Addiction Advocates are committed to helping ensure that anyone can have access to the very best quality of addiction treatment possible.


So, if you are in the Bootle area and are looking to start taking the prospect of overcoming drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction seriously, then calling Addiction Advocates on 0800 012 6088 could be the best decision of your life.

Figuring out what the next best steps are when it comes to contemplating drug and alcohol rehabilitation may seem quite daunting.

In a lot of cases, addicts may feel completely lost, and some addicts can find themselves questioning the intentions of their support network and can often struggle to locate the correct type of rehabilitation treatment to commit to.

However, one of the things that is most important when it comes to attending rehab is not delaying in getting the treatment.

While accepting that you have a problem is a vital first step, the moment of actually putting in motion the process of attending rehab and actually turning up can be the most important part.

Every day that you delay in getting professional addiction treatment is a day that your substance abuse disorder or alcoholism continues to win, and with each day you find another excuse to putt off getting treatment the likelihood of achieving a successful long-term recovery is lessened.

Hopefully, any and all uncertainties or concerns about attending a professional residential rehab centre will be answered below; however, if you have any specific questions or simply want to talk to someone about the process of recovery then you can call our staff for an obligation-free consultation phone call on 0800 012 6088.

Alternatively, if you are currently concerned about the drug consumption of alcoholism of someone close to you then our staff can work through a family and friend referral scheme as we strongly believe in offering people appropriate family drug support.


Why Take Advantage of Our Residential Rehab in Bootle and What to Expect From Our Service

When you make the decision to put your recovery in the hands of a professional residential rehab, such as the facilities that Addiction Advocates’ operates, you will be able to benefit from a whole host of positives.

Firstly, unlike when you try to get addiction treatment through the NHS, you will not be faced with any long wait lists. Our staff make sure that anyone who reaches out gets the care that they need as soon as possible.

We do not believe in leaving people on long waiting lists due to the fact that with each day that a person is not getting the help they need us another day that their addiction claims.

When you first reach out to us our staff will perform a quick assessment which will allow our staff to make sure you get the best possible care.

Over the phone, our staff will assess your current condition, your medical history, your commitment to recovery, your budget, and any of your accessibility requirements. Once we have all of this information, our staff will be able to work out which facility is best for your needs.

Also, our addiction specialists will use the information you provide us with to craft a personalised treatment plan, as we know that everyone struggling with addiction has their own personal issues and so this requires a personalised treatment plan.

The next step is simply to make your way to our facility and start your treatment. The added benefit of getting treatment at a professional drug and alcohol rehab centre is also that you can recover in a place that is specifically designed to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and healing.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy a private en-suite room, three daily home-cooked meals, housekeeping services provided, as well as access to entertainment rooms and the availability to exercise int he surrounding grounds.


Detoxing At Our Detox Clinic Is The Safest Way To Detox

Alcohol withdrawal and drug withdrawal has the potential to be a massively unpleasant experience for someone to experience — with the potential for it also be a life-threatening experience.

A whole host of unpredictable and threatening side-effects can present present themselves when experiencing detoxification, and the severity and duration of the side-effects can vary massively from individual to individual.

Due to this, it is vital that you do not take drug withdrawal or alcohol withdrawal lightly as it costs many individuals their lives every year.

At Addiction Advocates’ state-of-the-art rehab treatment centres, however, you’ll go through the process of withdrawal from the safety of one of our detox clinics.

What this means is that you’ll be provided with round the clock support and monitoring from extremely qualified addiction treatment staff.

These staff members will make sure that you are constantly monitored and that all of your withdrawal side-effects are treated with appropriately prescribed medication.

This will mean that we can safely reduce your substance intake over time and give you the most careful detox process.


Our Addiction Treatments Are Specialised and Varied

As mentioned previously, Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol services make sure that each person who comes through our door gets a personalised experience.

Not everyone struggling with addiction is facing the same root causes for their condition, and as such, each person should be able to experience a treatment plan which is directed at their own individual needs and demons.

This means that, although we cannot say for sure that treatments you will benefit from during your stay with us, we can go over some of the most common treatments we employ for you to better get a grasp of our process.

Some of our most common addiction treatments include CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), one-to-one/individual therapy, relapse prevention training, art therapy, dual-diagnosis therapy, stress management, guided meditation, group therapy, and you can also have access to our complimentary aftercare services to help ensure you remain clean and sober after having left our drug and alcohol facility.

So, please call Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088 to start the process of recovery today.