There are many misconceptions around drug and alcohol rehabilitation on a professional level. Many believe that rehab can only be accessed by those with chronic drug and alcohol addictions.

Others believe that rehab will act as a cure from addiction. While others believe that rehab will not work and that a life of ongoing addiction treatment will be necessary.

Many people in Surrey will be unaware of how to access drug or alcohol rehab treatment services in the local area.

Many people continue to abuse drugs and attempt to go it alone when they do consider quitting. Unfortunately, they may experience low-quality forms of rehabilitation.

By visiting our website here at Addiction Advocates, we hope for a different result for you, by helping you overlook those misconceptions and see the potential of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey.

However, to reach this point, we see the necessity of boosting both awareness and knowledge around the process of rehab, its scope and the type of experience you can have at one of our affiliated treatment centres.

For personal insight, contact our team today, here to help you receive the greatest level of support possible. Alternatively, below is a relevant Q&A, focused on the offering of a Surrey-based rehab clinic.

With greater awareness comes greater opportunity to experience the most effective form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Is Drug Abuse A Problem in Surrey?

If we look at data from the national drug monitoring tool for Surrey we can see the amount of people needing treatment for drug has remained stable since 2010.

Whilst we have seen a slight decrease in the number of people needing treatment decrease for drugs such as Benzodiazepines and Ecstasy, Crack Cocaine and Powder cocaine figures remain high.

People needing help with alcohol addictions is also the highest it has been since 2012/2013.

Drug abuse in Surrey is below the national average the area also has a proportionally high number of people seeking treatment for Cannabis issues in comparison to other drugs.

Drug Statistics in Surrey

Accessing A Drug Rehab in Surrey

When you contact addiction advocates we can advise you on the best rehabs to visit in the Surrey region based on your addiction. Some rehabs are better and have more experience in the treatment of specific drugs.

If you are looking for treatment for Alcohol, Cocaine or Cannabis, we have a number of CQC-registered rehab centres within close proximity to Surrey.

Once we have referred you to a local rehab we can provide the transport to take you to the rehab centre to complete your programme.

Is Rehab a Cure For Addiction?

In short, rehab or any alternative recovery process will not stand as a cure for addiction, as unfortunately, one doesn’t exist. As addiction is a complex illness to acknowledge and work through, it is impossible to offer a generic cure to all individuals.

While a definite route from addiction isn’t available, rehab can, however, stand as a way to overcome and manage the associations, side effects and experiences of addiction.

This is the closest result to a cure, where sober living can be normalised through carefully sustained lifestyle choices, through understanding, commitment, and through the completion of a 360-rehab programme.

This is exactly why rehab is recommended to the majority of individuals, as it is the only route to provide respite and management opportunities, no matter the severity of addiction.

You can work through your addiction, helping you lead a free and sober life by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey.


Should I pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey?

When selecting a rehab clinic, the final decision is up to you. It is important that you follow your personal needs when forming that decision.

However, we also encourage you to consider the viability and suitability of your chosen rehab clinic, as this can have a significant impact on your ability to recover.

At face value, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey, to recover from, is a possible outcome. However, as we’ve highlighted above, this route must be fitting for your needs, while providing the greatest opportunity for you to withdraw and restore from drugs and alcohol.

By assessing your addiction, we can provide accurate recommendations on whether localised recovery will work for you. There’s a high chance that it will in collaboration with one of our affiliated, reputable treatment centres. Yet, to be sure, our referral service will be invaluable for you through this decision.


Will residential rehab be best for me?

Again, your personal needs will need to be prioritised when securing your rehab experience. However, in the majority of situations, residential rehab has benefited our clients greater, which could also be the case for you.

It is commonly advantageous when considering localised recovery, as it offers a safe haven and a degree of structure, in place to combat common downfalls of staying close to home.

No matter your location, residential rehab will provide an overarching programme which offers everything you need to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, sustainably and safely.

By selecting a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey, you’ll also likely experience a quicker recovery encounter, as intensive, consistent care and addiction treatment services are offered.

By considering these factors, there’s a strong potential that residential rehab will be recommended to you.


How long will detox take?

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is a mandatory step, in order to motivate physical withdrawal. Via a professional rehab clinic, medical recommendations will safely promote the detoxification of drugs and alcohol, helping the body slowly adjust to sober living.

On average, a detox programme can last between 7 to 10 days. However, this will be dependent on physical and psychological health, on the drug which has been abused, on the severity of withdrawal symptoms and on susceptibility to detoxification as a treatment service.

By working through a detox programme, physical recovery is possible. Yet, in order to achieve full recovery from addiction, additional addiction treatment services will need to be completed, focusing on psychological recovery.

Here you’ll encounter the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, art therapy and talking therapies, in conjunction with detoxing.

As a whole, rehab will therefore last around the 28-day marker, providing enough time and energy to promote long-term recovery capabilities.


What type of support will I have after rehab?

Support is very important post-rehab, as you return to life in Surrey. A key benefit of selecting one of our affiliated rehab clinics is that you will have access to free aftercare, helping you warm to your new drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Aftercare will offer a structure of addiction treatment services, such as counselling and AA meetings, helping you maintain accountability and motivation.

Alongside physical support, virtual guidance, in a confidential manner, will be available to assist you through high-risk situations and to help you strengthen your relapse prevention plans.

Without ongoing support, normalising sober living can be very difficult. Yet, by embracing all the support you can get, for your initial transition, you can make sobriety a lifestyle of choice.

Through our services, you can rise above the misconceptions and stigmatisation around addiction, recovery and rehab. Select the greatest recovery route possible with our support, available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey.