Treatment via drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar is continuously in demand. Surprisingly, addiction rates are high in the Middle East, even with stringent regulations in place, across drug and alcohol consumption.

Although help is available, there’s such a grave stigma attached to addiction. Such negative outlooks understandably make it harder for addicts to recover locally, instead of making use of alternative treatment options.

We at Addiction Advocates can help you access addiction support and treatment, beyond Qatar. Via our affiliation of UK based rehab clinics, we can help you recover privately and peacefully, away from judgment and influence.

By getting to know your needs, we can arrange your referral, your rehab programme, and your entire recovery experience. Reach out to share your needs, to work through your drug and alcohol problems.

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Private Drug and Alcohol Support

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar is possible, as services are available. They are, in fact, in demand, as addiction rates are high across the country. However, it’s natural to feel put off by local rehab, especially in areas where addiction is treated as a taboo subject.

You may also worry about remaining in Qatar, for treatment, down to the regulations that are attached to substance abuse. It’s justifiable to protect your freedom. Yet this will unfortunately jeopardise your health.

By instead considering a private drug and alcohol rehab here in the UK, you can protect both your privacy and wellbeing. Whilst the stigma of addiction is widespread, you’ll be protected and compassionately cared for through private rehab. Your health will also be prioritised, which will naturally improve through addiction recovery.

At Addiction Advocates, we’re passionate about helping our clients find the most suitable and private programmes of rehab. Let our team help you through the referral process.


The Referral Process

Reaching out to our team, for more information or for immediate support will indicate your interest. At this point, we can run through your available treatment options, and/or potentially press ahead with your admission.

From here, once you’re ready, we will work towards your referral. To reach this point, we will need to complete a pre-admissions assessment, to gauge your personal needs and circumstances.

We will require details of your budget, your available time and your current circumstances when leaving Qatar. We will also consider your wellbeing, mental health, and addiction type. All information will be invaluable to support our recommendations.

Our recommendations will follow, by searching for and finding a suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinic. From our CQC registered affiliation, an accommodating centre will be recommended for you to reside in, here in the UK.

Your referral can be processed, where your place will be reserved, and your admissions date will be set. Arrangements will then be made to conveniently relocate you from Qatar, ready for rehab.


What’s on offer through Rehab?

A wide variety of support, treatment and value is offered through rehab. All will be delivered on an inpatient basis for you. By checking into a rehab clinic, you’ll have continuous access to treatment and professional support, following a tailored programme.

Your programme will include a detox process, to remove drugs and alcohol from your body. It will also include a variety of therapy sessions, to help ease the mental strain of addiction. You’ll also experience supportive services, to help you plan for post-rehab life.

Planning will focus on relapse prevention and how to maintain a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. Guidance will also be provided on how to manoeuvre through daily life, whilst newly sober.

Additional treatments will also be on offer through inpatient rehab, to improve your mental health, wellbeing, and overall outlook on life. Each step will benefit your future in Qatar, by reducing drugs, alcohol, and their desirability.


How long does Rehab last?

By visiting an inpatient rehab clinic, your programme will last 30 days. This is the optimal time to recover from addiction, where intense and consistent services are offered.

30 days is the average time that it takes to diminish old habits, whilst forming new, sober intentions. Progress will be made through this timeframe, ready for your return home.

Addiction recovery is however for the long-term, which is why 12 months of aftercare will also be offered. For ease, aftercare will be provided via a drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar, including support group and therapy sessions.


The cost of Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab reasonably costs more than outpatient care. Yet its value is worth it, offering a proactive and safe recovery process. Its cost will depend on your personal needs and the contents of your own programme.

It’s also important to be mindful that your relocation will impact the cost of inpatient rehab. Yet this is something we will factor in when considering your initial budget.

To run through your personal needs, contact our team. We can then consider your available options, to decide between a UK referral or an admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar. We’re here to arrange and facilitate both, whilst offering reliable, specialist advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring with me to Rehab?
When entering rehab, it’s encouraged to bring with you your personal items, such as prescriptions and hygiene products. Yet there are some prohibited items, such as electronic devices, unprescribed drugs, alcohol, weapons, and anything inappropriate. On admission into rehab, you’ll be provided with thorough guidance on what to bring.
How do you deal with withdrawal symptoms?
Withdrawal symptoms are normal yet can understandably be tough to work through. By completing a medically assisted detox, symptoms can be managed through replacement drugs and further treatments. It’s always encouraged to detox with medical support, as withdrawal symptoms can be damaging to physical and psychological health.
Can I refer a family member to Rehab?
You can complete a family and friend referral, which we offer here at Addiction Advocates. This will start the process. Yet your loved one will need to accept the referral in order to access rehab.