If this sounds like your situation, our support and referral services here at Addiction Advocates will be invaluable to you. Through our specialist insight, we can help you pinpoint the most appropriate rehab programme out there, catered around your needs. In cases where addictions are firmly present, we will recommend a visit to the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle. Not only this, we can also guide you through the admission process, kickstarting your recovery journey sooner than expected.

At this point, you’re probably considering all of your recovery options. Before investing, it is important that you assess your localised range of rehab programmes and treatment centres. It’s also vital to gauge the recovery rates of each, ensuring that your personal goal of long-term recovery can be achieved.

To help you with your decision, below is a breakdown of our commonly asked questions, focusing on rehab programmes in Newcastle. Here’s exactly what you can expect from localised drug and alcohol rehabilitation via our services. If you have any questions, surrounding our services or rehab in general, please feel free to contact our team.


What different recovery options do I have in Newcastle?

For drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you will have a number of recovery options in Newcastle. Firstly, the one that you may be more aware of is a free treatment service through the NHS. Although this option offers convenience and localisation, it isn’t recommended for individuals living with an addiction. The sparse availability of addiction treatment will unfortunately deter recovery probabilities.

A second option within your localised area is outpatient treatment. High success rates can be achieved on an outpatient basis. Great value can be experienced, along with convenience. However, again, a greater form of addiction treatment and consistency is required when tackling a physical and psychological addiction.

With this in mind, lastly, opting for support via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle will be recommended. Here you will have access to the depth and form of treatment which is required to promote recovery. You’ll withdraw from drugs and alcohol safely, you’ll learn to cope without them, and you’ll also develop strategies to maintain sobriety post-rehab.

Inpatient treatment can feel like a daunting step to take. However, in order to reach your goal of long-term recovery, it is the most realistic approach. The decision between your recovery options is down to you. However, here at Addiction Advocates, we can help you with our specialist knowledge.


How easy can I visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle?

By selecting the latter option of private rehab, we can help you with your admission. With this in mind, you will experience an efficient admission into your selected rehab. However, before this can happen, you must choose a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle to reside from.

Through our specialist assessments, we can help you make this selection by prioritising your ability to recover, your budget, your personal needs, and your health and safety. By combining your needs, we can refer you to a fitting and reputable drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle, marking the commencement of your recovery journey.

By attempting to complete this selection alone, you’ll likely experience delays in between your selection and admission date, increasing the chance of early disruptions, known as substance abuse.


Will I completely recover through rehab?

Visiting drug and alcohol treatment centres is the most proactive and productive route when considering recovery rates. Here you will have the chance to complete the first stages of addiction recovery. However, it is important to note that full recovery probabilities will lie on your commitment post-rehab.

In order to maintain sober living, you must actively commit to ongoing recovery efforts. By following healthy routines, by reducing your risk of relapse, by following your personal relapse prevention plan, by disassociating yourself with all links to drugs and alcohol, here is where you’ll likely achieve complete recovery.

Please keep in mind that a cure doesn’t exist when considering addiction recovery. Yet, by completing treatment via a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle, followed by self-help tips, you will have the chance to maintain sober living, making it your norm.


What type of treatments will I complete?

The types of treatment that you will complete will be gauged on your admission. Depending on factors such as your mental health and your triggers, a combination of physical and psychological treatment options will be recommended.

In most cases, clients will require a drug and alcohol detox to commence the beginning of withdrawal. Alongside this, talking therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy will be completed, helping to work through common underlying side effects and associations.

In addition, you’ll work to improve your quality of life through wellbeing sessions, health lifestyle choices and coping strategy workshops, preparing you for life beyond drugs and alcohol.


How will I avoid future drug and alcohol consumption?

As touched on above, completing a rehab programme can influence initial recovery. Yet, once a return home is recommended, vulnerabilities can sometimes be present. In this situation, clients can find it difficult to avoid exposure to drugs and alcohol.

Through our partnering rehab centres, aftercare services will be provided as a standard. This approach to post-rehab life will ease your transition, helping you avoid high-risk situations. Through your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle, you’ll be provided with a schedule of high-quality support groups and AA meetings. You’ll also have ongoing access to professional addiction counsellors, ensuring that you are emotionally supported through sober living.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we hope that the above overview has helped you make your decision when considering localised recovery options. Understanding what to expect from rehab is very important before investing yourself. If you’d like to recover from a private drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle, with the chance to increase your long-term recovery rates, reach out today. Working to all budgets, we can help you experience an efficient admission into rehab, starting your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey rapidly.