As cliché as it sounds, turning your life around through drug and alcohol rehab is possible.

Ultimately, through excessive drug and alcohol abuse, your life has likely changed.

In most cases, where an addiction diagnosis is present, this will, unfortunately, be for the worst.

Down to the fact that the presence of drugs and alcohol have adapted your lifestyle and quality of life, by removing their presence you can not only recover, but you can also change for the better.

Yet, the only way that you can experience this degree of progression and recovery success is by committing to the most valuable experience of rehab, via a private residential centre. At face value, this recommendation may seem like a little much.

However, a comprehensive, intensive and personal rehab programme, only available to this standard, will be required to influence significant change.

Not only will you be able to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, but you’ll also have the opportunity to pave the way for a greater lifestyle back in Newport.

To experience this life-changing opportunity, we can help you at Addiction Advocates, by finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport, offering both residential and privatised services.

Reach out today to make a positive change, rather than a negative through ongoing substance abuse.


Turning your life around through rehab

Do you currently feel like getting clean, from drugs and alcohol, is impossible? Does long-term recovery feel like a long way off? If this is how you feel about drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it is understandable why.

However, it is important that you do boost your awareness around the reality of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport.

Reasonably, down to the significant adaptations, required through rehab, the process will influence many challenges. However, through a reputable rehab clinic, recovery will not be impossible.

You’ll in fact have a strong opportunity to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and work on your psychological attachments.

You’ll progress through addiction treatment services which ease the withdrawal process, while offering sustainability for change.

Yet, alongside the benefit of recovery, by committing to rehab, you can in fact turn your life around. Drug and alcohol rehab clinics offer much more than addiction recovery. Withdrawal and repair are of course prioritised.

However, you can make positive changes to your wellbeing, your physical and psychological health, your relationships, your actions and your lifestyle; all of which will benefit you, post-rehab.

At Addiction Advocates, we appreciate that this idea may seem like a dream, that your current reality deviates from this so much that you cannot see why a rehab programme will influence change.

Yet, through commitment, through selecting a fitting rehab clinic, and through embracing the offering of drug and alcohol rehab, you can work towards a happy, healthy, positive and drug and alcohol-free future in Newport.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport

If you’re ready to make a change, we are here to guide you at Addiction Advocates, ensuring that you can secure and visit a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Newport.

By fitting, we mean a rehab clinic who can offer you the time, the care, the stream of addiction treatment options necessary for you personally, and further services to improve your wellbeing.

Through our rehab referral service, we work with a range of rehab clinics, acting as our affiliation.

We help our clients by understanding their needs, by assessing their relationship with drugs and alcohol, and by painting a picture for recovery success.

From here, we will find the most suitable rehab clinic, to meet those needs, which in your case will be located within the Newport area.

By using our handheld approach, you can benefit from an efficient admission, into a drug and alcohol rehab which can truly help you recover, and then some.

Feel confident and happy with your choice of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, helping you see the value of rehab, greater.


Addiction treatment programmes around your needs

Alongside our approach to personalisation, our affiliated rehab clinics also place great emphasis on tailor-made rehab experiences.

This is down to the fact that response rates will vary between clients, where some will thrive through a general rehab programme, while others will not.

To provide personalisation, offering the safety of your health and your ability to recover, you will be provided with an addiction treatment programme, working around your needs.

Your health will also be considered to ensure that your physical and psychological wellbeing can be uplifted throughout addiction treatment.

You can expect to complete a wide range of addiction treatment services, including a detox programme, CBT, art therapy, stress management and counselling, along with alternative services, focusing on dual diagnosis treatment and your wellbeing.


Relapse prevention planning for the future

In tandem with your addiction treatment sessions, you’ll work to create a relapse prevention plan in collaboration with your rehab counsellor.

Here you’ll form a plan to support your transition back to life in Newport, ensuring that you have a course of action to follow in the event of a relapse.

Relapse, as an experience is usually overlooked. It is however important to remember that a relapse can occur and be reverted efficiently.

Down to potential risks, as you return to your old life, having a plan in place will be best to promote relapse prevention.

Your plan will include helplines, motivations to remain sober, a safe list of places to visit and people to contact, and a range of local support groups.


A new you back in Newport

Through excessive drug and alcohol abuse, it’s likely that you feel like you’ve lost yourself. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol do cause adaptations which can change personalities, behaviours, values, outlooks and emotions.

Through these changes, you may have lost your identity, outside of your addiction. Alongside overcoming your addiction, rehab will provide you with an opportunity to build yourself back up, and find a new you, without the control of drugs and alcohol.

You can change your life around by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport. The process may take some time. Yet, through commitment, grit and passion to recover, you can reach sobriety while improving your quality of life.

Reach out today to work on yourself with our team at Addiction Advocates.