Whatever your situation may be, here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, we can offer professional insights, we can offer referrals into rehab. To gauge where you stand with drugs and alcohol, to understand the necessity of professional withdrawal services, to appreciate the deteriorating cycle of addiction, reach out to our team.

Lancashire has one of the worst substance misuse problems in the country. According to a report from Lancashire County Council the county has significantly higher rates than the rest of England when it comes to drug-related deaths and hospitalisations. It’s a similar story for alcohol, which the council says is the second biggest cause of premature death in the UK, behind smoking. Regular heavy and binge-drinking is also associated with a wide range of antisocial and criminal activities, as well as health conditions including liver disease, diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

And that’s all without mentioning the damage that an addiction can cause to relationships, families, work, school and pretty much every other aspect of the addict’s life and their loved ones.

Nelson certainly isn’t immune to these issues but if you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs in the area, help is at hand. The different treatment options and facilities that are available can be confusing and you might not be in the head-space to properly consider all the factors when you are actually in the grip of an addiction. We can help to find the drug and alcohol rehab in Nelson and the surrounding area that’s right for you.

We have a great deal of experience providing referrals to drug and alcohol rehab centres but it’s not simply a case of finding cheap rehab or asking a question like, ‘Where is there an alcohol rehab near me?’ Cost and location will be some of the factors considered of course, but we never forget that every person struggling with a substance misuse issue is an individual with their own special circumstances and requirements. We couple that knowledge with our extensive range of rehab places for drugs and alcohol to make sure that you have the very best possible chance of kicking your habit for good and making a lasting long term recovery.

The first steps in overcoming addiction

One of the most important steps anyone can take is admitting they have a problem and looking for appropriate help. Many addicts do not have a support network they can rely on, or may feel ashamed to look to friends or family for help. Even with the best will in the world however, any support that you do have will lack the experience and specialist knowledge that our experts can provide.

If you are considering rehab for yourself you have already taken this important first step but unfortunately addiction, dishonesty and self-denial tend to go hand in hand. If you’ve been forced to witness a partner, family member or other loved one damage themselves and others around them with drugs or alcohol, we can also offer confidential help and advice. We can’t force a person into rehabilitation but we can advise on the best ways to approach people with an addiction problem, from private talks to full interventions, in order to address their problem drinking or drug use.

Why choose a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic?

As already mentioned, it can be extremely difficult to overcome addiction without expert help. Addiction is a disease that affects the way we think and behave. It essentially rewires parts of the brain and leads to compulsive behaviour, with the addict continuing to drink or take drugs despite the negative consequences this can bring. As such, it is very difficult to break the cycle without also addressing the root causes of a person’s addiction. Treatment programmes for drugs and alcohol will generally start with detox – actually getting the drink or drugs out of the system – but the therapies and treatments that follow this process will be equally important.

There are drugs and alcohol services available on the NHS but there are often limitations to this type of drug and alcohol treatment. The vast majority of NHS programmes are community-based and, where residential programmes are available, there is likely to be a long waiting list. Addiction can be extremely damaging so it’s important to deal with any problems as soon as possible.

While community or outpatient programmes can be valuable, especially for those with less severe addictions or substance issues, a stay in a drug rehab UK clinic has been proven to be the most effective way of beating addiction. A short or long-term stay in drug and alcohol treatment centres, in Nelson or elsewhere, allows you to focus on your recovery with no distractions. You will be in a safe environment away from the people, places and other triggers that may be associated with your drinking or drug use. You will also have access to round the clock support and medical assistance or supervision where this is appropriate. You will also be able to access a range of treatments in a structured treatment program aimed at helping you to get clean and stay that way.

What happens in a detox clinic?

Detox is one of the most important steps in your recovery as it is the point at which you flush the drink or drugs from your system. This can be accompanied by severe physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms and it is much better to do this in a supervised setting where medical assistance can also be provided if needed.

Detox is only one part of a long, ongoing process though. A range of other therapies will aim to explore the root causes of your addiction and change the way you think and act in relation to it. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is commonly used for this purpose. It is also used to treat conditions including depression and anxiety – both of which are commonly associated with substance abuse and withdrawal – but a wide range of other therapies and treatments may be available.

People with an addiction to alcohol or drugs can often find themselves trapped in a circle of good intentions that are then broken, followed by guilt and recriminations. If you want to break out of that circle, we can help by finding you the right rehab in Nelson.


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