Are you researching rehabilitation on behalf of a friend or loved one? If so, Addiction Advocates can help you.

Our rehab clinic in Flore is ideally placed to provide treatment for those who need help with alcohol rehab and drug rehab.

Our rehab clinic will be able to assess your wellbeing and the severity of your addiction, provide you with a safe and medically assisted detox and provide a highly structured course of therapy and counselling sessions. This process will help you to build a solid foundation to support a lifelong recovery journey.

Our rehab clinic is proud to offer evidence-based treatments. Your progress in our detoxification process is heavily monitored. We offer a variety of therapies, including modern psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

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Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Private rehab is not the cheapest option, and you may wish to discuss your treatment options with the NHS. However, there are record wait times for drug rehab and alcohol rehab on the NHS currently due to a decade of underfunding and government cuts to addiction services.

When you are seen by the NHS, you’ll be offered treatment on an outpatient basis which merely treats your addiction. You’re also able to leave your rehabilitation clinic at an evening and on weekends, which allows many opportunities for you to cave and suffer from a relapse.

Whereas with private drug and alcohol rehab, you can be seen immediately and there is no wait for our services. We can admit you to our clinic after an informal consultation over the telephone where we will establish basic facts about your health, your state of mind and your addiction. When you check in to our clinic in Flore, we will perform a comprehensive assessment of your health.

We generally recommend a period of residential rehab as being the best course of action for someone with a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction. There are a variety of drug and alcohol rehab treatments but residential rehab allows you to focus on your recovery without the temptations and distractions that life may bring.


When you have checked in, you will have the opportunity to meet your keyworkers and have a tour of the clinic. The majority of our clients need to undergo a period of detox to free their body from the substances they have become addicted to.

Detox is an intensive part of your treatment that is not pleasant and will test your resolve. Our clients often tell us of their own attempts at a DIY detox at home. This isn’t recommended as it is unsafe. Going “cold turkey” in this manner inevitably leads to relapse due to the pain of withdrawal symptoms.

Even with a safe and structured detoxification like the drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment plans with Addiction Advocates, you will experience the discomfort and pain of withdrawal symptoms. As your body loses access to the addictive substances it craves, it will react. Some symptoms are mild, such as sweating and nausea. Some can be very dangerous, like convulsions and hallucinations.

To minimise these symptoms, we use tapering. This gradually reduces the amount of drugs or alcohol that you have access to in order to reduce your dependency before the substance is removed from you completely. This is a much better way to remove dependency than a sudden shock to your system. Our expert medical staff will also be on hand to provide you with prescription medication should you need help with pain relief, and they are able to offer support, monitor your progress and keep you safe through what is a difficult process.

Though there is no set in stone time, you can generally expect a detox to take in the region of two weeks.


When your detoxification has been completed, your therapies will commence. This will be split across individual sessions on a one to one basis, as well as group sessions. One on one sessions allow you to explore your addiction. All too often, the root cause of an addiction is not diagnosed. This happens all too often in an outpatient surrounding – only the addiction is treated, the cause is not explored or treated.

Often, underlying mental health and depression or anxiety are responsible for an addiction developing. If we identify that an underlying mental health condition is responsible for your addiction, we will perform a dual diagnosis and treat your mental health condition as well as your addiction.

These sessions will also explore your attitude towards addiction and help you to change your thought process when confronted with your triggers.

Group sessions are an opportunity to meet with your fellow recovering addicts and talk about your problems as a group. You are able to share your story, learn from others and dissect the recovery process, sharing and learning coping mechanisms.

Every story is different and every group session, which is led by an experienced professional, allows you to consider a new perspective. These sessions are also highly motivational, acting as a kind of positive peer pressure.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Flore

When your rehabilitation is completed, we will draw up an aftercare plan with you. Your drug rehab and alcohol rehab will allow you to have a new perspective in life, but it is essential your aftercare plan is adhered to as you prepare to face the challenges of your normal life outside of residential rehab.

Relapse prevention is at the heart of our treatment and you will have access to regular follow up sessions, a round the clock helpline and we will provide details of support groups in your local area. You will be provided with all the tools you need for a lifelong recovery.

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