Standing as rehab referral specialists, at Addiction Advocates, we receive a vast number of questions, daily, around drug and alcohol rehabilitation. After all, the unfamiliarity of rehab will naturally cause concern or intrigue.

We however understand that not all individuals initially feel comfortable about reaching out. This is common for those who are living through denial, who have experienced their drug and alcohol addiction, alone, and for those who are toying with the idea of rehab.

Down to this, we’ve aimed to make this time easier for you, by sharing a relevant Q&A around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire. Along with this guidance, we can also help you progress forward and visit a fitting rehab clinic, catering to your needs.

Understandably, this is an overwhelming time. Addiction recovery is a serious yet necessary step if you’re aiming to normalise sober living and long-term recovery. Reach out once you’re comfortable, with any further questions or the intention to press ahead with your admission into drug and alcohol rehab.


Why is private rehab better than free treatment services?

Logically, at first glance, the idea of private rehab can come across as costly. However, how much is your future quality of life worth?

Unfortunately, free treatment services, via the NHS are difficult to come by. While access is present, comprehensive rehab programmes are sparse, where general addiction treatment programmes will be offered if accessed. While any form of addiction treatment is beneficial, especially over ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, free treatment services will not offer the results you crave.

In order to normalise a life without drugs and alcohol, a structured, intense, personal rehab programme must be completed. This will ensure that the key milestones of long-term recovery have been fulfilled, influencing withdrawal and repair. This level and quality of care, of attention and of addiction treatment is only available through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire.

Unfortunately, like anything else in life, the greater investment you make into rehab, the greater opportunity you will have to reach long-term recovery. With this in mind, how much is a life without drugs and alcohol worth to you?

By working with our team, we will ensure that your rehab experience is worthwhile, helping you recover in ways which will make the investment of private rehab, meaningful.


What can I expect from a drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire?

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire, via our referral services will provide you with a personalised, high-quality, efficient rehab experience. Although it can be difficult to share accurate expectations, especially as rehab experiences differ from person to person, you can however expect to complete a progressive, recovery driven programme.

Drug and alcohol rehab is designed to motivate withdrawal and repair on physical and psychological levels. It achieves this by promoting leading addiction treatment options, which you will complete throughout your rehab stay.

By selecting a local rehab clinic, this experience is accessible. However, residential rehab, highly sought-after is recommended, helping to offer greater comfort for you. Remaining locally can be challenging, especially when considering access and exposure to everyday life. Through a controlled environment, you can recover without the distraction of drug and alcohol exposure.

Through a comprehensive rehab programme, you can expect to change your life, to increase your quality of life, and most importantly, overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, this is only possible by committing and trusting the process.

Without this dedication, respite is probable, which we hope that all clients can bypass here with our guidance at Addiction Advocates.


Can I start rehab straight away?

Unfortunately, your rehab stay will need to be arranged before you can begin your recovery journey. Yet, through our services, we can achieve this through an efficient timescale, ensuring that as soon as you’re ready to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, that support and resources are accessible.

To reach this point, you will need to advance through the pre-admission process. This process will include an assessment, helping to gauge your suitability for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Personal needs will also be noted to drive our recommendations here at Addiction Advocates.

The next step will be to use that personal data, helping to find and secure the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire. Once this has been achieved, your rehab admission date can be arranged, providing you with tangible motivation to continue your road to recovery.

While your rehab stay may take some time to arrange, you will however have our support from the offset to help you emotionally. This is very important, which we are passionate about, helping you maintain physical and psychological readiness to recover.


How long before I can return to normality?

On average, a residential rehab programme via our associated rehab clinics will last 28 days. 4 weeks of intense detoxification and addiction treatment will provide enough effort to form the foundations of recovery.

However, to experience normality, post-rehab, you will need to make some changes.

Your pre-rehab life will no longer serve you. You will need to spend some time completing aftercare services, you will need to rely on your relapse prevention plan, you will need to change your lifestyle to avoid drug and alcohol exposure.

While, initially, this may feel strange, this is how you will normalise sober living after visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire. Although different, it will benefit you when long-term recovery becomes a realistic future.


What treatment will I need?

Exact treatment recommendations will be provided on your admission into rehab.

However, the general aim is to promote physical and psychological withdrawal and repair. This, alongside relapse prevention and post-rehab planning, will offer the foundation of addiction recovery.

In order to achieve those aims, there’s a high chance that you will complete a drug and alcohol detox, along with therapeutic addiction treatment, including CBT, support groups, art therapy, stress management and dual-diagnosis treatment. The most fitting treatment services will be recommended to you, forming a personal rehab programme, based around your experiences with drugs and alcohol; again, highlighting the value of private rehab.

If greater insight has increased your confidence in reaching out, contact our team today.

We can help you experience the value of a private drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire, normalising a sober future.