Overcoming your denial is the first and often most important step in the long road to recovery and once you’ve taken this step its imperative that you seek help as quickly as you can.

You may feel as though you’re in control of your addiction, but the truth is you’re not. Your addiction will keep increasing its demand until your life is solely focused on your next fix, despite the harm it is causing your mind and body.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we can provide you with a safe and supportive space in which to receive your addiction treatment to achieve you long-term recovery goals.

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Benefits of Rehab

Addiction is defined as something you do that you have no control over and which keeps increasing, despite the harm it is causing you. This addiction will create a powerful influence over your brain and will end up isolating you from all the people that care about you.

Mental health and addiction go hand in hand, as mental health issues can be the cause and be caused by addiction. Due to this, recovery from addiction is not as simple as a detox at home.

You may have already attempted to detox at home, maybe with friends also suffering from substance misuse, or you’re thinking of giving it a go.

We would strongly advise against t his and urge you to seek rehab at a rehabilitation centre. The benefits of attending a rehabilitation centre for your treatment, in particular a residential addiction treatment centre, include:

• Round the clock care
• Expert professional care
• Peer support
• Medically supervised detoxification
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Treatment (CBT)
• Range of holistic therapies
• Meals provided
• Safe and supportive environment
• Luxury accommodation
• Group activities and outings
Relapse Prevention Plan

Why should I seek Professional help?

You may be considering to attempt a detox at home, with friends or on your own. It may seem like a fairly straight forward procedure, however it should not be attempted without medical supervision.

Drug or alcohol detox, depending on the length and severity of your addiction, can cause a whole range of withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms usually occur as you slowly reduce the level of consumption, as your body is readjusting to the lower levels of the substance creating these withdrawal symptoms. It’s likely that you may encounter some of the following symptoms:

  • Increased anxiety and/or depression
  • Shakiness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Hallucinations
  • Problems sleeping
  • Sweating
  • Seizures

Since every person is different, it’s never possible to predict which symptoms you may experience and how severe they will be, which is why professional supervision is a must. At a rehabilitation centre, prescription drugs can be administered for those experiencing more extreme symptoms.

The only way to sustain long-term recovery is to treat your mind, as well as your body. If you just complete a detox, chances are that when life becomes difficult you’ll fall straight back into your old habits.

With professional therapeutic help you can create the root causes of your addiction and learn to manage those cravings in daily life.

Rehab in Gosport

If you’re searching for ‘rehab near me’, chances are you’re ready to commit to your recovery, but searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Gosport can be a daunting task, with all the options you’ll face.

The first decision you’ll have to make when it comes to rehab is whether you want to opt for outpatient treatment, or inpatient, sometimes known as residential, treatment.

The main difference eying that with residential treatment you’ll live onsite at the rehabilitation centre throughout the duration of your treatment. Now you may be thinking that you’d prefer to stay at home whilst receiving treatment, but the space can actually be highly beneficial.

Having a geographical distance between yourself and your daily life can often provide you with the reflective space in which to recover.

If you’re trying to undergo treatment whilst surrounded by the negative influences that drive your addiction, you’re going to be facing temptation everyday, making your recovery extremely difficult and prone to relapse.


Sometimes leaving the rehabilitation centre after successful completing your drug and alcohol rehab can be the most daunting step to take, which is why we’ll complete with you a Relapse Prevention Plan.

We also provide after care programme to help support you through the first twelve months after rehab, which is the most challenging time where relapse is most likely to occur.

As part of the after care programme, we’ll introduce you to local support groups, such as Alcoholic Anonymous or Narcotics, to probed you with the peer support you’ll need when times become more difficult.

If you’re experiencing difficulties readjusting to family life, our rebuilding your relationships, we can also provide family therapy sessions to help you all adjust to life post-rehab.

Perhaps you’re struggling with finding work, or sorting through all your finances, whatever difficulties you faced, we can provide guidance and support to help you rebuild your life.

It’s important that you find positive and healthy choices to fill your time after rehab. Addiction, surprisingly, takes up a lot of your time, so you’ll find that all of a sudden you’ll have an abundance of time on your hands.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to take back control of your life and commit to your long-term recovery, then we can help you.

Remember, it’s never too early to seek help for your addiction, but it can be too late, if your addiction takes your life. The longer you put off seeking help, the more your addiction and health will worsen, so ask for help today and start your journey to long-term recovery.

Take the plunge and contact our friendly and supportive team today. We’ll help you to rebuild your life and relationships again.


Understanding Addiction



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