Whether you’re struggling to overcome a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, our fantastic team at Prenton can help find the very best solution for your unique condition.

Taking advantage of a personalised treatment programme is a huge benefit of joining a private drug and alcohol rehab.

You wouldn’t benefit from this high level of personalisation through any other treatment option, you would probably receive a fairly generic treatment programme to follow which is unlikely to give you any promising results.

Our exceptional team of recovery workers include psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, and therapists, all of whom have years of experience in treating people with a wide variety of addictions.

Many of them have even experienced rehabilitation on a personal level, giving them a unique insight into what you’re going through and how they can best help you.

It takes great courage to come forward and ask for support, rest assured there’s absolutely nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed of; you’re taking the first step towards creating a better future for yourself and for those around you.

We’re confident that our drug and alcohol rehab in Prenton is the best place for you to achieve your long-term recovery goals.

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Why should you join a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

There are many treatment options available for those who wish to overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs. By far, the most successful option has proven to be a private drug and alcohol rehab following a residential programme.

We welcome a lot of people into our rehabilitation centre who have attempted to recover but unfortunately failed to do so. Whilst this can feel extremely disheartening, it’s important to remain focused and find your motivation to continue on with your recovery.

You must give yourself the greatest opportunity to successfully recover by joining a private drug and alcohol rehab on a residential treatment programme.

Our evidence-based therapies and well-balanced method to treating addiction, along with our modern, luxurious accommodation, makes our drug and alcohol rehab in Prenton the perfect option for you to achieve a full recovery from alcohol or drugs.

We tailor each treatment programme to suit the individual, however we always ensure there’s a carefully selected balance of psychological and well-being therapies which are delivered alongside a drug or alcohol detoxification.

Some of these therapies are counselling, relapse prevention, stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation and sleep management, art therapy, fitness therapy, mindfulness, yoga, and nutritional therapy.

We’re also great advocates of remaining socialised and as relaxed as possible during your stay with us, so we arrange social activities for everyone to part in should they wish to.


How important is Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention?

Drug and alcohol relapse prevention is one of the most important things you can learn during your time at our private drug and alcohol rehab.

Our release prevention sessions are delivered by a fantastic team of professionals who fully understand the impact which addiction can have on you physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

We take every step to make sure that you’re able to absorb this knowledge and put it into real life practise once you return home after completing your rehabilitation programme.

Many of our clients have also found it useful to share their knowledge on relapse prevention with their loved ones.

We’ll still be on hand to help with this after you’ve left our rehab centre so can assist your support network by helping them to recognise your triggers and help to prevent any potential relapses.


What is Drug or Alcohol Detoxification?

A drug or alcohol detoxification is the process of gradually reducing your consumption of the substance in a safe way to ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Whilst everyone receives a bespoke treatment programme, it’s highly likely that a detoxification will be included for most people.

It can be quite an uncomfortable experience, but we wouldn’t recommend it if we weren’t so sure about the great results it produces.

It’s essential that you undergo a detoxification within the safety of a professional centre like our drug and alcohol rehab Prenton, otherwise you’re putting yourself in unnecessary risk.

The risk lies within the withdrawal symptoms which are likely to present themselves during your detox. These can range from mild sickness and headaches to severe insomnia, seizures and even delirium tremens (DT’s) which require urgent medical attention, thus highlighting the requirement for a 24/7 support team.


Do we treat a Dual Diagnosis at our Treatment Centre?

Yes, we do. If you’re not sure what this means, put simply, a dual diagnosis refers to a person who is suffering from both an addiction and mental health problems.

It’s much more common than many people realise and isn’t something to be additionally concerned about. The two conditions tend to go hand in hand as a Dual Diagnosis.

This is when someone who is struggling with poor mental health turns to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. A dual diagnosis can also occur when excessive substance abuse results in mental health problems.

In some cases, we’ll be able to identify a more prevalent condition, whether that’s your addiction or your poor mental health, however this isn’t always possible as both of the conditions could be equal in strength.

Either way, we’re experienced in treating a dual diagnosis and are confident that we can help you to overcome both conditions.


Addiction Aftercare

We provide all of our clients with a 12-month aftercare programme completely free of charge once they complete our 28-day residential programme.

Your aftercare is just as important as your residential programme, it’s crucial that you continue to be supported along your recovery journey upon returning home.

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