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Prescribed to help minimise the symptoms of sleep disorders, Restoril is a benzodiazepine drug, usually consumed by those who struggle with insomnia. It works by relaxing the brain, helping to promote quality sleep, reduce broken sleep and ease initial sleep cycles.

While Restoril has its benefits, especially in the midst of sleep disorders, which can impact life in many ways, it also has its downfalls, where its addiction potential is in fact high.

Restoril should only be used for the short-term, down to how addictive it can become. Paired with a vulnerability, for example, sleep deprivation, the benefits of a prescription can feel like a cure, a way out from symptoms of insomnia and a coping strategy.

Although it is a prescription drug, which carries strict usage guidelines, it’s clear to see how easily adopted Restoril is, also advocating how addictive medications can be when misused.

Unfortunately, Restoril abuse is common, is encountered by many individuals who struggle with pre-existing problems and is the motivator of many other substance use disorders/mental health issues.

A Restoril addiction can therefore be of risk to any individual who prolongs consumption, surpasses prescription recommendations, and overlooks the warning signs of substance abuse.

If you’re displaying such signs, at Addiction Advocates, we urge you to look into Restoril addiction treatment & rehab programmes, outlined below.

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Restoril addiction potential

Many individuals will be unaware of how addictive Restoril is as a prescription drug. It’s used by those with symptoms of sleep disorders, with a significant focus on insomnia.

As individuals with insomnia struggle to experience quality, unbroken sleep, Restoril is recommended to increase physical and psychological relaxation.

Restoril addiction potential truly showcases itself here, as such feelings will be craved by users on a nightly basis, especially when insomnia is caused by an accumulation of problems.

As consuming Restoril will likely be easier than addressing such problems, the 10-night recommendations of consumption will likely be abused.

It is highly justifiable as to why Restoril is abused in the moment of sleep deprivation, as users will likely weigh up the pros and cons of each. As addiction can be difficult to pre-empt, and as an element of control may feel present for users, addiction risks may be perceived low while benefiting sleep quality and quantity.

However, it is discouraged to see Restoril as such a significant coping strategy, as the scales will soon tip, carrying grave addiction potentials.

Down to such suppression and to combat withdrawal symptoms, Restoril may also be seen as a constant reliever, rather than a nightly substance, meaning that addiction to Restoril can begin to impact everyday responsibilities, cause significant risks of drowsiness and further side effects, and can also interact negatively with further medications and mental health vulnerabilities.

As a prescription drug, Restoril should be used correctly, with the primary purpose of benefiting sleep for the short term. If such prescriptions are abused, you should consider Restoril addiction treatment & rehab, to safely withdraw and find better ways of relaxing.


Signs of Restoril addiction

As a Restoril addiction can develop quickly once dosage recommendations are abused, it’s important to be aware of potential signs. Signs can also indicate further problems which have developed from Restoril abuse, such as mental health symptoms and interaction with further toxic substances.

Signs of Restoril addiction include:

  • Finishing prescriptions sooner than expected
  • Shopping around for sources of Restoril
  • Asking for longer prescriptions
  • Consuming Restoril even when negative impacts are encountered
  • Extreme drowsiness
  • Depression
  • The inability to complete usual tasks to full capacity
  • Side effects from mixing Restoril with alcohol or opioids
  • Impacts to finances, relationships, and legal liabilities down to drug abuse
  • Consuming Restoril in the daytime
  • Experiencing memory loss and further cognitive impairments
  • Hiding batches of the drug
  • Obsessive and compulsive behaviours around consumption
  • Struggling to sleep without the drug, down to the rebound effect

Restoril addiction treatment & rehab

In order to overcome a Restoril addiction and its attached side effects, completing addiction treatment & rehab steps will be required.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Detoxing from Restoril

A Restoril detox will be the first port of call, to promote the removal of the drug from the body. Via rehab, a medically supervised detox can be offered, help you withdraw, while under the care of specialists.

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms are very common when detoxing from Restoril, down to the substantial effects that it has. Mood swings, irritability, symptoms of insomnia, cravings, depression, and anxiety are all linked to Restoril withdrawal.

Therapeutic addiction treatment

From here, Restoril addiction treatment & rehab will advance through therapeutic forms of treatment. Such services can be encountered either on an inpatient or outpatient basis, whichever is most suited to each client.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the most prevalent addiction treatment services used to work through Restoril fixation. The aim will be to uncover the emotional connections that clients have to Restoril, along with working through any potential mental health vulnerabilities.

It’s very important that therapy is completed, as addiction aggravates in the mind, which is why emotional release and a logical view on addiction are encouraged.

Alongside such treatment, relapse prevention planning will take place, along with lifestyle management, to gauge whether alternative methods will be best to treat insomnia.

Reducing all risks of a Restoril relapse will be worked through, comprehensively available through drug rehab.

Rehab steps towards long-term recovery

Rehab for Restoril addiction will be the most beneficial, as it will focus on current recovery efforts, yet also long-term forecasts. Services will help you develop healthy ways of coping, instead of reverting to the use of Restoril.

As the prescription is linked to sleep, it’s understandable that you may have struggled this far. Yet with appropriate treatment and rehab steps, you can overcome such struggling, while panning out long-term recovery plans.

Restoril, as communicated on prescription, should be a short-term management tool. By abusing this, the risks of addiction will significantly increase. If you’re already struggling through misuse, Restoril addiction treatment & rehab will need to be completed, to detach from the emotional support that the substance offers.

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