More specifically, are you looking for rehab in Prestwick? If so, then Addiction Advocates are here to help you to take back control of your life.

The world can feel like a very lonely and hostile place when you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

You may have many excuses why you turn to drugs and alcohol, and all of these excuses will give you a negative mindset that is typical for someone suffering with an addiction, and it causes feelings of being powerless and trapped.

By calling Addiction Advocates immediately on 0800 012 6088 or by texting HELP to 83222, we can help to show you a brighter future ahead.

We have a wide range of drug and alcohol services that will work within your budget. If you are worried about the welfare of a colleague or a loved one, we also offer a family and friend referral service which can protect the person you care about and help them to get the assistance they need.

Why not call us today for an honest conversation about your drug and alcohol abuse and allow us to help to find you the best rehab in Prestwick?


Our Rehabilitation Centre in Prestwick

There are a number of approaches to drug and alcohol treatment in Prestwick and if you have searched for the term “rehab near me” you may have found a variety of options that you need to research.

Private rehab isn’t cheap, but our pricing is transparent, and we will work to find a course of rehab within your budget. With your first call to our helpline, we will perform an initial consultation with you via the telephone.

We will establish basic information about your addiction and your honesty here is essential as our admissions team will need accurate information in order to help you.

We can appreciate that this is not an easy phone call to make but we will not judge you and many of our staff have been in your position and are themselves recovered addicts.

When you have had your initial consultation, we can admit you to our rehabilitation centre without delay. Unlike other treatment options in the area, there is no wait for our services, and we can begin to help you immediately.

Upon your arrival at our clinic, we will perform an extensive physical and psychological assessment of your health. We will establish the root cause of your addiction, which is a very important part of your long-term recovery.

All too often, an addict is diagnosed as exactly that – someone who suffers from an addiction.

Addiction Advocates firmly believe that in order for you to be fully treated and to fully move on with the rest of your life, we need to find out exactly why you became addicted in the first place.

People can develop an addiction for many reasons (such as stress or traumatic childhood events) but all too often, the root cause is not considered and not treated.

If we establish that your addiction has been triggered by an underlying mental health condition (for example, stress, depression, bipolar disorder) then we will perform dual diagnosis treatment. This is important for your long-term recovery and it allows us to treat you in full.


Detox Clinic in Prestwick

You may have attempted a DIY drug or alcohol detox of your own in an attempt to take control of your addiction. And if so, you’ll be aware of how difficult an experience a detox is.

A detox is where you attempt to flush the toxins that have built up in your body as a result of a drug or alcohol abuse.

It is a painful, lonely experience where your body and mind will do the opposite of what you want them to and will rebel against your wishes.

You will experience withdrawal symptoms, which is normal for drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Your addiction treatment in our detox clinic will be the hardest part of your treatment as your body craves drugs or alcohol.

But your safety is paramount to our medical staff, who will monitor you around the clock and ease your pain with prescription medication if required.

Treatment Services

After your drug or alcohol detox has been completed, you can begin the rest of your treatment services. Addiction Advocates are proud to offer a rounded approach to the challenge of overcoming addiction.

We have introduced more holistic approaches, such as music and art therapy as well as exercise and yoga classes.

This is to supplement the more traditional methods of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and stress management. These sessions take place on both an individual and group basis.

Individual therapy sessions allow you to explore the root cause of your addiction and how to overcome it.

Some of our clients initially bristle at the idea of group sessions and participation isn’t mandatory, but these sessions are an enormous opportunity for you to get to interact with your fellow recovering addicts.

It allows you the chance to build a support bubble when you leave our care and learn from the experiences of others.


Addiction Advocates are here for you

With a 28-day commitment to residential rehab, Addiction Advocates can help you to completely transform your life inside a month.

This might seem like a long time to be away from your life, but you will be a transformed person, with a different mentality ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

We will provide you with a comprehensive aftercare plan with the goal of relapse prevention.

It’s important to keep yourself focused in the first 12 months after your rehab and you will be given the details of local support groups and access to our 24-hour helpline, manned by people who understand what you’re going through.

Please don’t put it off any further – the longer you leave it, the harder it will be for you to overcome your addiction.

Please call Addiction Advocates today and change your life for the better.