Private drug and alcohol rehab is proven to be the most effective recovery process. Both accommodating and safe, it offers each client a personal process to complete, from admission to aftercare.

Available through inpatient and outpatient programmes, private rehab is recommended to treat different types and severities of addiction. Private rehab fully respects personal needs and wants by tailoring each treatment, each outlet of support, and each part of the recovery timeline.

There are many benefits linked to private rehab services, from the urgency of admission to the offered quality of care. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to experience the same level and pace of progress through publicly funded services.

Find and commit to the right private rehab experience, for your needs, with our help at Addiction Advocates. We can work to your budget, diagnosis, and expectations whilst finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Jarrow, both suitable and available.

Recover through the most private, effective rehab process by reaching out.

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Private drug and alcohol treatment options

Through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Jarrow, you’ll have two treatment options to decide between. Both offer the benefits of privacy, urgent admission, help throughout the recovery process, and tailored programmes. Yet, each is designed to benefit different lifestyles and timeframes to make private rehab accessible.

Inpatient treatment is the first option, where you’ll need to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Jarrow. You’ll live and recover from your chosen facility, with everything you’ll need to hand to feel comfortable and at home. Support will be available 24/7, you’ll have your team to rely on, and you’ll also have other services to benefit from. Inpatient treatment can be completed in as little as 30 days, as it is structured and progressive, suiting time-sensitive patients.

Outpatient treatment is the second option, where you’ll visit rehab weekly to complete pre-arranged treatment sessions. Support will also be available, along with additional resources to help you recover from home. As it’s a longer process, structured over several months, it’s ideal for those who cannot commit to residential care.

Private rehab is flexible and will accommodate your health, budget, available time, and the level of support you require to benefit from rehab.


Finding treatment in Jarrow

To experience inpatient or outpatient treatment, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Jarrow will be the first step. It’s encouraged to look for a registered centre under the CQC, and that’s also a specialist in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Our private clinics are professional and operate to such standards.

It’s also recommended that you understand and prioritise your needs throughout your search. You must consider your budget, your health, your addiction type and how you’ll best recover. Through our admissions process, we will assess your needs to recommend the most suitable rehab clinic confidently.

We will also offer advice on the most effective treatment programme, either inpatient or outpatient. Yet final decisions are up to you, followed and arranged through your admission into rehab.


Medical detoxification

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is part of the recovery process. Both will need to be eliminated from the picture to reach sobriety.

The safest way to eliminate drugs and alcohol from the body is to complete a medical detox process. A medical team will observe the withdrawal process to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout.

Drug and alcohol levels will naturally lower, usually resulting in withdrawal symptoms. This is how your body will respond to the shock of withdrawal. It is a natural reaction, yet best managed with medical support.


Therapy and relapse prevention planning

Therapy is a follow-on treatment, post-detox, which is very important to work through. It helps to heal the mind whilst strengthening it for long-term recovery.

Through your rehab programme, varying types of therapy will be recommended. Based on your personal needs and your addiction symptoms, therapy will have a range of different roles to play.

Commonly recommended therapies include cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and motivational therapy.

Relapse prevention planning works very well alongside therapy, as it also helps to strengthen the mind. It offers reassurance and confidence in achieving and remaining sober. It’s imperative to plan for any possible disruptions, which is why relapse prevention planning is an invaluable step of rehab. You’ll be armed with personal coping strategies and preventive actions to work through post-rehab life.

All forms of treatment and therapy will be available through inpatient and outpatient programmes. Yet will reasonably last longer through outpatient care and will be more intense through inpatient care.


12 months of local aftercare

Private rehab is invaluable as it offers handheld support from your admission through to aftercare. Via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Jarrow, 12 months of free aftercare will be provided.

Aftercare services will be tailored to your recovery goals and your lifestyle. Most clients complete ongoing support groups and therapy sessions. Yet depending on your needs, additional treatment may be beneficial.

Encouraged for the follow-on support that it offers, aftercare is something to make use of, as it’s found to ease post-rehab life.

At Addiction Advocates, we can ensure that you experience the full effectiveness of private rehab. By finding the most suitable rehab clinic and programme, you’ll have a road to recovery to follow, with confidence in mind. Reach out to feel confident about your drug and alcohol-free future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring with me to rehab?
Prior to your admission into rehab, you’ll be provided with full guidance on what to expect, the process that’s ahead, and the type of items that you’ll need to prepare. You’ll be advised to bring personal items of clothing, hygiene and beauty products, any prescribed medications, emergency contact details and anything that will make your time comfortable. There are some prohibited items, which you should avoid, such as drugs and alcohol, weapons, food, and electronics.
How do you deal with withdrawal symptoms?
Withdrawal symptoms can be tough to work through. Physical and psychological symptoms can develop through the detoxification process. Through rehab, medical support will be provided to manage symptoms. Replacement medications and coping techniques will be recommended to make the withdrawal process a comfortable and pain-free experience.
Can I refer a family member to treatment?
Yes, you can complete a family and friend referral into rehab. Your loved one must accept this referral in order to access treatment and support. Yet your actions can help to get the ball rolling.