Whatever your situation may be, here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, we can offer professional insights, we can offer referrals into rehab. To gauge where you stand with drugs and alcohol, to understand the necessity of professional withdrawal services, to appreciate the deteriorating cycle of addiction, reach out to our team.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we have fantastic drug and alcohol treatment centres. Our results show that our clients are most likely to succeed in long-term recovery when they join a rehab centre away from the temptations of home. So, if you’re searching for rehab places for drugs or alcohol in Aldershot, then we have the perfect centre for you.

Have you ever considered joining drug or alcohol rehabilitation? Perhaps you’ve thought you can tackle your addiction on your own at home? We can assure you, choosing our rehab in Aldershot is the best decision you’ll make for your physical and psychological health when overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. Undergoing rehabilitation and taking part in a detox clinic can present some dangerous withdrawal symptoms. It’s not safe to attempt this at home without medical supervision.

We can create a personalised treatment programme which suits your wants and needs. In most cases, the damage that addiction can cause whether physical, mental, or emotional, can be reversed with the correct treatment service. There’s no time to waste, just call our friendly team today to discuss further.

How do I know when I need support?

Many people have common misconceptions surrounding what happens at rehab centres. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation have previously been seen as something only wealthy people could benefit from. With the number of alcohol and drug rehab clinics increasing in the U.K, the stigma which surrounds rehab centres has started to lessen, meaning this fantastic treatment is now available to people from all walks of life.

Do you feel like your drug or alcohol addiction has taken over your life? Are you struggling to maintain relationships, hold down a job or maybe you’re suffering with your mental health? Here at Addiction Advocates, we have many treatment options available to ensure you receive a bespoke journey to recovery. Now is the time to seek help and turn your life around for the better.

Why is residential rehab the best option for you?

When searching for treatment options for rehab in Aldershot, the results can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. What makes our addiction treatment so great?

Our experience shows it’s much better to undertake drug and alcohol rehabilitation away from home, in a safe and professional environment such as what we can offer. Daily life at home can present negatives influences or temptations, all of which add to the stresses of giving up alcohol or drugs. At our detox clinic, you typically spend 28 days with a sole focus on achieving your recovery goals giving you a more intense but more effective experience.

Our dedicated team of medical professionals guide you through the process, supporting you with any withdrawal symptoms. They give you the tools to continue your recovery at home with our aftercare programme ensuring you don’t return to bad habits.

Why should I choose private drug and alcohol rehab?

One the first challenges you may face when seeking help is the long waiting lists which come with free NHS services. Here at Addiction Advocates, we’re prepared and eager for you to start your recovery journey with us now. Don’t be put off by the word private. We appreciate it’s a big expense for some, but we have various treatment programmes on offer to suit varying budgets. When you take into consideration the expense of fuelling your drug or alcohol addiction, the cost of healing yourself from addiction is money well spent.

We take pride in creating a homely, welcoming environment with private, single rooms and high-specification facilities. Our treatment programmes are great value for money as all clients receive around the clock care and attention in addition to healthy meals and recreational activities to enjoy.

Private drug and alcohol treatment give us the capability to tailor and adjust our programmes to suit each individual. We understand that not one treatment fits all, unlike our overstretched NHS who are unable to provide these unique methods. A free or cheap rehab isn’t always the best solution, you don’t want to waste any time in achieving long-term recovery.

What is drug and alcohol rehabilitation like?

We perform an initial assessment upon your arrival to ensure you receive the best treatments for your personal situation. Typically, the first stage, and possibly the most challenging is to participate in our detox clinic. Withdrawal symptoms are common and can be quite dangerous when not managed carefully. Our team of medical professionals are on hand to support you through this, minimising the risks where possible.

Some of the treatment options we provide are group or individual therapies which focus on allowing you to voice your thoughts and listen to others in similar situations. In addition to these extremely helpful support groups, we also offer holistic therapies such as walks or yoga, allowing you to heal both physically and psychologically.

Of course, after our treatment programme you’ll return home. This is a crucial period in your recovery where daily life can lead you to substance misuse again. Our aftercare programme helps show you to avoid relapses. We can also recommend local organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous to support you when at home.

What if I have more than one addiction?

Our treatment programmes are still for you if you require support with multiple addictions. Often drugs and alcohol go hand in hand, so we completely understand how best to manage your treatment to benefit you. We’re experienced in managing treatment programmes for individuals who abuse prescription medication, take illegal drugs or are addicted to so called ‘legal highs’.

If you have any more questions about rehab in Aldershot, need advice or support, we’re happy to alleviate any concerns you may have. Just contact us today, by calling 0800 012 6088.