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Further Information

Recently established London based service Addiction Advocates is a referral service designed to help those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions as well as mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Our admissions team help individuals received the best quality treatment that suits their needs by working closely with a number of CQC registered rehabilitation clinics located throughout the United Kindom.

What Clinics Do We Work With?

The team at Addiction Advocates has access to a large network of leading CQC and NHS approved rehabilitation clinics located throughout the United Kingdom.

This means that we are able to offer services such as drug and alcohol rehab to all areas throughout the country. Along with this we can also ensure that any particular requirements can be met when arranging for appropriate treatment.

What Treatments Do We Offer

We can provide treatments for a number of addiction and mental health conditions, see below list of some of the most essential treatments we are able to offer.

Addiction Treatments:

Mental Health Treatments

How Does The Service Work?

To receive help from us all you need to do is call our 24-hour confidential helpline and speak to one of our experienced admission team members who will be able to provide information and advice on the best action to take based on what problem yourself or a loved one is dealing with.

Our team will also arrange full admission into the clinic that is deemed right based on individual circumstances, and this will mean that we can help make sure that you are receiving treatment and therapies that are best suited to your issue in order to achieve recovery.

We are able to advise the clinic on what sort of treatment may be needed as bespoke programmes may be more advisable depending on budget and circumstances.

All our advisors have considerable knowledge and expertise on treatments for addiction and mental health conditions and what is needed to overcome them in order to achieve long-lasting recovery.

Get in touch with our team today to find out what sort of help we can provide you or a loved one.

What We Offer

Free Telephone Assessment

This is done to assess what sort of help is needed so we can recommend an addiction treatment service that can provide the best help possible.

All calls are strictly confidential and are carried out by a trained healthcare professional.

No obligation recommendations are made after a full assessment of yourself or loved ones situation is fully made.

Recommendations include specialist addiction treatment programmes in CQC regulated facilities based throughout the UK.

If you are unable to afford private treatment then public healthcare and charities would also be recommended to you.

How We Can Support You

We have a large number of helpful services available to help give you the best possible support when it comes to dealing with addiction.

Just some of the services we can offer includes:

  • Free confidential telephone assessment
  • Recommending CQC regulated residential addiction treatment providers
  • Arranging for an intervention, if needed
  • Insights into how different therapies and evidence based treatments work
  • How detoxification works and what is the most safest option
  • What type of rehab and detox programmes would be best suited for yourself or loved one
  • Recommendations of the best providers in your area

Why Choose Us?

We can help take the stress out of finding an addiction treatment provider by recommending only the best options available that fully suits your criteria.

The help and advice we can provide includes making sure that your journey towards recovery is one that can definitely be achieved.

Taking the step towards recovery can be incredibly tough but we are here to put your concerns at ease by giving you insights into the safety of undertaking residential addiction treatment and how it can put you on the path towards long lasting recovery from addiction.

Our team of advisors have extensive experience and knowledge about the subject of addiction and the treatment provided so if you have any questions then they will be more than happy to help.

Get started today by calling our friendly team today on 0800 012 6088.

How We Help

Finding the right treatment for your addiction can be difficult this is why we have created a service which takes the stress away which can be a massive relief when dealing with an addiction.
Self Referrals
Self Referrals
Suffering with an addiction and being alone can be a horrific scenario for many. Whether you have a drug or alcohol addiction, we're here to help.
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Family Referrals
Family Referrals
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Help a Relative
Friend Referrals
Friend Referrals
Are you worried that a friend’s alcohol or drug consumption has become out of control? For many individuals, substance abuse starts unintentionally…
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