Before the process can even begin, you need to accept that you have a problem – and that can be very difficult.

If your life is still functioning as normal, you may find a lack of motivation in seeking out help, especially if you have concerns about what life would look like afterwards.

The first step in overcoming an addiction is to admit you have a problem in the first place. Acceptance of your condition is vital.

However, even when you have accepted that you have an addiction, it can seem like a daunting process to obtain the help required, and it can seem difficult to know where to start.

If you’ve located this page by using internet searches such as “rehab UK” or “rehab near me” then it could be that you are ready to accept you are not in control of your drug or alcohol use and are looking for rehab in Catford.

If so, then Addiction Advocates can help you. We provide rehab in the Catford area and beyond and with a 24-hour helpline, we are ready to take your call straight away.

Why not call us today on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222 for a no obligation conversation about your drug and alcohol use and how we can help you with your addiction concerns?


The importance of acceptance

As already detailed, the first step of recovery is acceptance – admitting that you have a problem. But for many people, this is a painful experience, and many find it difficult to acknowledge.

When approaching recovery, your attitude is of vital importance and is a crucial factor in whether your recovery is a success or not. This is why acceptance is necessary before seeking further treatment.

When you enter drug and alcohol rehab, you will need to undergo a series of necessary but uncomfortable changes to your life and to your approach to life, your attitude and your mindset.

If you are unable to accept you have an addiction, it’s very unlikely that your motivation will be enough for you to stay with your rehab and face these challenges head on.

Alternatively, if you accept that your addiction has made your life difficult, unpleasant or unmanageable, and that you wish to make changes to this negative lifestyle, then you will have the motivation that you require to stick through your rehab treatment and stay in your recovery for the long term.


Rehab Centres

Choosing the right location for residential rehab is extremely important. Our rehab centres, including the one in Catford, will provide you with all of the tools you require for a focused and targeted recovery.

Our expert admissions team will find the appropriate addiction treatment for you in the Catford area. Our admissions process is straightforward and when you’ve called us, we will be able to perform an initial assessment over the telephone and make a decision on which treatment plan is best for you. You will then be checked into our rehab centre and we will conduct a more thorough assessment.

During this assessment, we will learn about your physical and mental health and get to know you as an individual.

All of your treatment is tailored around you and your preferences, and we will take this opportunity to really get to the bottom of your addiction, what causes you to abuse substances and your home life.

At this point, when we have gathered the information that we require, we’ll be able to make a decision about the appropriate rehabilitation path for you.


The Benefits of Residential Rehab

We will usually recommend a 28-day commitment to residential rehab in our rehab centre in Catford. This is different to outpatient treatment, commonly offered by the NHS and local charity solutions, wherein you live at home and make daily travel to the rehab clinic for your treatment.

Outpatient treatment is generally more relevant and appropriate for someone who is experiencing behavioural issues or a mild addiction, and who is managing to keep their life mostly under control.

However, for addicts who are experiencing moderate or extreme addiction symptoms, a residential rehab is likely to be more beneficial to their long-term recovery.

Residential facilities allow you to remove yourself from an often chaotic, toxic home life and to remove yourself from people or places that might otherwise cause you to abuse substances. Residential rehabilitation allows you to really reset your life.

Our rehab clinic allows you to really commit to your recovery and your treatment. Drug rehab and alcohol rehab is challenging and you will need to fully invest in your recovery.

Based on the information we’ve gathered from you during the admissions process, we will create a treatment programme to help you overcome your addiction.

Most of our clients require a period of detoxification. This is the process of removing all traces of addictive substances from the body. Detox is an unpleasant and often painful experience, but breaking dependency is required for recovery to be possible.

When your detox has been completed, you’ll be able to focus on the therapies aspect of your treatment. This might be one on one sessions, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or in a group session where you share experiences with your peers.



Completing your rehab is a fantastic achievement and whilst you should be proud of doing so, it is only the first part of your recovery.

Aftercare is essential and as you regain control of your life, you’ll need to take responsibility for your recovery and ensure that you make the right choices and do not allow yourself to fall back into old habits.

This is why aftercare is so important and we’ll draw up a plan to make sure you navigate the tough 12 months following your rehab. We will put you in touch with local recovery groups and you will have access to a 24-hour helpline.

If you are experiencing an addiction, please don’t put it off any further and reach out for help from Addiction Advocates today.