Do you need help to overcome a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction? You may be researching on behalf of a friend or loved one who you are concerned about.

If so, then Addiction Advocates are here to help. We can offer immediate drug rehab and alcohol rehab in our rehabilitation clinic in Stretford. There is no one kind of person who suffers from an addiction, it can happen to anyone from all walks of life.

It could be that you are not suffering with a substance addiction but instead perhaps anxiety, mental health and depression concerns or a gambling addiction.

Addiction Advocates can help you with any problems you are experiencing. Why not call us today for a no obligation consultation on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP 83222 and take steps to change your life for the better?


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stretford

Asking for help with a drug or alcohol addiction is not easy. It’s hard enough to accept you have a problem, without asking for help from a rehab centre. Accepting and admitting that you have a problem is only part of your battle ahead.

It is not a case of simply deciding you’ve had enough of suffering from an addiction and that it’s time to get better. You will need to work hard at your recovery.

This is why a rehab clinic is so important in a recovery journey. Residential rehab is there for you to access an array of drug and alcohol rehab treatments in a secure and safe environment that allows you to learn everything you need to have a long-term recovery.

Our drug and alcohol rehab facility in Stretford could be a huge part of your recovery.


Signs of an Addiction

Many people experiencing a drug or alcohol addiction are in denial about their problems and are unable to see that they are addicted. However, to those around them it is perfectly obvious that there are issues. There are several key things to look for if you are unsure if you have an addiction or not.

Firstly, your health will be deteriorating. Substance abuse has an enormous effect on your physical and mental health. The longer an addiction is left unchecked, the more likely a long-term health problem will develop.

You may find yourself constantly tired, feeling anxious or depressed. If you have underlying health conditions you may find that these deteriorate further.

You may also find that your behaviour has started to change and you are less averse to taking risks. You may have started to turn to crime in order to fund your habit and this will probably have legal consequences. This could be exacerbated by underperformance at work, to the extent that you lose your job. Your life can be destroyed by an addiction very quickly.

This is also the case when it comes to relationships and family life. An addiction does not just harm you, it causes severe damage to the people that you love too.

Family, friends, your children and colleagues can see their relationship with you deteriorate very quickly and they may break all contact – for their sake as well as yours.


How does Rehab work?

Rehab is not the gritty, grimy surrounding that films and TV would have you believe that it is. Our private rehabilitation clinic is safe and comfortable. In this setting, you can take a break from your normal life and focus your efforts on your recovery.

We will perform an initial consultation with you over the telephone where we will find out about your addiction concerns and your budgetary needs.

If you decide that you would like assistance from Addiction Advocates, we will be able to admit you to our residential rehab clinic with no delay. We will generally recommend that you commit to a 28-day programme of addiction treatment when we perform a comprehensive assessment of your health.

We will get to know you as an individual as we tailor your treatment programme to your needs and to your addiction.

Most of our clients require a period of detoxification as part of their treatment. A drug and alcohol detox is an essential component of any rehab. This is the process of removing the toxins from your body that build up as a result of sustained substance abuse.

This is the most uncomfortable part of your treatment as your body will react badly with a series of withdrawal symptoms. These range from minor to dangerous and as such, our staff will be on hand to ease your symptoms with prescription drugs if required. A detox will last as long as is required but is generally between a few days and two weeks.

When you have completed your detox, you can continue with the rest of your therapies. We will work with you to establish why you became addicted to a substance in the first place. Identifying this information and any underlying mental health conditions is essential to long-term recovery and relapse prevention.

Your therapies will take place on a one-to-one basis as well as group sessions. Your one-to-one sessions will allow you to discuss your concerns with our compassionate and highly trained addiction counsellors.

You may find group sessions to be a daunting experience at first, but we highly recommend engaging with your fellow recovering addicts as it helps you to learn from the experiences of others and to build a support network after you leave our care.



When your therapies have been completed, we will create an aftercare plan to ensure that your long-term recovery is not compromised. The 12 months immediately following your rehab will be difficult and you will need to continue to work hard at your treatment.

We will put you in touch with local support groups and you’ll have access to a 24-hour helpline should you need any assistance or have any questions.

We appreciate that making the first call will be difficult, but Addiction Advocates are here to help you through this difficult time.

Please call us today and make an immediate difference to your life.