What can begin as a few nights out in Stow Hill for drinks, or maybe trying cocaine for the 1st time with university friends, can, unfortunately, develop into a more serious habit.

If you need to receive treatment for substance misuse and want more on what Newport drug services are available in the area, we are here to help at Addiction Advocates.

We have treatment centres that can help you overcome addiction through outpatient programmes and also through a more intensive stay in a residential rehab centre.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Newport

An outpatient programme is an addiction service where you recover from addiction at home, with occasional visits to local groups for ongoing support.

Your GP in Newport can recommend an outpatient programme and these can be accessed through NHS services. For individuals suffering from mild addictions who do not need intensive professional help, outpatient addiction services can be very convenient.

You can still go to work or University and will not need an extended stay outside the community, but they also have drawbacks. If you suffer from a chronic dependency to a substance, simply staying at home and trying to quit drug and alcohol consumption can be very challenging.

The treatment options are also limited compared to private addiction treatment, where you also access individual counselling to help treat any mental health issues accompanying your drug or alcohol abuse.

Staying in a Residential Rehab

You will work through a personalised recovery programme when you stay in a private rehab facility as an inpatient.

Inpatient treatment centres provide 24 hour medical support whilst you work through a drug detox, and then you will begin a range of therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy.

You can increase your chances of making a full recovery by removing yourself from your current environment for treatment. You will not be surrounded by any temptations in residential rehab and be well catered for with your own room, healthy meals and a much wider range of treatment options.

Community Resources

You can also access free community resources in Newport to also help you achieve long-term recovery. Both alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous have weekly meetings in Newport you can attend for group therapy and practical advice.

After a stay in a drug or alcohol rehab, community services are a valuable resource in helping to keep on course with your personal recovery goals.

Cost of Rehab in Newport

The cost of rehab in Newport can vary depending on the programme and facility. Outpatient treatment can be free and accessed through NHS services and hospital admissions if you have a severe situation.

If you wish to stay in residential rehab and receive a tailored programme, you will need to pay. Our nearest rehab centre by Newport costs around £3,000 for a full 7-day programme.


How Long Should You Stay in Rehab?

The length of time a person should stay in rehab depends on several factors, including the severity of their drug addiction or alcohol addiction, their personal circumstances, and the type of rehab program they are participating in.

For people with a long history of drug and alcohol consumption and who have developed a chronic illness, we recommend 28 days of inpatient care in a rehab facility.

In the admissions process, our dedicated staff will communicate a recommended timeframe. This is also important so you can advise family members on the amount of time you will be away and make any arrangements for things such as childcare if you are a parent.


Accessing Rehab in Newport

If you are looking for an alcohol or drug rehab centre that can provide you with the help you need to overcome your substance abuse, Accessing drug and alcohol rehab centres in Newport with us is a perfect choice.

We offer various programs tailored to meet each client’s needs and are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of care possible.

Our rehab centre is near Newport, and we offer several different programmes, including:

We also offer several different therapies and treatments, including:

Our team of experienced and qualified therapists will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that will best meet your needs. We understand that each individual is unique, and we will work with you to create a tailored plan for you. We are committed to helping our clients achieve long-term sobriety to live happy, healthy lives.


Visiting Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newport

If you’re ready to make a change, we are here to guide you at Addiction Advocates, ensuring that you can secure and visit a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Newport.

By fitting, we mean a rehab centre that can offer you the time, the care, the stream of alternative addiction treatments necessary for you personally, and further services to improve your well-being.

We work with a range of rehab clinics through our rehab referral service, acting as our affiliation.

We help our clients understand their needs, assess their relationship with drugs and alcohol, and paint a picture for addiction recovery success post rehab.

From here, we will find the most suitable rehab clinic to meet those needs, which in your case, will be located within the Newport area.

Using our handheld approach, you can benefit from an efficient admission into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that can help you recover.

Feel confident and happy with your choice of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, helping you see the value of rehab greater.


Bespoke Addiction Treatment Programmes

Alongside our approach to personalisation, our affiliated rehab clinics also place great emphasis on tailor-made rehab experiences.

This is because response rates will vary between clients, where some will thrive through a general rehab programme, while others will not.

To provide personalisation, offering the safety of your health and your ability to recover, you will be provided with an addiction treatment programme working around your needs.

Your health will also be considered to ensure that your physical and psychological well-being can be uplifted throughout addiction treatment.

You can expect to complete a wide range of addiction treatments, including a detox programme, CBT, art therapy, stress management and counselling, and alternative services, focusing on dual diagnosis treatment and your well-being.


Relapse Prevention – Planning for the Future

In tandem with your addiction treatments, you’ll work to create a prevention plan in collaboration with your rehab counsellor.

Here you’ll form a plan to support your transition back to life in Newport, ensuring that you have a course of action to follow in the event of a relapse.

Your plan will include helplines, motivations to remain sober, a safe list of places to visit and people to contact, and a range of local support groups.


Find Yourself Again

Excessive drug and alcohol/substance abuse makes you feel like you’ve lost yourself. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol cause adaptations that can change personalities, behaviours, values, outlooks and emotions.

You may have lost your identity outside of your addiction through these changes. Alongside overcoming your drug and alcohol addictions, rehab will allow you to build yourself back up and find a new you without the control of drugs and alcohol.

You can change your life by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport. The process may take some time. Yet, through commitment, grit and passion to recover, you can reach sobriety while improving your quality of life.

Reach out today to work on yourself with our team at Addiction Advocates.


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