Are you currently struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol in the Mansfield Woodhouse area? If so, we would encourage you to reach out for the help you need from a professional drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse as soon as possible.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we are dedicated to helping you find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse to help you overcome your addiction.


What is Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse Like?

Over the years, the media, movies, and TV shows have shown rehab as being a place where people go when they have reached rock bottom. It’s been portrayed as a place where people go when they have nothing to lose and where they will suffer through various treatments.

The media has time and time again portrayed people with addictions to be very negative. They will constantly make jokes about addicts or make addicts seem like criminals. However, all an addict really needs is the opportunity and help to work towards their long term recovery.

Today, these kinds of negative portrayals should not be as common, especially since it clouds people’s perspective on what rehab is really like and what rehab is actually for.

When you attend a private drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse, it is not a scary, dark place where people go when they are at rock bottom. A rehab centre is actually a place for healing. It is a bright and comfortable place where people can go to reclaim their life.

You may be struggling with the effects that come with a long term addiction and potentially, you may be unwilling to reach out for the help you need. This is not uncommon and can happen for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • You may not be completely certain if you have developed a drug or alcohol dependency and you may want to get some confirmation before you decide to search for the treatment you need.
  • You could be worried that you might get into trouble or that you may be treated as a criminal since you’re dependent on a negative substance.
  • You might be anxious about the treatments that you will go through in rehab and you may not be completely sure what the treatments are and how they may help you.
  • You might want to find a rehab centre in Mansfield Woodhouse but you might think that this process is difficult and you may not want to put in the hard work to find a treatment centre to suit you.

That is where Addiction Advocates can help you. We can help you put many of your worries at rest.

If you want to take the stress out of finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse, get in touch with us today and we will provide you with a free initial assessment. From there, you can ask any questions and we will be happy to answer them. We can also provide you with all of the advice you need to get started on your recovery journey as soon as possible. We are committed to helping you with your recovery in every way we possibly can.


What Happens When I Reach Out For Help With a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse?

Here at Addiction Advocates, we are dedicated to helping you in every way we can. We aim to take all of your desires and fears into consideration when we admit you to an appropriate rehab that suits you.

We will allow you to focus completely on your recovery journey by taking away your stress.

During your initial assessment, we will determine whether you are dependent on drugs and alcohol. From there, we will discuss your addiction with you a little bit and determine how it is affecting you and the people around you and how severe the addiction is. This initial assessment is important as your alcohol and drug rehab treatment plan will be bespoke to suit your specific needs. This will then give you the best possible chances of making a full, successful recovery.

You may still be worried about going to rehab and may think that you might get into trouble. We can assure you that everything we discuss is confidential and that you won’t get into any trouble by seeking treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

You can feel safe that you can talk to our staff many with complete confidence. Rehab is a protected place and is purely there to help you work towards your complete recovery. You won’t be punished by attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse.

Most rehab treatments will start with a drug and alcohol detox plan which aims to remove all of the negative substances from your body. From there, you will then go on to your further treatments and therapies. These treatments and therapies are designed to address all of the psychological aspects of your addiction.

In rehab, you will learn new behaviours and coping mechanisms that will help you move forward into a new sober life. Rehab is a comfortable place where you are surrounded by medical staff so you can always feel safe when n in the treatment centre.

After rehab, you will then get access to free aftercare which helps you with the transition between leaving the rehab centre and going back to your normal life. This will also help you prevent any relapses in the future.


Get Help From a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse

Are you currently struggling with an addiction? Here at Addiction Advocates, we are here to help you find the rehab treatment you need in the Mansfield Woodhouse area and surrounding areas.

Get in touch with us today on 0800 012 6088 and we will happily guide you through the process and answer any questions that you may have about drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield Woodhouse. A simple phone call to us could completely turn your life around for the better.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can substance abuse lead to mental illness?
Yes, substance abuse can lead to a mental health illness. This is because addictions come hand-in-hand with numerous psychological side effects, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and paranoia. Left untreated, these side effects are extremely disruptive and can, unfortunately, lead to suicidal thoughts and feelings. It should also be noted that mental health disorders can cause addictions to arise. In a bid to alleviate any feelings experienced as a result of an underlying mental health disorder, many individuals will consume substances on a recurring basis.
What are the most common signs of alcohol addiction?
It can sometimes be quite difficult to spot the signs of an alcohol addiction, however, there are some common signs we can look out for which may indicate that you require immediate alcohol rehab. These include regular mood swings, unable to say no to alcohol, begin dishonest, always feeling tired, feeling less interesting in hobbies or socialising, looking generally unwell or pale, and drinking more to achieve the effects of being drunk.
What are the best treatment options for addiction?
A combination of physical and psychological treatment is the best option for fighting addiction. That is why the majority of the rehabs that we recommend to our clients treat both the body and the mind.