If you’re searching for a rehabilitation centre that can help you achieve long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, then search no more.

Here at Addiction Advocates, our rehab in Tunbridge Wells can offer you a bespoke addiction treatment programme, a dedicated support network, and highly effective, evidence-based therapies to treat alcohol or drug addiction.

The longer you live with drug and alcohol abuse, the more you’re damaging yourself physically and psychologically and overall well-being, and the well-being of those around you. Addiction can destroy your meaningful relationships with loved ones, damage your career and ruin your finances.

Don’t let drug and alcohol abuse destroy your entire life. Contact our rehab in Tunbridge Wells today to begin your journey to long-term recovery. You can call us on 0800 012 6088, text HELP to 83222, or email us at info@addictionadvocates.com.


What is it like at rehab for drugs or alcohol in Tunbridge Wells?

For some reason, there are many misconceptions around rehabilitation centres. Some people believe rehab to be exclusively for high profile, rich people or others think of rehab as a clinical, cold environment; neither of these are true. Our rehabilitation centre has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We welcome people from all walks of life into our rehab and treat each case with the utmost care, compassion, and discretion.

Each of our clients benefits from the privacy of their own room, home-style meals, with all their housekeeping needs to be taken care of, leaving you with only one thing to focus on, achieving your long-term recovery from alcohol or drugs.

Our rehab centre is a safe haven to recover from addiction to alcohol or drugs, you can be sure that you’ll receive the highest quality treatments, facilities, and support from us.

Once you’ve made initial contact with our drug and alcohol rehab, we can discuss the various treatment and therapy options on offer and discuss the pre-screening assessment.

This process is there to ensure your safety prior to joining our rehabilitation centre and to also help us to design the most beneficial treatment programme curated to your specific needs.

Within each treatment programme, we include a carefully selected combination of psychological and well-being therapies to ensure that each client receives a holistic approach to their addiction treatment.

These could include cognitive behavioural therapy (also known as CBT), stress management, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, individual, group or family counselling, bereavement counselling, mental health support, mindfulness, yoga, relaxation and sleep management, low-level laser therapy, art therapy, fitness therapy, and nutritional therapy.

Prior to beginning the above therapies, we’re likely to recommend that you visit our detox clinic.

Undergoing a full drug and alcohol detox is the most effective way to remove the destructive chemicals from your body professionally managed environment. Attempting an at-home detox without a professional recovery team can be extremely dangerous, even fatal.

As withdrawal symptoms are likely to present themselves, you could be faced with nausea, headaches, dizziness, even seizures, insomnia, or delirium tremens. Therefore, it’s critical that you only undergo detox in a recognised rehabilitation centre like ours in Tunbridge Wells.


What are the benefits of our drug and alcohol rehab?

Whilst there are a few different ways to receive addiction treatment, joining a residential programme at a private drug and alcohol rehab has long proven to produce the greatest rates of success in achieving a recovery long-term, particularly when compared with outpatient treatment or free treatment through the NHS.

One of the primary reasons for the higher success rates from staying at a residential treatment centre is because you are removing yourself from your usual routine and any temptations or negative influences which are likely to be present in homelife. This then gives you the convenience to purely focus on accomplishing your goal or recovery without any distractions.

Our expert team are extremely dedicated and are all medically trained in addiction treatment, many of them have even overcome drug and alcohol abuse themselves so have a unique insight into what you’re going through.

They promote positive energy with a personable and relaxed approach which helps our clients to feel more comfortable throughout the duration of their stay.

We’re very proud of the safe and recovery-focused environment which we’ve created at our rehab in Tunbridge Wells. We’ve helped countless people win their battle against drug and alcohol abuse; we hope that we can help you next.


There’s no time to waste

Over the years, we’ve seen first-hand just how destructive drug and alcohol abuse can be, not only to yourself but to everyone involved in your life. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your addiction can have a significant impact on your loved one’s well-being.

Each person will have had a unique experience into how they first became addicted, therefore it’s unrealistic to expect a ‘one treatment fits all’ approach to work. This is why it’s essential to follow a personalised addiction treatment programme if you want to live your life free from alcohol or drugs once and for all.

Our recovery workers can help you to identify the underlying reasons behind your drug and alcohol abuse, allowing you to recognise your triggers and prevent any relapses before they occur.

At our renowned rehabilitation centre, we’re a step ahead of the rest. We can provide unique insights into your addiction by studying your behavioural patterns whilst utilising the latest addiction treatment methods.

Beginning our top-class rehabilitation programme will allow you to recover both physically and psychologically from drug and alcohol abuse. With our revolutionary treatment services, exceptional team, and high-specification facilities, there’s nowhere better for you to go to overcome your addiction.

If you want to create a happy, healthy future to look forward to, join us at a drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells; we’re confident that we can help you achieve your long-term recovery goals.

Get in touch with us today on 0800 012 6088, text HELP to 83222, or email us at info@addictionadvocates.com.