Addiction sufferers can access a wide range of services for drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford. But trying to work out which is best for your needs can be quite challenging. Addiction Advocates is here to help find the addiction treatment services which offer the best chance of a successful result.

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We fully appreciate that addiction has widespread implications for your life and all those people around you. There is no magic wand for recovery, but as long as you have the desire to overcome your addiction, there is a way to succeed.

It’s not easy, and it will likely require a treatment program which tackles all the issues surrounding the addiction.


Is it time to book-in for rehab?

Any addiction expert will agree that coming to a realisation that you have a problem is a vital first step towards recovery. It can take some time for an addiction sufferer to understand that they have a problem. This is often the case because it’s a gradual process. In other words: someone doesn’t suddenly become an addict, it’s something which develops over time.

Addiction can also skew your judgement so that even when someone confronts you with the truth, you may not recognise it. Denial is commonplace.

So, the fact that you’re now searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford is a promising sign. In many ways, you’ve overcome the first hurdle.


The impact of addiction

Addiction to drink or drugs has major ramifications for your physical and psychological health. But there are also other knock-on effects, such as:

  • Relationship problems
  • Financial worries
  • Family tensions
  • Workplace issues
  • Housing problems

Some of these factors may have been the root cause of your addiction too. For example, a relationship breakdown can lead to a downward spiral of self-neglect.

Regardless of the cause of your addiction, the problems are only worsened by the substance. Any kind of drug has the power to disrupt the chemical balance of your brain. The result is that the desire for the drug takes precedence over everything else. No matter how logically you try to consider the problem, the compulsion to ‘get the fix’ trumps everything else.

As a result, all those things that should matter: relationships, finances, employment, health and wellbeing; all take a backseat.

When addiction becomes this severe, there’s only one route out: professional help.


What can you expect from drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford?

There are a wide range of services for drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford. They include: drop-in centres, support groups and residential rehab centres.

Individual’s with a severe addiction will require one-to-one professional help as part of a holistic treatment program. These kinds of programmes don’t just treat the addiction, they tackle the root causes of your addiction, thereby increasing the chances of long-term success.

Here are some of the treatments you can expect from a specialist rehab centre:

One-to-one professional help: A trained psychologist and/or counsellor will talk to you about your addiction and its causes. This helps them better understand your situation and thereby create a programme of therapy specifically tailored to your needs.

Detox clinic: One of the most important aspects of recovery is a detox programme. This is the process by which you gradually reduce your drug or alcohol dependency to the point you are completely clean. A home-based detox can be dangerous as withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly severe. But in a controlled environment, with clinical support, you can be assured of a safe withdrawal.

Talking therapies: The best known form of talking therapy is CBT or ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’. It’s a way of helping you understand the thought processes (and feelings) that lead you to take a substance. It also teaches you to control these thoughts and feelings, so that if – and when – they arise in the future, you can control them. It’s a vital psychological tool for stopping future relapse.

Group sessions: Taking part in a group session with fellow sufferers is a useful way of learning from – and helping – others. It’s reassuring to know that other people are in a similar predicament. The sense of community can really help build mental resilience.

These are just a few of the treatments you might encounter on a rehab programme.


Why rehab boosts your chance of success

Rehab is a way of separating yourself from all the usual influences in your life. It’s a safe haven where you can effectively hit the reset the button without encountering any troubling situations which may negatively affect your mood. Neither will you encounter the kinds of people who might not have your best interests at heart.

Addiction Advocates links you to a rehab programme which is tailored to your needs and gives you the best chance of a successful outcome. The combination of professional care and support in a clean and comfortable environment gives you the opportunity to focus on your recovery. All other concerns can be placed to one side whilst you’re in rehab.

Many centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford also offer aftercare services. This means that once you’ve left the programme, you are still supported as you attempt to live a normal life free of drugs and alcohol.


Finding drug and alcohol rehab near me

Get in touch with a member of our team today and get the assistance you need. We’re here to discuss your needs and pinpoint the treatment programmes for drug and rehab in Dartford which will help you most. Every addiction is different which is why we’ll tailor our advice to you.

Recovery can be a long and winding road. The fact that you’ve got this far is a major first step. Even if you’ve been down this road before, and ended up back at square one, you can still win the struggle. As long as you have the desire to get better and regain control of your life, we can help you find the right solution to your predicament.