24-hour helpline.

You will be provided with all the tools you need for a life of sobriety and a plan to ensure that you keep to everything you’ve learned.


Treatment available immediately

If you have been searching the internet for “rehab near me” or “Rehab UK” it could well be that you feel it is time to do something about your drug or alcohol addiction.

If that’s the case, then Addiction Advocates are ready and waiting to help. Why not call us today for a no obligation conversation about your concerns?