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Amphetamine drugs are stimulants, where the majority are categorised as Class B substances, illegal for recreational use and distribution.

In some minor cases, amphetamines are used for medical purposes, to treat and suppress symptoms of the likes of ADHD. However, whether abused or prescribed, they are highly addictive and the result of many physical and psychological fixations.

Known to impact the central nervous system, resulting in increased alertness and stimulation, users favour the euphoria that amphetamines offer, without needing to abuse even stronger substances.

However, like many other addictive drugs, the addiction cycle can soon begin at a rapid rate, down to those favoured effects, adapting the organic functioning and feelings of the body and brain.

Misusing or abusing amphetamine drugs can be very dangerous, can induce social, behavioural physical and psychological changes, and can result in lasting cognitive damages when exposed for long periods.

Not to mention the risk that withdrawal from amphetamine incurs on dual diagnosis rates, where significant energy and highs result in lethargy and lows.

As independent withdrawal from amphetamine drugs will be ineffective and dangerous, professional detoxification and psychological intervention will be necessary. From cognitive behavioural therapy to detoxing and relapse prevention, here’s how amphetamine addiction treatment & rehab can help to suppress the alerting fixation of such drugs.

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Addictive traits of amphetamine drugs

Amphetamine drugs cause exhilarating highs. They are favoured for the energy, the alertness, and the lasting feelings of euphoria that they induce.

While appropriate for prescriptions, to support conditions such as narcolepsy and ADHD, such levels of artificial alertness can be highly inappropriate and dangerous if experienced for the long term.

Health concerns are of course linked to amphetamine abuse, which will retune both physical and psychological functioning, from organic and optimal states to wired, adjusted and ineffective processes.

Users will long for the highs and energy brought on by amphetamine exposure. To stay awake for longer, to perform greater, to feel energised and to increase motivation are some of the intentions behind amphetamine consumption.

As the drug delivers such feelings, users continue to be exposed to amphetamine drugs. However, paired with the lows that withdrawal induces, and the physical and psychological cravings that the drug causes, it’s clear to see how addictive their presence becomes.

As long-term exposure can result in social problems, behavioural changes, and physical and psychological damages, with a significant focus on mental health issues and cognitive impairment, safe withdrawal is urged.

The brain’s structures can in fact be so adapted by amphetamine, that short yet excessive exposure can result in life-limiting side effects.

To curb such risks, sourcing and completing amphetamine addiction treatment & rehab services will be essential to manage symptoms, deter addiction and control the rebound effect.

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Signs of amphetamine addiction

Down to the strong effects of amphetamine, a degree of addiction can develop quickly, which will showcase itself through some common signs. Signs of amphetamine addiction are both physical and psychological, which you should take seriously if encountered through consumption.

Signs of amphetamine addiction include:

  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased appetite
  • Memory loss
  • Behavioural changes such as a loss of interest in life
  • Using amphetamine illegally and purchasing it consistently
  • Misusing an amphetamine prescription
  • Financial problems from excessive consumption
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Extreme highs followed by aggressive lows
  • Withdrawal symptoms

While in the moment, the positives may feel like they outweigh the negatives, over time, amphetamine exposure will influence the above signs and symptoms, making it difficult to manage alone.

Instead, opt for support through amphetamine addiction treatment & rehab.

Causes of amphetamine addiction

Some amphetamine addictions can amount from misusing medical prescriptions, usually found when controlling challenging behavioural conditions. However, the majority of addiction diagnoses are found where the drug has been illegally used, for its positive attributes.

Addiction, especially to illegal substances can be brought on by environments, social pressures, mental health issues, everyday stresses, toxic situations or trauma, and genetics.

Some individuals will display pre-existing risks of addiction susceptibility, showcasing how involuntary addiction is as a condition.

However, common causations are linked to a lack of coping, where amphetamines are pinned as an outlet of energy, positivity, and distraction to work through stressors and pre-existing mental health issues and pain.

As amphetamines, as stimulants ooze happy chemicals, it’s clear to see how their usage through challenges can be latched onto by the brain for support, causing an addiction.

Addiction is complex, no matter the causation or drug to hand. In all instances, professional withdrawal and intervention should be looked into, as without such guidance, a spiral of negativity, addiction and cognitive impairment is likely.

Seek amphetamine addiction treatment & rehab services to withdraw safely and sustainably.

Amphetamine addiction treatment & rehab steps

Steps are in place through rehab to alleviate the impacts of amphetamine addiction. Suitable addiction treatment and rehab recovery steps will be offered to you, if you’re suffering, to withdraw, rebuild and cope with greater positivity behind you.

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Amphetamine detoxification

Amphetamine addiction treatment & rehab will begin with a detox process, to remove the drug from the system. As it is a very strong drug, it’s important that this process is slow and controlled, to deter any lasting withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological treatment

Psychological treatment will work to understand the cause behind drug abuse, along with restoring outlooks and internal messaging linked to amphetamine consumption.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, stress management and dual diagnosis treatment are some appropriate forms that are used throughout rehab. To break the cycle of addiction, this step will be necessary, ideally on a residential basis, to detach from the positive reinforcements that the drug offer.


Aftercare will be provided through a comprehensive rehab programme, to help with post-rehab coping. It can be difficult at first to withdraw from a drug and maintain sobriety.

If your amphetamine addiction is strong, you’ll benefit from aftercare, relapse prevention planning and ongoing therapy, to reduce the risk of relapse. No matter the reason for consuming amphetamine drugs, they can be lethal when abused and used in the wrong way.

Amphetamine addiction treatment & rehab services will be here to help you through the challenges of addiction, to avoid a future of suffering.

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