Are you currently struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction? Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a drug and alcohol rehab in Dawlish but you’re not sure where to start? Drug and alcohol addictions can be very difficult to deal with and reaching out for the help you need can often be very daunting and challenging. However, if you are here reading this today, this proves that you are already well on your way to finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Dawlish to suit you.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we provide a specialised service to help you get the addiction help you need. Our team of professionals will ensure that all of your requirements are met at a rehab clinic that can guarantee the highest quality of care.

If you are ready to embark on your journey towards a life free from drugs and alcohol, get in touch with us today. Your path towards sobriety is just a phone call away.


Recognising Addiction

Addictions can be extremely complicated. When looking for the obvious signs of addiction, it’s important to realise that these may not be present in everyone. This means that it can often be extremely difficult to recognise an addiction in yourself or someone else.

It’s important to recognise that even people who have developed a high tolerance and appear to be functioning well on the outside also need help just as much as people who regularly appear intoxicated from the outside.

Below is a list of some of the most common signs of an addiction that you can look out for either in yourself or in someone close to you:

  • Neglecting personal hygiene
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Missing work due to illnesses
  • Feeling detached or withdrawn
  • Having trouble with memory
  • Poor impulse control
  • Depression
  • Being secretive about spending habits or shopping
  • Feeling short tempered or irritable
  • Frequent mood swings

If the addiction is in someone you know rather than yourself, you may not know exactly which substance they are abusing without directly asking them. It is common for people to react in a very defensive way when you accuse them of being addicted to substances.

In the early stages, it is less important to understand the addiction fully. It’s much more important to show your support and to show the person that you care for them, and that you’re willing to help them get on the right path.

If you notice any of the above traits in yourself or in someone you know, get in touch with us today. We are here to help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Dawlish that will help you get your life back on track.


Treatment and Support For Addicts in Dawlish

If you are currently living in the Dawlish area and struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we would love to help you. No matter what substance you’re having trouble with, get in touch with us.

Some common problems that we can help you tackle include:

  • Overcoming your drug or alcohol addiction
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Relapse prevention
  • Complete drug and alcohol detox
  • Invaluable information
  • High-class treatments and therapies
  • Advice for those worrying about a loved one who may have substance abuse problems

We are happy to provide you with free, confidential advice about substance abuse and available treatments. Never assume that you are overreacting, and know that it is always better to reach out now that to live with the regret that you didn’t later.

If you believe that you or someone you know may be struggling with an addiction, it is much better to reach out sooner rather than later. Addictions are a progressive disease and will only get much more harmful and harder to break the longer they are left untreated.

Addictions can have a very severe impact on a person’s physical and mental health. Additionally, addictions can completely destroy a person’s quality of life and negatively affect the lives of those around them. That is why we would encourage you to reach out to us today to take that first step into recovery and get your life back on track.


How Does Rehab in Dawlish Work?

When in alcohol and drug rehab, you will receive both one-on-one and group treatments as part of your recovery programme. The treatment plan you receive will be completely tailored to suit your needs.

You will go through an assessment first to determine your treatment plan. The very first step in a rehab treatment programme is to go through an alcohol and drug detox. This will help flush all harmful toxins from your body so that you can begin your further therapies and treatments with a clear mind and with no substances in your body.

You will then move on to further therapies and treatments. This is where you will learn about the underlying causes of your addiction, and you will learn some new behaviours to help you tackle your triggers and cravings in the future. From there, you will also go on to learn relapse prevention techniques to help you move forward.

Once your treatment plan is complete, you will return home and get 12 months of free aftercare to help you stay on track with your recovery even after you’ve left the treatment centre.


Get the Help you Need Form a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Dawlish

If you are currently residing in Dawlish and struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s important that you reach out to us as soon as possible. As we have mentioned, addictions are progressive and will only worsen over time.

That is why we would encourage you to reach out to us today so that you can begin your journey towards sobriety. That one simple phone call could completely change your life for the better. Call our team today on 0800 012 6088.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will a rehab know what treatment I need?
To ensure that appropriate treatment is provided, you will need to undergo a doctor’s assessment before commencing treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Bethnal Green. Here, your health will be reviewed to ensure that you are fit to progress through treatment.     The doctor’s assessment will also enable the medical team at the chosen rehab to understand your addiction in greater detail. In turn, they will be able to recommend suitable treatments and incorporate them into your treatment programme.
Can I refer a family member for treatment?
Yes, you certainly can. Here at Addiction Advocates, we welcome family referrals from concerned family members. If you believe that a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, contacting our 24/7 helpline will help you take the first step in referring a family member for treatment. Although some addicts will accept support when it is offered to them, if your loved one has previously rejected any help provided to them, staging an intervention may be necessary. A last resort for many, interventions see family members meet with the individual in question and a member of our team to ensure that treatment is accepted and secured.
Do I really need to go to rehab?
It’s very common for people suffering from an addiction to be in denial. You must recognise, or have someone else that can recognise, the signs and symptoms of addiction so that you can receive treatment urgently. There’s no addiction too mild or too severe to receive addiction treatment.