Are you concerned about the wellbeing of a loved one, friend or a colleague? If so, then Addiction Advocates can help you to get the treatment that your situation requires.

You likely have a great number of questions about rehabilitation and our helpline is staffed by people who understand your concern, as several of them are themselves recovering addicts.

Suffering an addiction is a lonely, difficult experience but Addiction Advocates are here to provide you with the best treatment available in Fleet.

ot only can we help with drug addiction and alcohol addiction, we can also provide treatment for gambling addiction, anxiety and mental health and depression concerns.

Please don’t put if off anymore and call 0800 012 6088 or if you prefer, you can text HELP to 83222. Act today to make an immediate, positive difference to your life.


Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

With a 28-day commitment to our rehab clinic in Fleet, you can be free of your addiction within a month. Whilst this is undoubtedly a big time commitment that can at first seem intimidating, this time that you set aside will be massively beneficial for your recovery.

28 days is a long time to be away from home or the workplace, but it will allow you to concentrate on overcoming your addiction. Many of our clients initially express concern about this length of time but our approach is vindicated when you leave our care, free of addiction and with the skillSet required for a life free of addictive substances.

Private drug and alcohol rehab is not the cheapest treatment option available and residential rehab is not free. There are free treatment options available via local charity solutions and the NHS, but there is a long waiting list as a result of a decade of unprecedented government cuts to addiction treatment funding.

Residential rehab also affords you the opportunity to focus on your recovery and steer clear of bad influences. With an outpatient solution, which is what the NHS offer, you are able to leave your clinic at an evening and on weekends. This presents more opportunities for you to experience a relapse and for all your hard work to be undone.

Why not call us today for a no obligation consultation about the benefits of private, residential rehabilitation? We will work with you to establish a suitable treatment plan within your budget.



When you arrive at Addiction Advocates, we will admit you to our clinic and perform an extensive examination of your physical and mental health. We will take this opportunity to get to know you, so that we can offer you a completely personalised treatment experience.

By getting to know you, we can tweak our plans to accommodate what works best for you and establish the extent of your addiction and explore reasons why it may have manifested itself in the first place.

Most of our clients begin their drug and alcohol rehab treatments with a period of detoxification. Detox is an essential part of your treatment as it allows you to break your dependency on addictive substances.

It is not a pleasant experience and will arguably the most difficult part of your time with Addiction Advocates. However, this process is necessary in order to free your body of the toxins that will have built up as a result of a sustained period of drug or alcohol misuse.

When you arrive in our detox clinic, we will gradually taper your access to the substance that you have developed an addiction to. This is better than the sudden jolt of “going cold turkey” wherein your supply is cut immediately.

By slowly cutting access, your body will acclimatise to the process better but there are still going to be difficult times ahead. When your access to addictive substances is cut, your body will react with withdrawal symptoms.

Some of these are relatively trivial (such as minor tremors and vivid dreams) but some, such as severe sweating, are not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous if left unchecked. But in our safe surroundings, you will have the support and comfort of a dedicated medical team who will look after your needs around the clock.

Our medical team are also able to issue prescription medication where required to ease the more severe withdrawal symptoms that can occur. These medications act like a sedative and will help you through more difficult periods of your detox, although not everybody has a need for this.

This process usually takes two weeks, but this is determined by the severity of your dependency. When your detox has been completed, you’ll be ready for the rest of your rehabilitation.



Much of your drug rehab and alcohol rehab will consist of therapies, which take place on both an individual and group basis. Individual therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) will work on the root cause of your addiction and we will treat any underlying mental health conditions that we identify alongside your addiction.

Group sessions will allow you to use positive peer pressure to motivate yourself and fellow recovering addicts through the remainder of your treatment. You can share your experience with other people, learn from the experience of others and learn new coping mechanisms. We also offer more holistic treatments, such as yoga and exercise classes.



When your treatment has been completed, we will draw up an aftercare plan with you in order to ensure you are ready to return to your normal life in Fleet.

Relapse prevention is important, as the 12 months following your rehab will be full of difficult tests and you will need to take responsibility for your own sobriety.

But Addiction Advocates will continue to be there for you with access to a 24-hour helpline as part as your aftercare, alongside follow up sessions.

Please call Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222 for immediate assistance.