Down to this, there’s a probability that you will have many different questions, deviating from the below, delaying the commencement of your rehab journey. To help you kickstart the drug and alcohol withdrawal process, to help you act on your readiness to recover, at Addiction Advocates, we are here for you.

We invite you to contact our team with your questions or worries linked to drug and alcohol rehab. If you’re comfortable with the next steps, we can then assist you with your admission into the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Upon Trent.

Understandably, you may feel like this is all happening very quickly. Yet, an efficient pace is sought-after when recovering. It is imperative that you are in the right place, mentally, to take on drug and alcohol rehab. Secure this by reaching out today, by embracing the up and coming steps of your admission, and by warming to the process of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Who is right for rehab?

This is a common question we experience here at Addiction Advocates. Unfortunately, many users believe that the typical stereotype of an addict is required to visit a drug and alcohol rehab. This is far from the truth, causing misconceptions around professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

When in fact, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Upon Trent is recommended for any individual who is suffering from a negative relationship with addictive substances. This can be someone who is suffering from substance abuse, where outpatient addiction treatment can be offered. It can also be someone who’s recently learnt about their addiction, requiring significant emotional support. This can be someone who suffers from a dual diagnosis, also requiring treatment options for mental health issues. It can also be someone who has lived with a chronic addiction, requiring residential rehab.

With this in mind, if you are struggling to any degree, you are right for a depth of rehab. Yet, to truly benefit, you must be ready, you must be familiar with rehab, and you must be invested into drug and alcohol rehabilitation efforts.


Will I be able to stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Upon Trent?

If remaining local is your aim, you can stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Upon Trent. Yet, if you are visiting our website down to an addiction diagnosis, residential rehab will be recommended on a local scale.

This is down to the difficulties many addicts will face when surrounded by drug and alcohol exposure, influences and triggers. If you attempt outpatient rehab, there is a strong likelihood that you will be disrupted by those triggers, causing a negative physical and psychological response.
To secure a positive, progressive and safe rehabilitation journey, residing from your chosen rehab clinic will be encouraged. This will help you move away from those influences, while experiencing an intense rehabilitation process, consistent streams of addiction treatment, specialist care, and a dedicated rehab programme for you to complete.


What is the admission process?

The admission process is a number of steps you will need to complete prior to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Upon Trent. At Addiction Advocates, we can facilitate this process for you through our support and referral services.

Firstly, you will need to input your interest in rehab by placing an enquiry with our admission team. By doing so, we can get the ball rolling by completing a pre-admission assessment. Our assessments are utilised to understand your drug and alcohol addiction, to gauge your personal needs, and to secure your health and readiness to visit rehab.

Through this process, we will then have a strong understanding of the type of rehab clinic and addiction treatment programme you require to recover. Down to a number of different approaches to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, this step is key, helping to promote suitability and safety via rehab. Here is where the most suited drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Upon Trent will be recommended for a residential rehab programme.

If you’re comfortable with your up and coming rehab experience, we can arrange an admission date, soon welcoming you into one of our partnering drug and alcohol treatment centres. On your arrival, you will complete a further assessment, again securing your suitability to complete drug and alcohol rehab. Once you’re given the all-clear, your rehab experience will begin, followed by a personal mix of addiction treatments.

While this may seem like a long-winded admission process, it is necessary to safeguard your suitability to complete a drug and alcohol rehab programme. By doing so, your recovery rates will be greater, you’ll experience a worthwhile rehab encounter and you will stand at a greater chance of a drug and alcohol-free future back in Burton Upon Trent.


How difficult will withdrawal be?

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is likely to be difficult to a degree, especially if a physical and psychological addiction is present. This will be down to the large build-up of drugs and alcohol while consuming excessive amounts, on a consistent basis.

However, it is important to note that the difficulty of withdrawal will depend on the drug you’ve consumed, on the severity of your association, on the length of your consumption, on your health, and your response to addiction treatment.

Withdrawal will be through detoxification and psychological intervention. Withdrawal symptoms will likely be the hardest obstacle as the body and mind enter the shock phase. Yet, once you overcome these initial obstacles, you’ll be well on your way to forming strong foundations towards long-term recovery. To secure your ability to do this, withdrawal should only be completed via a professional drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Upon Trent.

We can arrange this for you at Addiction Advocates, moving you through an efficient yet important admission process. Reach out today with your questions surrounding drug and alcohol rehab.