The most important thing for someone facing addiction to know is that a plethora of help is available. With residential rehab, you can face your addiction head-on, with numerous tools and therapies.

Addiction may be the product of a poor life choice or trauma that has led to depression. It may occur in many forms, and different addictions can create different symptoms. Illegal drugs and prescription medication abuse are two of the most common forms of addiction and alcohol.

At residential drug and alcohol rehab, you will gain access to an interprofessional team that offers numerous treatment options for alcohol, opioid and benzodiazepines addiction and many more. This is provided by a team of doctors, nurses, and occupational therapists working with you collaboratively and holistically to achieve long-term sobriety. These therapies and counselling sessions are the cornerstones of success. However, many people are not aware of their options. However, many treatment options exist.


Treatment Options for Addiction in Sandown

There are multiple options available to you for addiction. Firstly, we will break down the major ones that every inpatient has the opportunity to gain access to. At Sandown, you will first be introduced to your team in a luxury setting with multiple home comforts, facilities and more. Your programme will be designed to succeed for you, with your own personal goals and needs taken care of. Some of the available treatments to note are:


Drug and alcohol detoxification is a process known as weaning. Gradually you will wean off the addictive substance in a safe environment. A medical team will supervise you and will concentrate on keeping you comfortable throughout your withdrawal process. Whilst these symptoms are usually mild; it is important to know you have assistance on hand. You will then be able to recuperate in a place of relaxation and luxury before your other treatments commence. Alcohol and/or drug detox takes around 7 days to complete.


Psychotherapies consist of world-renowned therapies that work to get to the root of an addiction. For example, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is the most common form of treatment. CBT allows you to rethink your cognitive strategy. You will learn to adapt and change the way you think and behave. When a situation presents, you will learn the skills and tools needed in order to make the best possible decisions. Other psychotherapies will include one-to-one counselling, group and family counselling and seminars where you can chat to others. This will tackle every issue relating to your addiction and safely reshape your mindset.

Aftercare plan

An aftercare plan focuses on the way in which you will deal with life post-rehab. It is known that most people relapse when they do not have the additional long term support to back up their rehab. At private rehab, you will have a bespoke plan that suits your needs. This may be follow up counselling sessions or simply a catch up. This is a great tool for those who are concerned about reintegration.


How Does Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Work?

Private rehab is a paid-for comprehensive rehab programme which is designed to succeed. Not only does it combine many different therapies, but it also combines a holistic approach with learning, growing and setting goals. It is very different to public rehab, which offers very little. You’ll find little to no waiting times also in the private sector which is a huge benefit.

At private alcohol and drug rehab, you will stay within our facility in a safe, luxury space to undergo your treatments. Whilst this may sound daunting, you’ll have first-class support 24/7, access to a medical team and a multidisciplinary team to mitigate any of your symptoms, worries or general anxiety about your stay. There are various activities and classes you can partake in.

Private rehab has three major phases in which you’ll learn about. These are detox, psychotherapies and aftercare, as we have previously explained. Rehab often lasts around 30 days, but it may be a little less or longer depending on numerous factors. This includes the type of addiction and its severity. Private rehab can often be funded via insurance or other means, so it is important to speak to your provider, and us, to learn about ways to make rehab work for you.


What to Expect During and After Detox

Detox is a 7-day weaning process that successfully and safely removes the addictive substance from your body. This will be conducted in a medical environment with a full medical team. Any withdrawal symptoms will be managed accordingly. Following detox, you will feel both mentally and physically improved. Once the substance is removed from your body, there will be an immediate shift in both your thoughts and energy.


Support and Aftercare Services

Support and aftercare will provide you with a stellar support network designated to your needs. When you reintegrate into society after rehab, you may need additional support to ensure that you are hitting new goals and enjoying your newfound sobriety. Aftercare works for you. Whether that is a simple telephone call or a face to face meeting, we can ensure it happens at a time convenient for you. We can create Zoom calls, as well as offer you tools and resources that will be the excellent stepping stone back into society.

With a designated aftercare plan, you can feel reassured that you will remain under our care. We want you to feel safe with us, and therefore we provide fantastic care through and after, so that you don’t have to worry.


Seek Help from Addiction Advocates

If you want help to beat addiction, please get in touch with us today. We are always available to help you, you can call us on 0800 012 6088 or Text HELP To 83222. We want to help you thrive and succeed in your quest for health and happiness. Our helpful and friendly team are both professional and dedicated. You are one simple call away from freedom.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Complete Rehab?
When you attend rehab, your progress will be monitored by a team of medical professionals and recovery support workers who will approach you to discuss leaving rehab when they believe that the time is right. As many factors will contribute to the progress made during rehab, it is difficult to ascertain how long it takes to complete rehab. However, many complete rehab treatment within as little as 28 days.
What happens once you’ve completed rehab?
Typically, drug and alcohol rehab can take around 28 days to complete a comprehensive programme. Once you’ve completed your rehabilitation treatment, you will return home to continue your recovery with the support of our dedicated aftercare team. Just like your rehab treatment programme, your aftercare plan will also be tailored to suit your needs and your unique situation back at home. We will provide you with all of the tools and support you require to continue along a successful road to recovery.
Do we support your mental health during your addiction treatment?
Yes, this is integral to your recovery. It’s so important to take care of your mental health, whether you’re suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs or not. Our team are highly trained and very motivated to helping you improve your mental health during your stay at our drug and alcohol rehab Ruislip. We’re also well prepared to support a dual diagnosis should you have one; this is when a person is suffering from poor mental health in addition to a drug or alcohol addiction.