Private rehabilitation is the best port of call for those suffering addiction. Private rehab creates a special designated programme, specifically designed for your physical and mental needs. When you enter rehab, you will be treated in a multimodal manner.

A drug or alcohol detox is the first step in your journey, a phase of weaning off the toxic substance. Long-term addictions can lead to negative repercussions, some of which may include your health, finances, work and relationships.

Qualified withdrawal treatments can be carried out in a medical environment, and in addition, you will enter a phase of world-renowned psychotherapies. These will be undertaken by a multidisciplinary team with a common goal of motivating you and creating long-term sobriety. At private drug and alcohol rehab, you will deal with all elements of your mental health. This may include depression, anxiety disorders or other psychological disorders. A qualified treatment team with extensive experience will maintain your care.


Benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Private-based rehab has long had its benefits. Not only does it eliminate the worry of waiting lists, but it features acute methods of treatments that are unparalleled. Private rehab will greatly increase your chances of success because it is incredibly intensive. Rehabilitation is defined in three key phases, and each one of these phases has its own benefits.

  1. Detox
  2. Psychotherapies
  3. Aftercare Plan

When we combine all three aspects, we create a winning formula for success. Long-term sobriety is the goal. These significant benefits stretch beyond sobriety and reach different areas of your social and work life. The tools you learn and the therapies you partake in at drug and alcohol rehab are key life lessons and ones that will assist you in building your new life and following your dreams and goals. Some of the known benefits of rehab are:

  1. Learning to understand yourself
  2. Changing your behaviour and being adaptive and dynamic
  3. Meeting new people
  4. Building a large support network
  5. Gives you a new perspective on life
  6. Allows you to heal a broken relationship
  7. Tackle mental health problems


What Happens After Rehab?

The biggest question that people ask is often, ‘what happens when I leave?’ or ‘will I be cured immediately?’ These questions are very valid. When you complete your residential stay with us, you will have completed most of your alcohol and drug rehab. You will now be well on the way to sobriety, so the next step is implementing these in your daily life back at home. Private rehab offers something known as an aftercare plan. This means that you are never left to fend for yourself, and you will never feel abandoned or nervous.

A whole team will be behind you during your reintegration period and beyond. This may come in the form of therapy and counselling sessions, one-to-one chats and simple catch-ups. You can take this time to talk to us about how life is going after you have left us. The plan will be bespoke to fit your needs and offer you the level of support that is right for you. Knowing that you are never alone. You deserve to live the life you desire, and with the support behind you, we know you will.


Step-by-Step of the Admissions Process

Being admitted to a rehab facility of choice is a simple process. There are no lengthy meetings, masses of paperwork and long waits. Instead, it is simple and effective. We want to get your help as quickly as possible. Therefore, we can break down this process in some simple steps to help you fully understand.

Step 1 – Telephone Assessment

This is the first line of connection you have with us. You can call us anytime, and you’ll be greeted by a friendly and welcoming team member. This is part of a pre-admissions process and we can learn as much as possible about you. We want you to feel open about sharing as much as you’re comfortable with. The more that you tell us, the better! We want to learn about you, your needs, your addiction and your lifestyle. We can chat about your health and any pre-existing conditions. This way, we can find the best solution for you. It won’t take too long!


Step 2 – Selecting the Right Rehab Facility

We appreciate that each individual has a different set of needs. Many people choose to remove themselves entirely from their homes and find a rehab facility outside of their city. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons, but it isn’t a necessity. We will work out what is best for you based on the type of addiction you have and the severity. We will offer you some choices and dates to suit your needs.


Step 3 – Placing Reservations

Once you have found a place that resonates with you, it’s time to plan your stay and secure your place at the chosen location. As part of the pre-admissions process, we will usually ask for a deposit which instantly secures your place. We will ensure that you have a smooth running referral and can ensure that your desired location is found. We want to work with you to help get you to rehab.


Step 4 – Beginning Your Rehab Programme

Once you have sorted your rehabilitation location, you will now have a set date to begin. If you’re choosing a location that is far away from home, then please note that we can help arrange travel to and from your location.


Step 5 – Doctor’s Assessment

A doctor’s assessment is a standard procedure which addresses your physical and mental health. These notes are imperative to ensure we choose the treatments that are right for you. We will conduct both physical and psychiatric assessments, but these are very manageable and will not cause any pain.


Get Help from Addiction Advocates

Get help from us today, and learn about the various treatments available and places where you can undertake your rehabilitation. Taking control is the best way to remove worry from your mind. Call us today on 0800 012 6088 or Text HELP To 83222. Your rehab journey is just a message away.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can addiction be cured?
Sadly, addiction cannot be fully cured. However, what you learn in rehab is how to control your addiction and how to keep the prospect of relapse under firm control. After a while, controlling your urges will become second nature and you will be back to enjoying your everyday life free from addiction in no time.
What is the admissions process for rehab?
Before any stay in rehab you must complete a thorough admission process. This is to ensure you get the right treatment in the right place to suit your own individual needs. This will involve an initial assessment and interview to gauge the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction and determine the type of programme that will suit you best, as well as a medical examination. The medical assessment will help ensure you are safe to progress through the detox and treatments involved in the rehabilitation process.
What is dual diagnosis? 
Some rehabs may offer treatment for mental health conditions such as anxiety treatment, depression treatment and eating disorder treatment that is distinct and different to their addiction programmes. Dual diagnosis, however, involves treating co-existing addiction and mental health issues at the same time.