When recovering from an addiction, it’s very important that the right type of care, that the right level of treatment and that the right approach to rehab is offered.

An addiction is a highly personal condition. It’s also unpredictable in ways, ranging in causes, symptoms, and impacts. As addiction diagnoses can differ in type and severity, it’s essential to not only encounter high-quality care but care that’s effective and proven to work.

Through our guidance here at Addiction Advocates, we can direct you in the right way towards proper care via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bicester. By working through our confidential and thorough admissions process, you can expect a range of reliable recommendations, personal to your needs.

Addiction recovery should be a private, progressive, and personalised journey. Make yours by reaching out to our team here to offer assurance throughout drug and alcohol rehab.

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How to find high-quality addiction support?

High-quality addiction support will be found through private rehab. A clinic that is registered under the CQC will deliver professional and safe programmes.

To find a registered clinic in Bicester, we encourage you to contact our team at Addiction Advocates. We can direct you to the most appropriate when considering your needs through our range of private rehab clinics. For example, all are specialists in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet if you’re struggling with additional symptoms, such as mental health worries, we will ensure that they can also be addressed through dual diagnosis services.

Completing this step is recommended, as although private care will be of high quality, it’s also essential that your needs be accommodated. Pairing together a suitable programme and a reputable clinic will ensure that the highest level of quality can be experienced through drug and alcohol rehab.

We will work with you to define your needs, along with highlighting the most suitable rehab clinic within your local area. We will also recommend the most effective treatment option and services to benefit your addiction recovery journey.


How to access rehab in Bicester?

Once we’ve found the highest quality of support in Bicester, we can help you access and begin your journey. This will be possible by completing our admissions process, which will arrange and secure your rehab programme.

Assessments to this point will have occurred to gauge your personal needs. Awareness of your needs will help form and arrange your programme, either following an outpatient or inpatient timeline.

From here, we can take your deposit, help you prepare for rehab, and arrange the date of your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Bicester.

With our support, a swift process to complete, you can confidently access rehab and the care you deserve.


Expectations of drug and alcohol rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab is designed for recovery success. Although it cannot cure addiction, as medically this is impossible, it can treat and help clients manage addictive behaviours for the future.

Sobriety can be reached by completing rehab. The journey to this point will differ for every client. It will also vary depending on which clinic you select, which treatment option you go ahead with and how much commitment you invest.

With the proper support, you can expect to recover by completing a personalised programme. Covering all milestones, rehab will guide you towards healthier choices, stronger mindsets and effective coping strategies.

Your rehab programme will work to promote withdrawal through a drug and alcohol detoxification process. It will also work to achieve rehabilitation through a range of talking therapies. In addition, it will prepare you for post-rehab life and the expected changes that come with sobriety.

The type of treatments that you can look to complete include:

Considering your needs, health and how you currently respond to drugs and alcohol, an effective mix will be advised to help you recover, learn and plan for the future.


The length and cost of rehab programmes

Recovery via drug and alcohol rehab in Bicester can be achieved by following a 30-day programme. This timeframe will be realistic by checking into your chosen facility for an inpatient programme. Although a higher cost is linked to inpatient rehab, you’ll have consistent access to support and treatment, offering daily progress.

Rehab can also be carried across several months through an outpatient programme. Suitable for those who hope to continue everyday life alongside treatment, outpatient rehab is offered. Treatment can take up to 6 months to complete, depending on the severity of your addiction. It’s also a cheaper programme to experience, by living at home.

Inpatient rehab does perform best through addiction recovery. Yet, the commitment to outpatient rehab can be enough for some. Depending on your needs, we at Addiction Advocates will offer recommendations to differentiate both options.

Reach out to our team to not only feel supported but also arrange your rehabilitation journey, catered around your personal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the long-term effects of addiction?
An addiction is found to impact relationships, finances, and overall lifestyles. Yet for the long-term, it can seriously damage physical and psychological health, leading to further life-threatening conditions. Mental health issues are a common result of compulsive habits, as are conditions impacting the cardiovascular, respiratory, and central nervous systems.

Without treatment, an addiction can be engulfing and extremely serious.
What withdrawal symptoms will I experience?
Withdrawal symptoms are the direct response to detoxification. They can vary depending on the drug at hand, along with the health of an individual and how they naturally respond to withdrawal. Common symptoms include insomnia, cravings, nausea, tremors, headaches, paranoia, anxiety, confusion, and flu-like side effects.

Through rehab, they will be managed and worked through.
What causes addiction?
There are many different causes of addiction. Genetics, influential environments, mental health issues, social pressures, and trauma are the most common.

Understanding and treating such causes will be important, to overcome drugs, alcohol, and the positive effects that they offer.